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Knauf Plasters Full range of hand and machine applied plasters

KEY FACTS Plasters available for both hand and machine application Consistent performance Superb white finish Superior coverage Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials

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Knauf Plasters Our plasters are different and better - by design Whether you want a hand or machine applied plaster, finishing plaster or one coat, Knauf has it covered. With a gypsum purity of 95% our gypsum plasters give a fantastic white, smooth finish as does the innovative range of Knauf Readymix plasters manufactured from powdered marble and high-performance polymers. The world of plastering continues to evolve and Knauf leads the market with modern, machine-applied quality finishes that transform the feel of a room. With spray-applied plasters on-site timescales are significantly reduced and health and safety improved with no mess, fewer movements and, with our readymix range, no water required.


Plaster products & accessories One-coat plasters Finishing plasters Patching plasters Readymix spray plasters Plaster accessories Which plaster do I need?

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Application procedures


Project profiles St Pancras Chambers, London London Haymarket Metro, Newcastle

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Knauf Plaster Products and Accessories One-Coat Plasters Knauf plaster technology eliminates the need for a two-coat system. Our one-coat plasters provide a fantastic finish and can be applied up to 20mm thick. They can be either machine or hand applied, making them ideal for any project. Knauf MP75 Projection Plaster Knauf MP75 is a one-coat plaster specifically designed for machine application. It can be applied up to 20mm thick in one application. Suitable for use directly onto blockwork, uneven in-situ concrete or thin joint blockwork, Knauf MP75 has a drying time of 3-4 hours and provides a tough and durable smooth white surface ready to receive a decorative finish. When machine applied, Knauf MP75 offers excellent productivity and is up to 3 times faster than traditional plastering methods. Knauf MP75 is also suitable to be hand applied.

Knauf Universal Plaster Knauf Universal Plaster is a one-coat plaster that can be both hand and machine applied, up to 20mm thick in one application. It can also be used as a tough, economical backing plaster. Knauf Universal Plaster provides a white surface to receive direct decoration.

Finishing Plaster Our finishing plaster offers a superb, high-quality finish and exceptional coverage and makes the spray application of finishing plasters possible. It hugely increases efficiency whilst allowing for a more traditional application method. Knauf MPFinish Knauf MPFinish is a spray-applied finishing plaster applied at a 2-3mm thickness. Suitable for use directly over plasterboard or where backing plasters or fully cured sand and cement undercoats have been applied. MPFinish hugely increases productivity when machine applied and offers coverage of up to 18m2 per 25kg bag. MPFinish is extremely tough and durable, drying in 2-21/2 hours to a smooth white surface to receive a decorative finish. Knauf MPFinish is also suitable to be hand applied.

Patching Plasters For smaller repair jobs Knauf Patchwall 45 offers a fast-setting hand-applied filler whilst Knauf Easy Plaster is a ready-mixed product for ease and convenience. Both are perfect solutions for repairing damage to existing plastered surfaces. Knauf Patchwall 45 Knauf Patchwall 45 is designed as a hand-applied one-coat patching plaster applied up to 20mm thick in one application. Ideal for use when repairing damaged areas within an existing plastered finish. Patchwall 45 has a drying time of just 45 minutes, leaving a white surface ready to receive direct decoration.

Knauf Easy Plaster Knauf Easy Plaster is a ready-mixed lightweight patching plaster specially designed for small to large repairs to cracks in walls and ceilings. It will not shrink or crack and is ideal for filling holes up to 40mm deep with a two coat application. The plaster can be painted or prepared once dry.

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Readymix Plasters Knauf Readymix Plasters are a highly efficient alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. Being less prone to chips and cracks they offer an excellent quality finish and are purpose-designed for machine application. Supplied pre-mixed to the correct consistency for spray application, no direct water supply is required on site and wastage is less than 1%. Knauf Plano Used as a backing coat to fill & level holes or undulations on thin joint blockwork or uneven in-situ concrete, this product can be applied up to 3-4mm thick in one application. Knauf Plano is applied using a rotary screw worm pump machine.

Knauf Deco Used as a finishing coat for Knauf Plano or as a direct finish coat onto smooth backgrounds such as plasterboard and precast panels. Applied 1-2mm thick with a drying time of 24-48 hours it is ideal for refurbishments. Knauf Deco is applied using a rotary screw worm pump machine.

Knauf Deco Plus Used on the same backgrounds as Knauf Deco this product offers additional water resistance and fungicidal protection making it ideal for use in areas of high humidity. Applied 1-2mm thick with a drying time of 24-48 hours. Knauf Deco Plus is applied using a rotary screw worm pump machine.

Knauf Airless Used in the same areas as Knauf Deco but applied with an airless high pressure piston pump machine. This product is ideal for use over Knauf Plasterboard with a two coat application onto taped and jointed drylining systems. Knauf Airless is applied 1-2mm thick with a drying time of 24-48 hours.

Plaster Accessories Our Plaster Accessories have been developed to perfectly complement our high quality plaster range. Knauf High Suction Plaster Primer Knauf High Suction Plaster Primer is a polymer based product designed to pretreat backgrounds with high suction. The primer can be applied with a brush, roller or by spraying.

Knauf Betokontakt Knauf Betokontakt is a polymer based product designed to provide a mechanical key to backgrounds which are smooth or have limited suction. Can be applied with a brush, roller or by spraying.

Knauf Joint Cement Lite Easy Sand A pre-mixed lightweight air-drying compound for bedding tapes and finishing joints with superior sanding characteristics. For hand or machine application. For our full range of jointing products see the Knauf Jointing Brochure.

Knauf Joint Tape White paper tape for reinforcing joints by hand or machine application. Knauf Joint Tape is recommended on ceilings and to create the strongest joints. A centerline facilitates the jointing of internal corners.

Knauf Fibre Tape Multi-purpose self-adhesive tape for reinforcing joints and patch repairs to plasterboard.

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Which plaster do I need? Knauf Drywall’s full range of hand and spray applied plasters can be used to create a perfect finish on a variety of different backgrounds types, from plasterboard to uneven concrete.

One Coat Plasters

Finishing Plasters

MP75 Projection Plaster

Universal Plaster


Universal Board Finish


A one-coat plaster specifically designed for machine application.

A one-coat plaster specifically designed for traditional hand application.

A high-coverage finishing plaster that can be hand or machine applied.

A finishing plaster specifically designed for hand application.

A finishing coat for Knauf Plano or direct onto smooth backgrounds.

3-4 hours

2-2.5 hours

2-2.5 hours

2-3 hours

24-48 hours

Up to 20mm

Up to 20mm









2.5m2 at 11mm thickness

2.25m2 at 13mm thickness

16-18m2 at 2mm thickness

14m2 at 2mm thickness

15-18m2 at 1mm thickness

140 03 300

159 02 002

788 02 008

729 02 000

140 05 500

2   1

2   1 

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Application Type Setting / Drying Time Thickness Bag / Tub Size Coverage Article Number Substrate

Aircrete blocks Common brick Medium-density blocks Dense blocks Plasterboard* Cast-in-situ & pre-cast concrete Plaster scratch coat Sand and cement undercoat

1  

1  

 

Refurb-painted surfaces

* Knauf Moistureshield, Knauf Sound Moistureshield and Knauf Fire Moistureshield require pre-treatment of Knauf Betokontakt prior to receiving a finishin


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Spray applied

(rotary screw pump)

Spray applied

(high-pressure piston pump)

Readymix Plasters Deco Plus Used on the same backgrounds as Knauf Deco but offers additional fungicidal protection.

Patching Plasters Airless

Patchwall 45

Used on the same backgrounds as Knauf Deco but with an airless high pressure piston pump machine.

A fast-setting patching plaster for small repairs.

Plano A backing coat designed to level undulations and holes in the background prior to finishing.

Easy Plaster A ready-mixed plaster for small repairs.

Primers Betokontakt

High Suction Plaster Primer

A primer for surfaces with limited key or suction.

A primer for surfaces with a high suction.


Betokontakt may be required where you see this icon.


High Suction Plaster Primer may be required where you see this icon.

24-48 hours

24-48 hours

24-48 hours


24 hours

24 hours

24 hours




up to 20mm

up to 20mm







6 litres



15-18m2 at 1mm thickness

4.75m2 at 3mm thickness

18-20m2 at 1mm thickness

0.8m2 at 13mm thickness

4.5m2 at 6mm thickness



140 07 700

140 04 400

140 06 600

755 03 002

788 27 200

722 08 000

721 05 000

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This plaster selector table gives information about the suitability of Knauf Drywall Plasters for various background conditions.

 1   1

A background assessment should always be carried out to determine if a pre-treatment is required. Where there is doubt about background suitability contact Knauf Technical Services: Tel: 01795 416 259 Email:

ng plaster.

Hand applied

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Application Procedures Knauf’s plasters are all suitable for traditional hand application, however many products in the range have been specifically developed for use with modern spray machinery. Spray application is the fastest and most efficient plastering method and with our powder and readymix spray plasters there’s no compromise in the quality of finish.

Knauf MPFinish 1. Preparation Ensure all joints, corners etc. have been filled and Knauf Joint Tape bedded in correctly with Knauf MPFinish. Secure angle beads to window reveals and external corners.









2. Spraying Knauf MPFinish Spray apply the plaster in overlapping bands. Before you spray Knauf MPFinish it is important to ensure that the correct consistency has been achieved. You are aiming for a fairly wet mix. 3. Levelling Knauf MPFinish Trowel the material flat as it is applied and leave to ‘pick up’. This is the initial setting stage and typically takes 4550 minutes depending on the background. Once the plaster has picked up, trowel the surface. It is important that this trowel is a dry one – no water is required. 4. Trowelling After about 30 minutes, depending on the background, apply the second trowel. Water can be applied to the surface at this stage if required. After 20-30 minutes the final towel can be applied to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish.

Knauf Readymix Plasters 1. Preparation Ensure all joints, corners etc have been filled and Knauf Joint Tape bedded in correctly with Knauf Joint Filler. Secure angle beads to window reveals and external corners. 2. Spraying Knauf Readymix Plasters Spray apply the plaster in overlapping bands. 3. Levelling Knauf Readymix Plasters After applying the first coat, level flat with a spatula and use a corner trowel on internal angles. Allow to dry; this typically takes 12-24 hours. Repeat step 2 & 3. (apply a second coat and then use a spatula to rule flat applying a little more pressure to flatten the surface). Allow to dry; again this typically takes 12-24 hours. 4. Sanding Sand the wall with a drywall sander ready for decoration.

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Knauf MP75 Plaster 1. Spraying Knauf MP75 Before starting to spray, make sure all beads are cut and bedded in using Knauf MP75. Ensure that all wall areas are clean and dry, and add pre-treatment if required. Starting in the corner spray Knauf MP75 in overlapping bands at the desired thickness (usually 11-13mm and up to 20mm). 2. Rule flat Use an aluminium feather edge to rule the plaster flat. Once flat, leave Knauf MP75 for approximately 75 minutes to allow for the initial set to take place. The initial set time may vary depending on the level of suction from the background. 3. Second rule After the initial set, use a small aluminium feather edge to apply a second rule and to remove any imperfections from the surface. Now leave the plaster for approximately 20 minutes more or use the ‘Touch Test’ – touch the plaster surface to check it does not stick to your fingers and resists finger print impressions. 4. Open the surface Using a spatula, open the surface to allow air to enter the plaster to help with the drying process. This action is known as ‘ripping’ the surface and is easy to do – simply drag the spatula at 90° to the surface. Leave for another 20 minutes or use the ‘Touch Test’. 5. Sponge float Using water and a sponge float, bring the fats of the plaster to the surface. Leave for a further 10-20 minutes or use the ‘Touch Test’. Using a quality steel trowel, push the plaster fats back into the plaster to give that all important hard and smooth finish. 6. Trowelling Apply the first trowel. Leave for 10-20 minutes or use the ‘Touch Test’ before continuing with a second trowel exactly as per the first. No water is required for backgrounds with a low suction however, for backgrounds with a high suction flick water onto the surface with a paint brush. When the surface has changed colour from off-white to dark grey, apply the final hard trowel, which gives Knauf MP75 its smooth and hard surface finish. It should take between 3 to 31/2 hours to achieve the perfect Knauf MP75 finish, dependent on the background and ambient temperature.







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Case Study: St Pancras Chambers, London Knauf Readymix Plaster helps to transform a major London landmark into luxury residential accommodation. Project Background St Pancras Chambers is a £103 million Manhatton Loft Corporation development which sees George Gilbert Scott’s Midland Grand Hotel converted into 67 luxury apartments and a new 244-bedroom five-star hotel. The building dates from 1873 and now forms the impressive Victorian Gothic street frontage of St Pancras International. Specifiers H&S Decorating Specialists specified Knauf Plano ready-mixed plaster at St Pancras Chambers as a solution for poor quality existing interior walls, which contained many surface imperfections after more than a century’s use and 20 year’s neglect. Having used the Knauf Readymix spray plaster range previously, H&S switched to Knauf Plano to reduce plastering time and manpower needs after traditional filling methods to repair the old walls failed to produce the necessary high quality finish for the apartments.

The Product Knauf Plano ready-mixed plaster was applied to almost 600 rooms at the St Pancras Chambers development to erase the aged surface imperfections. 12,000m2 of walls and 4,000m2 of ceilings were treated with two very thin coats prior to an application of a mist coat and a matt emulsion. “With Knauf Plano we have a product that is acceptable to all the parties involved, including English Heritage. The obvious time saving and quality of finish achieved with this product are contributing greatly to the overall project.” 

Simon Frawley, Construction Project Director, Galliford Try

“I strongly recommend using Knauf Plano for refurbishment projects where the existing plaster substrate is sound but aesthetically poor. The entire project team were very pleased with the high quality finish that we achieved and were extremely impressed with the improvements to the programme using these techniques”.

Project Data

David Gaffney, Director, H&S Decorating Specialists

Site St Pancras Chambers, London Client Manhatten Loft Corporation Main Contractor Galliford Try Sub-Contractors H&S Decorating Specialists

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Case Study: Haymarket Metro, Newcastle Multiple curves in the vaulted ceilings of Newcastle’s rebuilt Haymarket Metro station provided a tough new challenge for Knauf MP75 machine-applied plaster. Project Background Haymarket is Tyne and Wear Metro’s deepest and second busiest underground station with more than 6 million passengers a year. After nearly 30 years’ use the station has been refurbished below ground and the original 1980 circular surface building has been replaced by an eye-catching four-storey steel and glass building which provides better facilities for passengers and creates additional retail, leisure and office space on its upper floors.

The Product With the ceiling curving in two directions in 3.9m radius curves over most of its surface the plastering team had to use custom-made curved ‘straight-edges’ to smooth the Knauf MP75. “Considering the team sprayed 18 tons of Knauf MP75 - mostly overhead - the end result is exceptionally good. Everyone involved with the project is very pleased with the end result”. Jim Dodd, Contracts Manager, Ornate Interiors

The two year, £20 million redevelopment is the first stage in Metro’s £300 million modernisation programme. Specifiers Specialist plastering contractor Ornate Interiors successfully applied Knauf MP75 one coat to the 1,300m2 vaulted ceiling at the top of the new Haymarket building - and won an industry award as a result. “We had previously applied Knauf MP75 to masonry walls, and after discussing the requirement with Knauf and the main contractor, Tolent Construction, we felt it was the best system for the job”. Jim Dodd, Contracts Manager, Ornate Interiors Ornate Interiors’ workmanship with Knauf MP75 attracted the attention of judges in the plastering industry’s national awards, winning the prestigious Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors (FPDC) ‘Humber Salver for Plastering’ award.

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Project Data Site Haymarket Metro, Newcastle Developer Nexus Main Contractor Tolent Construction Sub-Contractors Ornate Interiors

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