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Soffit Solutions Ideal for semi-exposed ceilings and balconies Proven freeze–thaw cycle Resists wind effects Seamless and monolithic finish

Knauf Aquapanel External Soffit Lining To create seamless and monolithic finishes

External Soffit Linings

Knauf Aquapanel cement board technology is revolutionising the way buildings are designed and constructed across Europe. Knauf Aquapanel Exterior cement boards solve the problem of external soffit linings. Designed to be used externally, they are freeze–thaw cycle tested and are proven in tough European climates. BBA certified The Knauf Aquapanel Exterior System has been tested and certified by the British Board of AgrÊment (BBA). CE marked Aquapanel is CE marked and falls under the European Technical approval ETA-07/0173.

Further information: Timber framework can also be used. Contact Knauf for full project specification support.

Knauf Aquapanel External Soffit Linings Knauf Aquapanel Exterior cement boards can be used in semi-exposed environments to create a seamless exterior ceiling, concealing unsightly soffits and services. Installed in the same manner as plasterboard using exterior products, Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is a proven, quality alternative to traditional building materials. As a completely dry solution, Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is fast to install, being mechanically fixed back to exterior grade metal or treated timber subframe. Ideal for the following: • Cantilevers • Soffits • Underpasses • Underground car parks • Balconies • Tunnels Finishes Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is finished using a thin coat render system to give a seamless and monolithic finish.

KEY FACTS Provides a seamless and monolithic finish Extremely strong and robust Freeze–thaw resistant Developed for use in exposed exterior situations Will not warp or rot

Why use Knauf Aquapanel Exterior as an External Soffit?

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Allows for a seamless and monolithic finish Knauf Aquapanel Exterior provides a solid, dry base that can withstand the extreme weathering effects of wind, rain and snow Technical support at the design stage Design support with wind loading and soffit loading Easy to cut and fix Can be easily curved, allowing for greater design freedom Aquapanel Exterior offers an A1 fire-rated finish Dimensionally stable and totally non-organic BBA certified and CE marked

Typical Knauf Exterior soffit design detail

Exterior grade steel (by others) fixed as per specification Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Joint Tape Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Joint Filler – Grey Knauf Aquapanel Exterior cement board Primer (by others) Reinforcing mesh (by others) Render basecoat (by others)

Further information: Timber framework can also be used. Contact Knauf for full project specification support.

Providing an External Soffit Solution

Design freedom Knauf Aquapanel Exterior doesn’t just provide an internal ceiling look to the outside of a building, it can also be curved and shaped to form aesthetic external soffit features. Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is particularly well suited for applications where an architect wants to create the effect of a ceiling ‘flowing through’ a glazed external wall. Seamless and monolithic finish With Knauf Aquapanel Exterior soffit design you can achieve a smooth, crisp, seamless and monolithic finish and design allowing you to create flat surfaces and a seamless transition from interior to exterior rooms. Proven in harsh climates Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is inherently resistant to water, so there is no swelling or loss of stability even when wet. It is resistant to weathering, mould and changes of temperature and has a proven freeze–

Further information: Timber framework can also be used. Contact Knauf for full project specification support.

thaw cycle. It has excellent impact resistance, and is safe and hygienic. You can specify Knauf Aquapanel Exterior comfortable in the knowledge that it has been successfully installed throughout Europe. Strength and versatility Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is the perfect product to create strong, aesthetically pleasing ceilings to exposed balconies, canopies or multi-storey car parks. Aquapanel Exterior is suited to any building environment, from residential to commercial and institutional. Once installed, with joints and screw heads filled, Knauf Aquapanel Exterior can be left for up to six months before finishing, and easily resists wind tunnel effects in open buildings such as car parks. Knauf Aquapanel Exterior can be quickly cut to shape using the score and snap method with no special tools or techniques needed. Compared with traditional exterior systems, Knauf Aquapanel Exterior reduces working time and installation costs.

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Knauf Aquapanel Exterior  

The ideal render carrier board

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