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Knauf AquapanelÂŽ Interior Cement Board Redefining expectations for building walls in wet indoor areas

Lighter. Easier. Faster. Reduced weight Improved score-and-snap technique Faster installation

The ultimate cement board for wet and humid areas

Introduction Manufactured from inorganic materials and highly resistant to water and mould, Knauf Aquapanel® Interior Cement Board delivers exceptional stability in the most challenging wet conditions – even when exposed to chlorine.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of installers and contractors the world over, it has always met high expectations. Now these expectations will be taken to a new level. Weighing just 11kgm2, Knauf Aquapanel® Interior Cement Board is optimised for eas installation. So, while it’s as water-resistant and reliable as ever, it’s also easier to handle and quicker to install in locations ranging from swimming pools and steam saunas to communal showers and kitchen areas – making it the ideal choice for all projects. Physical properties Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Weight kg/m2 (Approx.)

Min. bending radius

pH value

Building material class according to EN 13501







A1 non-combustible







A1 non-combustible







A1 non-combustible

Product benefits •

Weight reduction from 15kg to 11kg per square metre

Improved score-and-snap technique, with easier cutting

Faster installation and on-site handling

Bending radius of 1m at full board size

100% water resistant

Mould and mildew resistant

Two types of joint treatment for increased system flexibility

Ready keyed for tiling – only one layer required for tile finish

upports tile an up to

on-combustible stan ar s

obust an reliable soun insulation

afe to use ienic an manufacture from sustainable materials


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Expectations redefined




-impact resistance an

*specific built-up applies. More information available on request.


Now weight-optimised for exceptionally light performance, Knauf Aquapanel® Interior Cement Board saves costs in transportation and effort in handling – while still delivering dimensional stability and best-in-class performance in the wet. Even simpler to score and snap and with a bending radius of 1 m – without needing to cut strips – the new board also features two types of joint treatment, so it’s easier than ever to install. As easy to use as gypsum board, the new light cement board means faster installation, higher productivity and increased profitability, even in the most challenging wet areas.


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3. Fasten with screws

4. Joint treatment Option 1: Aquapanel® Joint Adhesive (PU)

ore a

5. Surface finishing options Tiling


2. Create substructure and align the board

≥15 mm from corner

Option 2: Aquapanel® Joint Filler & Skim Coating – white and Tape

Skim coating

≤250 mm

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Knauf Aquapanel® Interior accessories

Knauf Aquapanel® Maxi Screws

Knauf Aquapanel ® Interior Joint Tape (48mm)

arious sizes available

Knauf Aquapanel ® Interior Joint Adhesive

Knauf Aquapanel® Interior Skim

Knauf Aquapanel® Joint Filler & Skim Coating – white

A complete quality system


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Knauf Aquapanel Interior  

Drywall for Wet Areas Knauf Aquapanel Interior Cement Board is an extremely durable tile backer providing peace of mind in wet indoor areas...