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Welcome back again! In this final step, we show you what your very best business start should look like. Just as YOU start, your partners will start, because everything you do, duplicates! Therefore, the rule is: Start exactly as you want your partners to start: Seriously! You can not fail in network marketing, but you can lose valuable time. And not only are you losing your own time, but possibly also the time of your sponsor, who is as interested as you that you get good results quickly. Therefore we recommend to strictly follow our “Getting Started" script, which you can download from our team website. For getting started right, you should consider a few essential things. These are: Start immediately and without delay! Order an adequate product starter pack that mirrors your ambitions. Unicity offers various start packages. If you are serious and ready to get started we recommend the very vest start as a Manager start with 500PV (in North America Manager is 1,000PV). The advantages are as follows: - You are permanently qualified for highest Fast Start Bonus payments on every partner you enroll. - You have items in stock for your personal use. Start using the products immediately within your family. Why live another single day on less health? Maybe your sponsor provides you a selection of products right after you have placed your order not to lose valuable time. You can return these to him upon delivery of your own products. - Unicity's Bios Life products are all packed in single sachets. Use them as samples you hand to your prospects during the presentation or possibly prepare a drink. - Your products are working capital you can lend to your new partners for getting them started seriously the same day. - You have products that you can sell to those who are not going to join your business, but probably want to use the products for better health. Nowadays, initial product orders are relatively small. At Unicity, for those who are serious about starting a business we recommend an initial order of 500 points (or 1,000 in North America) as explained earlier, however do we have a moderate investment option of 250 points (or 500 points in North America), which is about 10 products. After you have ordered your initial product starter pack, you sign up for your monthly personal supply, the so called Easyship. Varying from market to market, it has between 50 and 125 PV and mainly serves to ensure that you do not need to consume from your initial product order just for your own needs, since otherwise you would soon run out of stock. Without stock, no samples, and no way, to supply partners immediately with products for their immediate start. Your business slows down and comes to a standstill. Your Easyship on the other hand, is shipped to your home every single month after you have signed up for it just once. Moreover, it ensures your qualification for all commissions and bonuses on the volume your organization. The good news is - you do all that in one single step: ID assignment, initial product order and Easyship is done within your registration process. You can immediately concentrate on building your business. Initial goal is to qualify as a Director, that you should aim for in the first 3 months, but you can actually also achieve it in your first month. How fast you will gain success depends on the quality of your list of names, on the people you know and on those who know you. Forget about online leads or advertising on your Facebook Timeline. With the former, you

will not succeed and with the latter you will only scare your friends away. There is only one way to success, and this is to develop a good contact list and then contact these people in person, as you have been shown in the KISS Training. If you do this in a professional manner, you will always reap positive reactions, even in the event of a NO, which in most cases just means „not yet". Make yourself familiar with the activities around the teams in Unicity. The team leaders and uplines of your company offer many different activities you can participate in. Online trainings, webinars and events for example. Be pro-active! The more committed and active you are, the more time your sponsor will dedicate to you. Study the support sites of the Topleaders in the company. Most leaders provide excellent tools for their teams, and you can learn something from all of them. Here's a little warning: There are a lot of creative minds in our industry and the variety of offers can be daunting at first glance. For starters, it is enough to have a good overview, detailed knowledge comes automatically during the weeks and months while you work your business. Over time, we will show how to expand your knowledge, get the right attitude, improve your skills and refine your habits. The company itself also provides sufficient material online, in particular videos, from which you over time can learn more about the products, the business and also about the extraordinary events. Look around and learn, but stay focused on the basic fundamentals provided by the KISS circle. The closer you stick to the KISS circle, guided by thre daily activity sheet, the faster you will proceed. It is your future and therefore your decision what you make from it - we wish you all the best!!

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