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LEICESTER TO PARIS 2011 5th - 9th August 2011

From Clock Tower to the Eiffel Tower 300 MILES. 4 DAYS. 2 WHEELS. 2 COUNTRIES. @  07742788145



Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011

Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011

Join us as we set off from Leicester and cycle 290 miles to Paris, one of the world's most enchanting and exciting cities.

The Leicester to Paris Bike Ride is an exciting challenge to raise funds to support the work of The Open Dreams Foundation. Those taking part are likely to be from diverse walks of life and age groups, but they have two things in common – a sense of adventure and the desire to join the charity to promote children‟s education in Leicestershire.

Our guides will lead you on a breathtaking journey through beautiful English countryside before embarking on your ferry crossing. Once across the pond, you will witness the stunning vineyards, picturesque villages and open countryside that France has to offer, before entering the final stage of the ride - arriving to a celebratory finish at the Arc de Triomphe in the heart of this exciting city.

01. Things to take note of • You will need to bring your own bike and safety gear on the trip

• The challenge lasts for 4 nights, 5 days • The route will predominately cover small roads in England and cycle paths most of the way in France

• You will need to follow a reasonable course of training

in order to get the maximum benefit from the challenge – we will support and advise you on this • You will be sent training and fundraising guidelines when you have registered for the challenge

02. How much will it cost?

To take part you need to pay a registration fee of £50 which is used solely to book for your travel and accommodation and is non-refundable. You must also pledge to raise £500 in sponsorship funds and donations for The Open Dreams Foundation and pay it in by 20th July 2011. In return everything for the challenge will be provided – travel, food (breakfast, lunch and light snacks), accommodation, guides, medical support etc.

Cycling in small groups at a pace that suits you, this four day cycle challenge will leave you breathless - especially after the 100 mile cycle on the last day! After all the hard work... Celebrate the evening laughing away with your new best friends and tour guides and relive those wonderful moments over the past few days.

03. What‟s included?

The ferry crossing to France. Transport back from Paris to Leicester. Travel insurance. Breakfast (excluding Day 1 and 3) and lunch from Day 1 through to breakfast on Day 5 inclusive. Snacks will also be provided on riding days. 4 nights shared room accommodation is provided.

04. You will need

A valid 10 year passport is required for all nationalities to enter France and re-enter the UK. The passport date must be 6 months later than the event finish date. There is no visa requirement for UK citizens. If you hold a nonBritish passport, please consult the French consulates for advice.

This bike ride is challenging, but definitely achievable, and something that anyone can do. You will be part of a fantastic team, all cycling for one great cause. We can guarantee that you will have the time of your life.

05. What‟s not included • • • • •

Bike Insurance – optional Travel to the start of the ride Day 1 and day 3 Breakfast Evening meals Personal spending money

06. JOIN US! Fill in the application form attached and send it to The Open Dreams Foundation, Leicester to Paris Bike Ride, 42 Vantage Park, Hamilton, Leicester, LE4 9LJ with your registration fee of £50 payable to The Open Dreams Foundation.

YOUR ITINERARY Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011 Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Total:

70 miles 80 miles 50 miles 100 miles 290 miles!

Day 1:

Day 3:

Leicester to Oxford 70 miles

Portsmouth to Bernay via Caen 50 miles

We meet early on Tuesday morning at Clock Tower in Leicester. Following a briefing and safety talk we will divide up into groups of participants of a similar fitness and speed. We head out of Leicestershire passing through small picturesque towns and villages avoiding main roads wherever possible, stopping in Daventry for lunch. Next, we‟ll make our way through the lovely Oxfordshire countryside to our overnight accommodation in Oxford.

Leicester to Oxford Oxford to Portsmouth Portsmouth to Bernay Bernay to Paris

After a good night‟s sleep and early breakfast we‟ll be back on our bikes making our way to the ferry across to Caen where we‟ll continue our journey through the historic village of Ranville to Lisieux. After lunch we will pass the famous byzantine Basilica of St. Thérèse before finally ending our day‟s journey in Bernay. We will have a good rest before the final leg to Paris!

The landscape changes from rural to more urban France as we pass through cobbled streets to enter into Paris. Finally, we celebrate our epic ride arriving at the Arc de Triomphe. We make our way to the overnight accommodation, shower and change to celebrate our 300 miles with a hearty meal at a French restaurant!

Day 5: Paris to Leicester FREE DAY!

Day 2: Oxford to Portsmouth 80 miles

After breakfast we will set off from Oxford to Didcot passing through Basingstoke. We‟ll have a short picnic in Basingstoke then set off to Medstead and Denmead to finally arrive at our overnight accommodation in central Portsmouth. On the way we will pass through the beautiful open countryside, green fields, orchards and the occasional groups of thatched houses.

Day 4: Bernay to Arc de Triomphe, Paris 100 miles

The final 100 mile marathon begins! We journey out of Bernay to Conches-en-Ouche where we see the remaining ruins of the Keep (donjon) built in 1035. Next, we head through the beautiful town of Montchauvet to Saint-Germain-enLaye, the birthplace of three previous French Kings; Henry II, Charles IX and Louis XIV.

After all that pedalling you can now relax and explore all that Paris has to offer before your evening Eurostar train back to London and then Leicester.

THE OPEN DREAMS FOUNDATION A bit about who you‟re helping Welcome! I‟m sure you‟ve heard that Open Dreams works to support the Arts, Learning and Culture in Leicestershire. All of which are values of a community worth preserving! Our philosophy is simple: „Go on and do something you‟ve always wanted to do in life, bring a few friends and help others along the way!‟

“Open Dreams for others while fulfilling your own!” We are different! We‟re different because we strive to be selfsustaining - by raising funds through our own projects inspired by your dreams. We‟re different because we‟re project-based making us more independent, innovative and FUN! Also, we‟re different because we‟re ambitious - we want to help lead the way for a strong, vibrant, self-sustaining Leicester community!

“Our vision is to help build a strong sustainable Third Sector in Leicester.”

What we‟re riding for: We‟re raising money for the Noel O‟Sullivan Scholarship Fund to provide financial support for children‟s education in Leicester. The scholarships support the Star Plus Programme delivered by the Institute for Global Change UK. The Star Plus Programme helps talented children unlock their potential to realise a brighter future – it has helped over 500 children in Leicestershire during the past five years and continues to add value to our community. Did you know:

We‟ve helped over 95 children so far Every year the Noel O‟Sullivan Scholarship Fund sponsors students who struggle with financial support. So far, the scholarship fund has helped 95 students! To find out more about the Star Plus Programme or the Institute for Global Change go onto We believe it is more important than ever to support the coming generations. Giving these children the opportunity to build a better future for themselves has to be one of the greatest gifts! By taking up the challenge you will be making a difference to someone‟s life!


Dr. Sachin Nandha Founder of Open Dreams

APPLICATION FORM Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011 To register please complete all sections of the application form and sign the personal fundraising pledge. Post your completed application and non-refundable registration fee of £50 (Payable to The Open Dreams Foundation) to: The Open Dreams Foundation, Leicester to Paris Bike Ride, 2 Vantage Park, Hamilton, Leicester, LE4 9LJ Personal details Title Surname Forename Name you like to be known by Gender Home address

Mental or Psychiatric illness Epilepsy or fainting Hospitalisation in the last 2 years Migraine Are you suffering from/carrying any contagious diseases? Severe head injury? Allergies? Cancer? Registered as disabled? Asthma / bronchitis / shortness of breath? Are you affected by any other serious illness? Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Are you on any medication? If so what is it and what is it for?

Postcode Email Home telephone Work telephone Mobile Employer‟s name and address

You may be required to get a Doctor’s note before you are able to come on the event. If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, please give further details below. We will pass this information on to our trip medic who may require you to get a note from your doctor before you are able to participate in the event:

T-shirt size (S/M/L/XL) Passport details Full name (as on passport) Date of birth Place of birth Nationality Date of expiry Passport number Date and place of issue Occupation Marital status

Details of company or organisation sponsorship if you are being sponsored by a company or organisation please give details Company or organisation name Address Postcode Telephone

Next of kin Name Relationship Address

How did you hear about the event? Have you undertaken a challenge for charity before? If so, please give details

Postcode Daytime telephone Evening telephone Mobile Room sharing Accommodation will be shared. If you are travelling alone, we will presume that you are happy to share a room for the duration of the trip with a person of the same sex. In exceptional circumstances a single supplement may be payable per person per night Please give the name(s) of any one you specifically wish to share with:

Medical Declaration Please tick the appropriate box: Heart trouble and/or blood pressure problems Fracture / tendon / ligament / cartilage injury Back problems Physical or other disability Diabetes

What was your main reason for deciding to sign up for the Leicester to Paris Bike Ride? Please give details Would you like information about the Leicester to Paris Bike Ride sent to a friend? If so, please give details

Personal pledge to raise funds I would like to take part in the Open Dreams Foundation‟s Leicester to Paris Bike Ride from 5th – 9th August 2011 and agree to abide by the Conditions of Entry below. I undertake to raise and pay in a minimum sponsorship to £500 by 20th July 2011. I will also endeavour to raise as much sponsorship as possible in addition to the minimum amount. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge my general state of health and fitness is good and I take full responsibility for my fitness to take part. I understand that failure to declare a medical problem may invalidate my health insurance.

Y/N   Signed Date   I enclose a cheque for the registration fee of £50 made payable to  The Open Dreams Foundation.

Please return your completed form to: The Open Dreams Foundation, Leicester to Paris Bike Ride, 2 Vantage Park, Hamilton, Leicester, LE4 9LJ

Data Protection The information you have provided will be used by the Open Dreams Foundation for the purpose of administering the Leicester to Paris Bike Ride only. Your details will not be passed on to other organisations. With your permission, your contact details, including your name, address and contact telephone numbers will be passed on to other Leicester to Paris participants. If you would prefer that your details are not passed on to other participants please tick this box.


Special dietary requirements Vegetarian Vegan Other (please specify)

Y/N             

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011

01. A registration fee of £50 (non-refundable) is required to participate in The Leicester to Paris Challenge. In addition you must raise a minimum of £500 in sponsorship money and donations for the Open Dreams Foundation which must be sent to the organisers, The Open Dreams Foundation by the 20th July 2011. Of the monies raised approximately £250 will be used to cover your tour costs including accommodation, food, transfers and travel, guides and back-up support. 02. If you are unable to raise the minimum sponsorship required you will forfeit your right to a place on the event or you may choose to make up the balance yourself. 03. If you do not take up your place for any reason, you must inform The Open Dreams Foundation immediately. You must contact all your sponsors to ask if they wish to make a donation or have their sponsorship money returned. You must send all sponsorship forms and sponsorship money collected to The Open Dreams Foundation. 04. You will provide us with a true and complete registration form. 05. If you are travelling alone, we will presume that you are happy to share a room for the duration of the trip with a person of the same sex. 06. The Open Dreams Foundation accept no liability for the consequences of a person‟s behaviour, including circumstances where such behaviour results in that person being asked to leave the event, or, for whatever reason, being unable to travel home when scheduled. 07. Package Tour regulations 1992. We confirm that we comply with the above regulations and any other relevant legislation. Where any cause in our Conditions conflicts with our statutory duties under any relevant legislation, the Conditions are to be read as if they did comply with the legislation. 08. Data Protection. We will only use your personal information for the purposes of arranging your trip. We will not use it in any way which contravenes the Data Protection Act 1998. 09. All cheques for sponsorship money must be made payable to The Open Dreams Foundation. 10. The good reputation of the charity is paramount. You must agree to act lawfully and follow the fundraising guidelines laid out by the organisers of the event.

11. You must be at least 18 years of age by the 5th August 2011. 12. You must not be dependent on alcohol or drugs or have any criminal convictions. 13. You must be covered by full travel insurance for health, accident, loss and repatriation during the event. You will need to provide proof of travel insurance before departure or you may forfeit your place on the challenge. 14. All those who take part in The Leicester to Paris Bike Ride Challenge do so at their own risk. The charity has arranged transport, accommodation, food, guides etc. In making these arrangements the charity is unable to accept liability for any loss or damage, however arising, or for cancellation of the event for any reasons outside their control. 15. If you are refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from France during the challenge any additional costs incurred are your responsibility. 16. If you withdraw from the event in circumstances where recovery of cancellation charges is indemnified under travel insurance, you hereby agree that you will co-operate in the recovery of these charges from the insurers and any sums recovered under the policy will be paid to the charities. If the insurance company does not recognise your claim, you will be responsible for any cancellation charges levied on the charity. 17. Itineraries, schedules and accommodation may change and other alterations may occur which are beyond the control of The Open Dreams Foundation. 18. You must agree to be bound by the Booking Conditions for the event. 19. The Open Dreams Foundation may, at their discretion, withdraw places on the Leicester to Paris Bike Ride event if they believe it is in the best interest of the charity to do so. 20. For a complete list of terms and conditions please contact The Open Dreams Foundation directly on 07742788145 to order a printable version or visit our website 21. Please read all of the terms and conditions before completing the application.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Leicester to Paris Bike Ride 5th - 9th August 2011

Is the trip for me?

Will you help me?

Definitely! This trip is a fantastic challenge for anyone wanting to do something amazing for a great cause! There will be like minded people.

Yes! We will help you fundraise, train and give you all the information you need after you register. We‟ll always be here to make the event enjoyable and as hassle free as possible!

How fit do I need to be? You will need to follow a reasonable course of training so that you can get the most of the bike ride. We will send you a suggested training plan and will be on hand to help you with any training advice.

Will I be able to raise the sponsorship money? Yes! Once you have started you will find that raising the minimum sponsorship is easy and most importantly fun! We will suggest some fundraising ideas when you sign up and of course help you along the way.

What about food and drink? Breakfast, lunch and light snacks will be provided throughout the trip (except for Day 1 breakfast). Dinner will be available at every overnight accommodation and we can cater for vegetarians and any other dietary requirements- as long as you let us know in advance.

What about the bike? No specialist kit is required however a cycle helmet is compulsory and we strongly recommend that you use your own bike for both the training and the event itself.

Will you carry my luggage whilst I‟m cycling? There will be a support vehicle which will carry everyone‟s luggage. It will rendezvous with you at every overnight stop. You just need to carry a small bag for any essentials like a camera or sun tan lotion.

When should I book my place on the trip? As soon as possible! Places are extremely limited and get snapped up quickly so sign up today.


The Open Dreams Foundation @  07742788145

Open Dreams Foundation 2 Vantage Park, Hamilton, Leicester LE4 9LJ | 07742788145

Bike Ride 2011 Information Pack  

The Open Dreams Foundation is cycling from Leicester to Paris from 5th-9th August 2011!