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The following is a scene to be played on Levelvision Screens.


INT. OFFICE - LOBBY After Hours. The office is dim. A select bank of lights illuminate the empty hallways. A RECEPTIONIST grabs small items off her desk and places them in her purse. She stands. The phone RINGS! She picks up the phone. [ALL DIALOGUE IS SHOWN THROUGH COMIC BOOK WORD BUBBLES] RECEPTIONIST You reached the offices of Collins, Levine, and Peterson. How may I help you? BEAT. RECEPTIONIST (CONT’D) I’m sorry everyone has gone home for the day...You too. Bye now. She grabs her bag and begins walking to the elevator. RECEPTIONIST Goodnight Mr. Peterson. The CAMERA quickly maneuvers down the hallway and reveals MR. PETERSON sitting at a desk with papers surrounding him. He yells to her but never breaks his focus on the paper he his reading. MR. PETERSON Goodnight Jane. The RECEPTIONIST smiles as she enters the elevator. The doors close just as the elevator beside it opens it’s doors. On the corner of MR. PETERSON’S desk rests a mug shot of CHARLES McCLAIN. We see a montage of the clutter of papers on MR. PETERSON’S desk. It gives us a brief history of McClain. Words from the files flash on screen; “hitman” “murder” “seven slain by McClain” CHARLES McCLAIN exits the elevator and walks down the hallway towards MR. PETERSON’S office.


MR. PETERSON looks up from his desk and see’s a shadowy figure. CHARLES MCCLAIN Mr. Peterson? Yeah?


CHARLES MCCLAIN I’m here to kill you. CHARLES McCLAIN pulls a knife out of his trench coat and throws it at MR. PETERSON. MR. PETERSON turns his head. The knife misses him. MR. PETERSON stands up from his desk and begins rolling up his sleeves. MR. PETERSON I’ve been expecting you. MR. PETERSON walks calmly towards McCLAIN. McCLAIN pulls a gun from his back pocket but before he has a chance to pull the trigger MR. PETERSON grabs McCLAIN’s forearm and snaps his wrist. The gun falls to the ground. McCLAIN grabs his wrist and falls back out of the room. CHARLES MCCLAIN Who are you? The camera moves back to MR. PETERSON’S desk. We see the name plate and a framed picture of the real MR. PETERSON and his family, he looks nothing like the man who was just sitting behind the desk. THE MAN walks towards McCLAIN. MR. PETERSON You get five free ones. McCLAIN stands up. He rotates his injured wrist around and makes a fist. The two men look at each other. A stand off. We dolly into each of their eyes. McCLAIN runs at THE MAN.


THE MAN tilts his head down slowly. McCLAIN punches THE MAN in the face. THE MAN takes the hard hit but doesn’t fight back. McCLAIN uppercut’s THE MAN, then kicks him in the stomach. THE MAN doubles over. McCLAIN punches him again. THE MAN falls to one knee. McCLAIN punches him again. THE MAN falls to the ground. McCLAIN turns to get the gun in the office. He picks it up, pulls the hammer back, exits the office. THE MAN is standing waiting for him when he exits the room. THE MAN That was your five. THE MAN grabs the gun and hits McClain in the throat. McCLAIN releases the gun and stumbles backward. THE MAN points the gun over McCLAIN’S shoulder and fires. The bullet hits the elevator call button. THE MAN Now I get five. THE MAN releases the clip to the gun and lets in fall to the ground. McCLAIN swings and wildly misses THE MAN. THE MAN elbows him in the chin. McCLAIN stumbles further down the hall. THE MAN calmly follows. The elevator call button reads: 2. THE MAN kicks McCLAIN in the chest, he stumbles back further. The elevator call button reads: 3. THE MAN kicks him again.


The elevator call button reads: 4. THE MAN punches McCLAIN, who is now standing upright again but is about ready to keel over. The elevator call button reads: 5. The doors open. THE MAN lightly pushes McCLAIN into the elevator. McCLAIN falls on his ass, defeated. THE MAN Who am I? I’m just like you...but better. The doors clothes. The MAN walks back down the hallway in silhouette.

Levelvision Presentation  

Several brainstorming ideas for the arbitron study for client Levelvision.

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