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K a t l i n M. S e i b e r t Port�olio

Table o� Contents: Tan�akademie T�e Ri�erbend St�dio: Le�ee Park + Resta�rant + P�m� Station Li�ing B�ilding C�allenge Ho�se ReT�ink Factor� Lindsa� Heig�ts Food Gro�ing and N�trition Ed�cation Center Oak Lea� Elementar� Sc�ool Tectonic E��lorations: Cam��s Armat�re Tectonic E��lorations: A�ditori�m Room �or Re�ose P�otogra��� and Art


St�dio 3200 - Com�re�ensi�e Location : Ne� Orleans, LA T�e Tan�akademie is a Comtem�orar� Dance Sc�ool located in Ne� Olreans, LA. Designed �or an in�ill lot in t�e Ware�o�se District, t�e Tan�akademie �as t�o �acades created b� So�t� Peters St and F�lton St. To res�ond to t�e t�o �acade conditions t�o entrances �ere designed. One entrance o�� o� t�e East Facade �or t�e Dancers and Pri�ate �sers and t�e second entrance o�� o� t�e West Facade �or t�e Patron and Pri�ate �sers.

DANCER R East Ele�ation


West Ele�ation

Le�el 1



T�e Patron/P�blic �rogram ��nctions are located on t�e �estern �ortion o� t�e �irst and second �loor �lans. T�e Dancer/Pri�ate �rogram ��nctions are located on t�e eastern �ortion o� t�e �irst and second �loor �lans. T�e t�ird and �o�rt� �loor �lans are dedicated to t�e Dancers �it� all o� t�e dance st�dios located on t�ese �loors. T�e intermitant �rogram s�aces, like t�e Ca�e and Bookstore, are �oint-�se �rograms t�at connect t�e Dancer and Patron occ��ants.

Le�el 2

Le�el 3

Le�el 4

Dance St�dio

Large amo�nts o� c�rtain �all gla�ing are �sed on bot� t�e East and West Facades. To combat solar gain �ertical and �ori�ontal lo��ers are �sed as s�ns�ading de�ices. T�e �ori�ontal lo��ers are �sed on t�e t�ird and �o�rt� le�els, disting�is�ing t�e dancer s�aces �rom t�e more ��blic s�aces.

East Facade

T�e Ri�erbend St�dio: Le�ee Park + Resta�rant + P�m� Station St�dio 5100 Location : Ne� Orleans, LA

Under t�e "P�m� to t�e Ri�er" Pro�ect, t�e st�dio �as asked to design and ret�ink �a�s to make t�e le�ee �sable �or t�e local comm�nit� members. A Le�ee Park, a Resta�rant, an in�ormal co��ee s�o� and �a�ilion near t�e �ater disc�arge, and a drainage �ater ��m�ing station are t�e ma�or �rogram �ieces designed to make t�e le�ee a b�s� and �sable amenit� �or t�e neig�bor�ood. Creating t�ese �rogram s�aces links t�e ��blic to t�e ri�er, le�ee, and ��m�ing station


T�e ��m�ing station is re��ired to ��m� t�e collected drainage �ater into t�e ri�er. T�is ��m� station �o�ld ��m� o�t local drainage �ater instead o� �i�ing it aro�nd 7 miles a�a� to t�e Lake Pontc�artrain. Pa r



Site Plan

Site Section: Ri�er to Road

Ariel Pers�ecti�e 2 - Nort�east

Resta�rant Bar looking o�t o�er Mississi��i Ri�er

Le�el 1 - P�m� Station

Le�el 5 - Resta�rant Me��anine

T�ese t�ree �lans are re�resentation o� t�e t�ree di��erent t��es o� �rogram t�at e�ist in t�e b�ilding design. T�e P�m� Station is t�e �ri�ate and ind�strial, t�e Resta�rant Me��anine incl�des a roo�to� terrace �or additional s`eating and �ie�s o� t�e ri�er, and t�e Co��ee S�o� and Pa�ilion allo� �or in�ormal acti�it�, obser�ations and interactions to occ�r.

Le�el 4b - Co��ee S�o� and Pa�ilion

Interior o� P�m� Station

Resta�rant Roo� Terrace

Interior o� Pa�ilion

Resta�rant �rom to� o� Le�ee

P�m� Station Section - Looking to�ards Ri�er

Resta�rant Section - Looking So�t�

A��roac� to P�m� Station �rom So�t�

Li�ing B�ilding C�allenge Ho�se St�dio 645 Gro�� Members: Katlin Seibert and Allison Mastel Location : Mil�a�kee

T�is Single Famil� Residential �o�se is designed to meet and �er�orm and t�e standards set o�t b� t�e Li�ing B�ilding C�allenge. T�is �o�se �ses �assi�e �entilation tec�ni��es, da�lig�ting tec�ni��es, and s�stainable tec�nologies.

T�e diagram to t�e le�t is o� t�e �assi�e �entilation tec�ni��es �sed in t�e residence. T�e �se o� cross-�entilation in t�e basement and t�e �se o� t�e main �all�a� as a stack �ent �nit, �el� dra� t�e �arm air �� and o�t t�e clear stor� �indo�s.

T�e abo�e rendering s�o�s t�e li�ing �all s�stem on t�e nort� �all o� t�e residence. T�e rendering to t�e le�t s�o�s t�e �se o� T�in Film P�oto�oltaic Panels on t�e So�t� �acade o� t�e �o�se.

T�e site �lan abo�e s�o�s t�e �se o� bios�ales, rain gardens, �r�it trees, and indigeno�s �lants to lessen t�e amo�nt o� �ater r�no�� �rom t�e site.

T�e diagram to t�e rig�t s�o�s t�e rain �ater catc�ment s�stem �sed in t�e residence. T�e roo� is �sed as t�e catc�ment area and �eeds t�e �ater to a s�stem o� g�tters and �i�es t�at collect in t�ree storage cisterns.

ReT�ink Factor�

St�dio 645 Gro�� Members: Katlin Seibert, Allison Mastel, Brett Benka, Jo�n Annis Location : Mil�a�kee T�e ReT�ink Factor� is an ada�ti�e re�se o� t�e old Fa�lk Bre�er� into a comm�nit� and ed�cation center. O�r gro�� �sed t�e e�isting �at t�bes as lig�t t�bes t�ro�g�o�t t�e b�ilding.

Night render of light tubes acting as a beacon

Da�lig�ting �as t�e main �oc�s o� o�r design and t�ro�g� t�e �se o� lig�t t�bes, ��nc�ed o�enings, and lig�t �ells along t�e so�t�ern �all, �e �ere able to ac�ie�e t�e amo�nt o� da�lig�t �it�in t�e b�ilding t�at �e desired. T�e �at t�bes not onl� e�tended do�n to t�e main lobb� b�t �� t�ro�g� t�e roo� to create a beacon o� t�e b�ilding as seen in t�e bottom le�t image.

Lindsa� Heig�ts Food Gro�ing and N�trition Ed�cation Center

St�dio 645 Location : Mil�a�kee

Located in t�e corner o� Nort� A�e and Te�tonia A�e in t�e Lindsa� Heig�ts Neig�bor�ood o� Mil�a�kee, WI t�e Lindsa� Heig�ts N�trition and Food Gro�ing Ed�cation Center �ill add to, strengt�en, and en�ance t�e identit� o� reclaiming �ride and o�ners�i� in residential �o�ses b� t�e �se o� �lo�er and �ood gardens, en�ancing and ed�cating t�e neig�bor�ood on n�trition, introd�cing �res� �rod�ce into t�e corner stores, and bringing t�e comm�nit� back toget�er. in t�e neig�bor�ood.

T�e to� image is o� t�e main entrance on Nort� A�e. T�e bottom image is o� t�e secondar� entrance condition on Te�tonia A�e.

T�e �se o� t�o main �acades is in res�onse to t�e corner condition o� t�e b�ilding. Nort� A�e and Te�tonia A�e are �ig�l� tra��icked roads t�at needed to be addressed e��all�.

Oak Lea� Elementar� Sc�ool St�dio 420 Location : Mil�a�kee

Located in Kern Park on H�mboldt A�e in Mil�a�kee, WI t�e Oak Lea� Elementar� Sc�ool �o�ld ser�ice man� o� t�e �amilies �it� c�ildren in t�e area. T�is b�ilding �o�ld not onl� o�erate as a sc�ool b�t also as a comm�nit� center. T�e �rogram s�aces t�at are accessible to t�e comm�nit� are located on t�e �irst le�el and incl�de t�e g�mnasi�m.

Wall Assembl� Sections: Le�t: Precast concrete, �inc and co��er �anels Rig�t: Gla�ing, cedar s�ake and timber st�d �all.

E�terior Pers�ecti�e o� t�e �rimar� sc�ool entrance on t�e �ront �acade o� t�e b�ilding.

T�e sc�ool s�aces are located on bot� le�els o� t�e b�ilding �it� t�e second le�el mostl� consisting o� grades 1-5 classrooms. T�e kindergarten �as its o�n �ing on t�e �irst le�el, �it� a se�arate entrance.

Nort� to So�t� B�ilding Section

West Ele�ation

East Ele�ation

T�e West �acade conditions are a �ard edge condition o� a �recast concrete �all �it� �inc and co��er siding, �sed to s�mbolicall� address t�e �ard edge o� t�e cit� and t�e b�s� road conditions. As �o� mo�e �est to east t�ro�g� t�e b�ilding t�e �acade starts �nd�lating along t�e edge condition. T�e materialit� o� t�e east �acade is gla�ing, cedar s�ake, and rain screens. T�e east �acade res�onds to t�e nat�re it �aces and re�lects t�e organic and c�anging ascetics t�at is �o�nd in nat�re.

T�e rendering abo�e s�o�s t�e main stair�ell and t�e East �acade Entrance. T�e �se o� rain screens la�ered o�er t�e c�rtain �alls creates a �ri�ac� screen and a �er� interesting material contrast.

T�e dra�ing to t�e le�t is a �artial ele�ation and �artial section. T�e ele�ation s�o�s a detail o� t�e East Ele�ation materials and also s�o�s a detail o� t�e East Ele�ation str�ct�ral s�stem. T�e str�ct�ral s�stem consists o� �ollo� core �lanks �or �looring str�ct�re and timber �raming.

Tectonic E��lorations: Cam��s Armat�re St�dio 410 Location : Mil�a�kee

T�ro�g� a semester e��loration o� designing �it� tectonics, t�ere �ere t�ree ma�or �arts t�at led to t�e com�letion o� t�is armat�re design. T�e Fragment �as an abstracted design c�arette t�at e��lored and e�em�li�ied t�e organi�ational �ord. C�������. T�at is t�e organi�ational strateg� ��ic� dro�e t�e design o� t�e cam��s, �ragment, and a�ditori�m. T�e �ragment design led to t�e cam��s design ��ic� t�en led to a detailed design o� t�e a�ditori�m s�ace on t�e cam��s. Administration B�ilding T�e Classroom B�ilding is str�ct�rall� and aest�eticall� made o� a tectonic col�mn grid s�stem t�at reg�lates t�e s�a�e and si�e o� classrooms, �all�a�s, and entr� s�aces. T�e administration b�ilding �ses a tectonic s�stem o� intersecting �lanes. T�e �lanes o� t�e �alls ��s� t�ro�g� t�e roo� �lane and create a �is�all� intricate design. Classroom B�ilding

Hierarc�ical breakdo�n o� t�e bars and blocks t�at create a centered organi�ational �lan.

Tectonic E��lorations: Cam��s Armat�re St�dio 410 Location : Mil�a�kee

T�e site �at��a�s are created �rom e�tending t�e ma�or �at��a�s o� t�e �ragment; and �rom a grid e�tra�olated �rom t�e e�isting content. T�e Central Pla�a is an encom�assing s�ace �it� t�e ad�acent b�ilding �acades addressing t�e �la�a s�ace. Eac� b�ilding is designed �it� a centrali�ed �lan. T�e librar� and ca�e are connected to create a b�ilding similar to a st�dent �nion. T�e o�en s�aces in t�e cam��s �lan �ere created to be a grass �la�a area �it� �laces to sit, st�d�, read, re�lect, and s�ace to t�ro� a Frisbee.


Tectonic E��lorations: A�ditori�m St�dio 410 Location : Mil�a�kee

T�e a�ditori�m �as t�e �inal �art o� t�e tectonic e��lorations in t�is st�dio. B� creating a 16' re�eating str�ct�ral ba� �it� t�in �ertical �indo�s and interior aco�stical �anels t�ere is order gi�en to t�e large s�ace. T�e �se o� t�in stri� �indo�s and a clear stor� �el� gi�e t�e s�ace lig�t ��ile creating a �acade condition t�at in�okes interest in t�e b�ilding b� t�e �ie�er. All o� t�e �indo�s are able to be blacked o�t to create total darkness in t�e a�ditori�m i� needed.

ROOM FOR REPOSE St�dio 310 Location : Mil�a�kee

T�e �se o� t�in, �ertical �indo�s allo�s �or a mod�lar reg�lation t�at can be easil� re�eated i� t�e room mod�le �as re�eated. T�e Room �or Re�ose �as designed to be a resting �lace �or an o�erseas tra�eler. It ser�es t�e ��r�oses o� resting, bat�ing, and �orking. T�e le�el c�anges in t�e room bet�een t�e �ork s�ace and �et s�ace se�arates t�e �ses and gi�es t�e sense o� a larger s�ace.

P�otogra��� and Art

Katlin Seibert (847)-477-9387

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