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Dog Days

Meet Savannah... Savannah was   born   on   2/11/12.   She  is  a  descendent  of   a  long   line  of  prize  winning  show  dogs   whose  breeder  has  dedicated  her  life  to  pet  therapy.  (Darlington  Great  Pyrenees). At  that  Ame  of  Savannah’s  birth,  I  was  running  a  palliaAve  care/hospice   unit  in   a  large  teaching   hospital  in  NY.     Savannah’s  mom  and   her   uncle   were  the   pet   therapy  dogs  on   my  unit.  These   gentle   giants  visited   my  paAents  weekly  under   the   loving   supervision   of  their   very   devoted   breeder/handler,  Susie  Wong.  As   the  Nurse  Manager  of  that  unit,  I   was  witness   to  many  small   miracles  that  these   canine   visits  were  responsible  for.  They  always  brought  love,  caring,  peace   and  comfort  not  merely  to  each  and  every  paAent  that   they  saw,  but  also  to  my  incredible  staff   of   nurses.  It  was  not  unusual  for  the   physicians  and  nurses  on  my  unit  to  get  down  on  the   floor   and  cuddle  with  them.  We  all  looked  forward  to  their  arrival  each  week.     Needless   to   say,   I   became   very   close   no   only  to   the   dogs,   but   to   their   Mom,   Susie.   When   I   broke  the  news  to  her  that  I  intended  to  reAre   a  few  months   ago,  she  told  me  that  I   would  be   taking   one  of  her   pups  with  me.  I   declined;   my  beloved   Belgian   Sheepdog  had  just  died,  and  I   did   not   feel  that  I  could   endure  that  kind   of  heartbreak  again.  But,   anyone  who  knows  Susie  is   well   aware   that   she   is   a   force   to   be   reckoned   with.   Her   persistence   wore   me   down,   and   in   September   of  2012,  Savannah   arrived   at   my  home  to   stay.   Susie   asked   only  one  thing  of  me;   that  I  consider  training  Savannah  as  a  therapy  dog.   As  soon   as  we   moved   and   seTled   here  in   PA,  my  husband   and  I  began   aTending  classes  with   Savannah  to   train   her.   AUer   six  weeks   of   classes,   Savannah   passed   her  Therapy  Training  with   flying  colors.   The   tester   witnessed   her   incredible   love   of   children,   so   she   suggested   that   we   work  with  children  in  a  reading  program.  We  are  looking  forward  to  beginning  that  shortly. Savannah  is  a   priceless,   precious  addiAon  to  our  family.  She  is  loving,   smart  and  protecAve  of   her   new   family.   She   loves   to   play   with   all   dogs,   the   smaller,   the   more   gentle   she   is.   She   thoroughly  loves   meeAng  new   people   and   “saying  Hello”  to  every  one   she   meets;  at  Ames  it   can  take   us  30-­‐40  minutes  or  more  to  walk  one  block  because   of  all  the  aTenAon   she  receives   rouAnely   from   people   on   the   street.   She   loves   “cookies”,   can   do   many   tricks,   and   loves   to   cuddle.   Her   favorite   acAvity   in   the   winter   months   is   laying   on   our   front   deck   unAl   she   is   completely   covered   with   snow;   we   oUen   have   to   pick  the  ice   from  between   her   toes.  In   the   summer  months,  though,   she   enjoys  splashing  in  her   pool   and  she  jumps  with  joy  when  we  ask   her   if   she   wants  to   get   “ice   cream”.   She   knows  where   she   is  the   minute  she   arrives,  and   the   patrons  as  well  as   the  staff  have  come  to   know  her  and  look  forward   to   her   visits;   there  is  an   ice  cream  cone  with  a  bone  in  it  waiAng  for  her  the  minute  we  arrive.   As   Susie   always   says,   “The   Legend   Lives   on”   though   all   of   the   altruisAc   and   amazing   work   therapy  dogs  do.  I  now  cannot  imagine  my  life  without  my  girl,  Savannah.  She  has  worked  her   magic   with   us   as  well;   she  healed  our  broken   hearts  and   completed  our  family.  She  is  truly   a   healer,  and   I  look  forward  to  all  of  the  joy  and  amazement  that  I  know  she  will  bring   to  all  she   touches  in  the  future.  

-­‐Kathy Trombley



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