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Seniors Learn how to become a Senior Rep like Allie and earn free products

Find creative ways to bring out your personality in your senior photographs like Allie and skip the boring chain studio images

You can have your very own one-of-a-kind custom couture dress made in front of your eyes as part of your photo session just like Allie did! Find out how inside!

Be creative. Be unique. Be you. April 2012

Special thanks to our friends and contributors Thanks to all who were involved in Allieʼs Senior Photo Session! Debbie Robinson and Tom Robinson for all the hard work setting up and cleaning up from the session. Beverly Buckland for the use of your pond. Abbey Poltanis and Rachel Jani for being my lovely assistants, holding reflectors and lights, running around to catch flying props, and for making Allie laugh during her session. Gwen Poltanis for setting up the session and running the video camera for the awesome behind-the-scenes videos we are creating. And to Allie for going along with all the fun suggestions and for being so willing to let us splatter paint all over you! It couldnʼt have been a more fun photo session!! And to all Allieʼs friends and family...the more you share the link to this magazine, the closer we are to getting Allie a legitimate modeling career (and letʼs face it, sheʼs a great model) so she can pay for her college career in art therapy all by herself! Letʼs make it happen!!

-Katie Robinson

K.M. Robinson Photography

K.M. Robinson Photography

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April 2012 Allie Poltanis Senior Session

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Splatter Paint

Fashion 36

Red Chair


Doll in a Tree


Couture Newspaper Dress

Artistic Ability 56

Pretty in Pink


Love of Painting



Senior Rep 2013

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“I liked the originality of Allieʼs photos. There was something different about them. Sometimes we didnʼt even realize photos were being taken. Katie was very enthusiastic and upbeat. She was very accommodating and had a lot of great ideas!

I would highly recommend her.” -Gwen Poltanis (Allieʼs mom)

“Katie brought out


personality in these photographs!” -Gwen Poltanis (Allie’s mom)

The initial meeting was very helpful because the photographer, Katie, could get to know Allie and her personality and likes.” -Gwen Poltanis (Allieʼs mom)

During Allieʼs consultation, which is a part of all of our photo sessions, I got the chance to get to know Allie a bit more. She got the chance to tell me about her art, her college aspirations, her current hobbies and extra circular activities, etc. I also got to talk about her fashion style and what she was looking for in her photo artwork. Consultations are wonderful because it is when we plan for a clientʼs photo shoot, what will be involved, and what the artwork will be used for so we can design the best possible customized session for that person.

“I really liked that I looked more natural in my photos than in photos Iʼve seen from my friendsʼ photos from other studios.” " " -Allie Poltanis

“I didnʼt see the quality and professionalism in images from other studios that I see in my own photos.” " " -Allie Poltanis

Be adventurous and go out on a limb for your senior session! Climb a tree, climb a jungle gym, jump in water, or scale a rock. Do what you always wanted to do as a kid but you couldn始t because you were too little but you can now because you始re all grown up!

Class of 2013

Allie is an amazing artist, so of course we had to incorporate her paintings into her photo artwork

Hello, couture...

Because every girl should feel glamourous... At K.M. Robinson Photography, we love to be unique. We love to be creative. So our clients have the option of having us make their very own, custom couture dress made right before their very eyes, to wear for part of their session. We use everyday objects to create these dresses...for Allie始s session we used newspapers to create this runway look for her photos! It took about six minutes to create this entire custom couture dress!

Want your own custom couture dress session? Email us at

to book your session! Makes great gifts for your daughter, sister, best friends, etc

Bring out your true colors Allie is an artist. She is going to college for art therapy. Even now she is using her artistic talents to work with kids and teach them art. So it only makes sense that we would explore her passion for art and painting in her photos. At the end of her session, we added in a Trash the Senior Session section to her images. She brought old clothes and we dripped paint all over this young artist. Maybe when you were little, mama said you couldn始t splatter paint yourself, but now that you始re all grown up...it始s game on!

“I liked how my portraits were suited for my personality, especially the splatter paint images!� -Allie Poltanis “helping you plan your wedding to maximize your memories� for session ideas and tips about clothing, hair and makeup



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K.M. Robinson Photography SENIORS: Allie Poltanis  

K.M. Robinson Photography SENIORS: Allie Poltanis Senior Photo Session April 2012 Class of 2013

K.M. Robinson Photography SENIORS: Allie Poltanis  

K.M. Robinson Photography SENIORS: Allie Poltanis Senior Photo Session April 2012 Class of 2013