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“Truly inspiring”, those were the words that came out of my mouth after I finished watching the movie, The Blind Side. The movie is a true story based on the real events that happened in a young boy’s life. The Blind Side is about a homeless, African American teenager named Michael Oher who was found by a family named the Touhy’s. The dynamic of the Touhy family is the exact opposite of how Michael Oher grew up. Many people would perceive the Touhy’s as being the “perfect family”. The family consists of the mother, Leigh Anne, the father, Sean, the teenage girl, Collins and a young boy named S.J. The Touhy’s are very wealthy, and don’t need to worry about much. The lifestyle that the Touhy’s live would most definitely be a drastic change to a person like Michael Oher. Michael Oher came from a very broken home. He is not too sure of who or where his father is, his mother is very seriously addicted to drugs, and he hasn’t even seen his brother in years. In the movie, we are able to see where Michael Oher once lived with his mother. He lived in a very small, cheap apartment that his mother could barely afford to pay. When watching the character of Michael Oher look at what he is supposed to call “home”, it is evident that he is not happy with how his life is. In the movie, it very much seems like Michael wants to move on with his life, and the Touhy family helps him do this. The Blind Side is a heartfelt story filled with countless life lessons. In the movie, the Touhy family could have very easily drove past Michael Oher, who was walking in the rain on the streets at night, and not asked if he is safe. However, the fact that this “perfect family”, who had no obligation to stop and talk to Michael Oher, pulled over their car to offer their home as a place to stay, was the start of a changed life for both the Touhy’s and Michael. It is very likely to

assume that most people and families would not pull over to talk to a person like Michael Oher. Many people would have stereotypes that would be associated with a person like Michael, and then end up not pulling over to help him. Michael is very much a built person, and of the course racism plays a role in a situation like this. However, despite all assumptions that Michael could be “dangerous”, the Touhy family took him in. The Touhy family disregarded every negative thought in their head, and had faith in how they decided to handle the situation. Another lesson that could be learned from The Blind Side is to not underestimate people just because of where they come from. In the movie, the audience learns that Michael’s potential for success is very high. It is only normal for a student who came from no education, to have trouble adjusting to the life of school that the Touhy’s enrolled him in. However, despite how much of a disadvantage Michael has, compared to the other students, he improves every day and works to his ultimate potential. Michael Oher also has a talent that he never really knew he had. Michael is not only mentally strong due to all the craziness that he has had to deal with in his life, but he is physically strong too. Michael Oher turned out to be a very good football player, and ended up making the team for the high school that he got enrolled in. Being on the football team not only gives Michael something to be passionate and proud of, but it also brings out another side of Michael’s personality. The way he feels about his teammates and the Touhy family, relates a lot to how he acts on the football field. Michael is protective. He is protective of his team during games and the Touhy family, because he cares about them.

A major message that The Blind Side conveys is that being a family doesn’t mean that all the people in the family have to be blood related and look alike. Michael Oher may have entered the Touhy household as a complete stranger, but there is no doubt that he became part of the family very quickly. Family members learn from each other, and love each other for who they are. The Touhy family may have helped out Michael a lot in turning his life around, but Michael actually helped the Touhy family out too. Without even knowing it, Michael Oher introduced a whole new world to the Touhy’s. Michael showed them some of the sad and unfortunate situations that some people have to go through every day. Michael himself, is an example that proves common stereotypes wrong. Michael showed the Touhy’s and everyone else that just because he came from a rough life, doesn’t mean that he is a bad person. Michael cares so much for the Touhy’s and treats Collins and S.J. as if they were his real siblings. The Touhy’s also taught Michael a lot. Sean and Leigh Anne became


parent figures that he never really had. Sean and Leigh Anne taught Michael the importance of school, goals, and family. When Michael was struggling in school, the Touhy’s got him a tutor to make sure that he gets the help that he needs. Also, in football, Mrs. Touhy would always push Michael to practice harder and become an overall better player. I don’t think that Mrs. Touhy did this because she wanted him to be the best on the team, but because she wanted him to have goals. Lastly, the main idea was to give Michael a sense of family. The Touhy’s always treated Michael like they would their own kids, and showed him what it was like to have a family. Overall, the movie The Blind Side was a movie that could relate to many viewers. The movie may be very inspiring, but it also has some humor too. Naturally, because the Touhy’s and

Michael are so different, there will be issues and as well as humorous moments. The movie is very interesting and can keep the attention and interest of a wide range of tastes and personalities of people. I would say that The Blind Side is very much a film that any family would enjoy. The Blind Side is so much more than just a football movie, like it may seem to just be. The meaning behind the film, is what really attracts the audience. The Touhy family along with Michael didn’t expect their lives to change this much. The new life of the Touhy family and Michael Oher approached all of them at their blind side.

"The Blind Side"  

"The Blind Side" is truly inspiring!

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