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Flat Stanley Goes to New York

That’s the Empire State Building!

Most New Yorkers don’t have a car, so you have to get around in the subway (it’s a train that goes under the ground), in taxis, buses, or just walking (lots and lots of walking!).

Me in a taxi going through Times Square at night.

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I got to see the Statue of Liberty. It looks small here because it’s far away, but she’s really over 150 feet high!

Cool fact: her fingernails are a little bigger than a piece of notebook paper!

There were lots of ways to tell it was Valentine’s Day when I was there . . .

Tons of roses

A love sculpture

Even the Empire State Building was lit up pink and red!

There were so many places to see . . .

New York Stock Exchange

(they tell me this is where people trade stuff for money)

Radio City Music Hall

(it’s a big theatre to see shows like the Rockettes Christmas Show)

Brooklyn Bridge

(it’s those 2 arches way in the background)

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One morning I woke up to a big explosion sound. There was a fire in a building close to where I was staying.

Over 100 firefighters showed up! In New York, they call their firefighters “New York’s Bravest”.

They make a very delicious cookie here called a “Black and White�. Half is covered with chocolate icing and half with vanilla -- yum!

I went to Chinatown and they were having a big celebration for Chinese New Year. . .

Even the kids got to dress up!

The signs are in Chinese.

You should have seen all the confetti. Boy, it was going to be a big mess to clean up!

I visited Times Square at night. It’s an area with lots of theatres. The street that goes through here is called Broadway. There are SO MANY signs with bright lights.

On New Year’s Eve, they drop a big, crystal ball here. You can see the sign here that says “2010”.

They even have a HUGE Toys-r-Us store in Times Square that has a ferris wheel that’s 4-stories high.

I got to visit Aunt Kiki at her work. She works at HarperCollins and they publish children’s books. You know what? They even publish my Flat Stanley books!

Look at all the books they have!

This woman is called an editor and she works on my Flat Stanley books. She reads through the words and marks up the things that need to be corrected. You can see a page here that has lots of marks for things that need to be fixed .

This is Rockefeller Center. It has some big skyscrapers and in the winter, they set up an iceskating rink. At Christmas, they have a Christmas tree here that is almost 80 feet tall!

Now it’s time to pack up and come back home. Aunt Kiki is sending a Statue of Liberty pencil for everyone and some Flat Stanley books for Mrs. Fangman’s classroom. I’ll sure miss New York but will be glad to get back to Ponder Elementary!

Cate's Flat Stanley  

Flat Stanley visits NYC

Cate's Flat Stanley  

Flat Stanley visits NYC