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Name of session Session Group: ___________ Date of Session: ___________ Topic: ___________ What will be learned? Why is this important?

Prepared By: ___________

What learning styles will this lesson address? Which level of learning should Britelings reach?

Leader Guide

Briteling Guide

What are the leader’s objectives? What should they leave the session having accomplished?

What are the Briteling’s objectives? What should they leave the session knowing and able to do?

What information points does the leader need to make during this time?

How will the Briteling be interacting with the information they are receiving? (Notetaking, following on their computer, brainstorming, etc.)

(Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)

What should the leader be doing while the Britelings are participating in their activity?

What activity should the Briteling be participating in at this time?

(Steps to check for student understanding)

What types of formal or informal evaluations should the leader be using to check for understanding?

What should the Briteling be doing at this time to show their understanding?

(Notes, hand-out, tips, visual reminder, etc)

What end-of-the-session take-away will the leader be giving the Britelings as they leave?

(specify skills/information that will be learned-make sure the check out the action verb list for help)

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary information)

Est. Time:  Computer  Handouts  Physical games

(e.g. Web sites, books, etc.)

Name of session Session Group: ___________ Date of Session: ___________ Topic: ___________ Purpose

Types/Levels of Learning Addressed

Leader Guide Objectives

Prepared By: ___________

Briteling Guide

Est. Time: Materials Needed:



Other resources:



Additional Notes:

Session planning template game  

Session planning template game