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Oh the joys of landing on the first page of the search engine results. When you achieve this goal, it's time to celebrate! Think it's not possible? Of course it is. With the right search engine optimization strategy and a little work you can attain your page ranking goals and one of the best ways to accomplish it is to focus on link building. Search engines look at a number of factors when making their decision on where to index your web pages and one of the primary factors are your incoming links. Rather than spend a whole bunch of wasted time experimenting with what works, this article provides four easy link building tips you can put into action today. Easy Link Building Tips 1. Writing and distributing articles. Article marketing is perhaps one of the most powerful forms of link building. Here's how it works. You write an article relevant to your niche business topic, for example if you have a cat training website then you'd write an article on how to train your cat to come when you call it. Once the article is written, you'll also want to create a bio box. In this box, you'll have a call to action and a link to your website. You then find relevant websites to publish the article on. For example, if you're an expert in helping entrepreneurs manage their time you could publish the article right here on the Internet Based Moms website. When you're looking for good websites to publish your article on you'll want to take a look at a few key elements. A. Does the website get a lot of traffic? This is important because in addition to getting a link to your website, you'll also drive traffic to your website. B. Is the website you're publishing on relevant to your topic? When search engines assign value to a link they look to see where the link is coming from. They're looking for links from quality websites and relevant websites. Using the example from above, the time management article, you wouldn't want to publish it on a website devoted to cat training. C. Does the website you're publishing on allow you to link to your website? Some websites do not so make sure before you submit an article to them that they allow a bio box or some sort of link to your website. In addition to publishing your article on relevant websites, you can also utilize article directories. Article directories can be a huge link building solution because everyone who publishes your article will retain the links to your website thus boosting your page ranking. One of the most

respected directories on the net is 2. Website/Blog Directories. Directories are essentially lists of websites or blogs. They're usually categorized and when you register with them, they send a link to your website. They're great for search engine link building and because people use these directories to find quality websites when they're searching for information, you'll also drive traffic to your website. Directories come in two categories, paid and free. Free is great because your ROI is always going to be positive, however, the submission process on a free directory can take forever - usually because it's run by volunteers, for example, Paid directories can be extremely expensive but may be well worth the price. Yahoo, if you have a commercial website, charges $299 a year. There is a happy medium; you can find relevant directories at a moderate cost. For example, a listing on the direct sales directory here at Internet Based Moms ranges from $35 to $75. 3. Advertisements. Advertising is a link building strategy many people forget about. However, it can be a great way to both drive traffic and create incoming links. Again, when you advertise you're going to want to make sure your ads are placed on relevant websites. Advertisements can range from classified advertisements to full blown banner ads. There's a wide range of opportunity and cost. When you're creating your advertising strategy, start small. Test a few sites and a few ads to see what works, analyze the data and then go from there. As with any marketing strategy or tactic, spend time planning it, establishing goals and determining how you're going to measure those goals ahead of time. Once you know what easy link building tactics work and which ones don't you'll be ahead of the game and reaching that first page of search engine results before you know it!

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Get Your Own Website FREE!!! Kevin Montembault ==== ====

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