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Spring 2010

From Campus to Career

From the Director Melinda Burke, Director The Retailing and Consumer Sciences program has seen unprecedented growth this year due to a beautiful new building and committed faculty who recruit talented students, set high expectations in the classroom, and offer an array of professional development experiences. New admission guidelines require that students are prepared to enter the professional phase of the program by completing a rigorous and challenging set of foundation courses which include business math, accounting, economics, and retail business analysis and decision making. The students then enter the professional program and are challenged by retailing courses which include retail strategy, product development, marketing, consumer behavior, the global economy and financial services.

Global Retailing Conference 2010 Speakers Include:

Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President & CEO, Macy's, Inc.

Andrea Jung, Chairman and Chief Exective Officer, Avon Products, Inc.

Several changes to our program are a result of feedback from the Terry J. Lundgren Center Corporate Advisory Board. The 35 board partners are an essential part of the development of our undergraduates. As they provide their ‘wish list’ of knowledge and skills every graduate should possess, we are able to respond with new courses, innovative professional development opportunities and innovative approaches for students to gain the education, experience and exposure that will make them successful. This feedback resulted in greater emphasis on quantitative preparation for students and the introduction of our Retail Business Analysis and Decision-making course. We have also increased integration of real world challenges in the classroom through case competitions and consulting projects sponsored by Target, Altria and Deloitte. We have increased exposure to the industry through internships, study tours, conference participation and classroom presentations. Executives from partners Altria, E&J Gallo, Gap, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, PetSmart, Target and Walmart have contributed their insights in the classroom and funded special projects. And, our retailing students will learn the importance of innovation in the retailing industry by attending the Global Retailing Conference April 8 - 9, 2010. The Lundgren Center appreciates the support of the corporate partners in the Retailing and Consumer Sciences program. I am pleased to announce our newly formed CEO Circle that will provide us with the insights we need for our students to develop a big picture view of the industry. We thank all our partners for their support.

Rachel Roy, Designer

The CEO Circle

Wesley R. Card, President & Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Jones Apparel Group, Inc.

Terry J. Lundgren, Macy's/Bloomingdale's Rosemarie Bravo, Former CEO Burberry Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Productions Mindy Grossman, HSN Incorporated Steve Sadove, Saks Inc. Ron Frasch, Saks Inc. Andrew Rosen, Theory Wesley Card, Jones Apparel Group, Inc.

Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger Tom Murry, Calvin Klein Thia Breen, Estée Lauder John Idol, Michael Kors Roger Farah, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson Products Kip Tindell, The Container Store

PLAN TO ATTEND Innovation Generation April 8-9, 2010 Keynote Speaker Terry J. Lundgren

You Will Learn...

Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing

Please join us at

how increased competitive demand


The Ritz-Carlton,

Chairman, President & CEO

for innovation will require strategic,

Web site

Dove Mountain

Macy's, Inc.

actionable performances.


Tucson, Arizona


Corporate Partner


John Tighe currently serves as the Senior Vice President and Director of Mr. Tighe started his retail career with Filene’s followed by Meier and Frank, now part of Macy’s, Inc., before joining JCPenney in 2002. Since joining JCPenney, Mr. Tighe has held the positions of Senior Buyer for Denim, Divisional Merchandise Manager for Junior Sportswear, and was promoted in 2009 to his current position.

Mr. Tighe has been an avid supporter of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, and brings his expertise to the students when he visits our campus. When asked about what qualities he sees in the students graduating from the major, he is eager to mention the passion and engagement. He notes, “The best students are able to take the classroom, work experience, and the passion for the industry and integrate them into their first position. Some of the best students that I’ve interacted with have strong communication skills, are energetic about retail, and are realistic about the career path and industry.”

JCPenney has been known historically for its catalog business and Mr. Tighe's role was created “to help identify opportunities to better position us online so that we can lead online retailing.” His focus for directing a successful is about the integration of the e-commerce portion into the overall JCPenney business model, which “involves winning with our value proposition of Style, Quality, and Price while transitioning from simple transactions to interactions with our customer online.” Mr. Tighe understands the importance of a successful dotcom business as new retailers are entering the market and seeing online sales as a larger portion of their overall profits.

By Andy Mirkin Student Advisory Board

New Partner

As the economic environment is constantly changing, our students who enter the job market need to have a competitive advantage. Mr. Tighe's advice to graduating students is that they “have to realize that they don’t have to know it all entering the workforce. Successful associates learn how to do the job given to them and are patient while working hard. Focus on your current role and be a high performer and the opportunity will find you.”

Dick's Sporting Goods

As new partners join The Lundgren Center, each has a unique reason why they choose to come to The University of Arizona, and specifically to the Retailing major. One of our new partners, Dick’s Sporting Goods, comes to us because of an alumni who currently works as an executive with the company. Jack Barnes graduated in 1998 from the Retailing and Consumer Sciences Major and went on to join Walmart Stores for 12 years. In February of 2009, he moved to Dick’s Sporting Goods to become the VP DMM of Lodge, Hunting and Fishing. He suggested to Kate Brown, Manager of University Relations, that she consider recruiting at Arizona. Mr. Barnes had previously recruited at The University of Arizona for Walmart and informed Kate Brown that the recruits “have always been successful.” Mr. Barnes moved to Dick’s Sporting Goods because it is a company he had always admired and also for the opportunity to further his career. Mr. Barnes enjoys the merchandising and store environment. He says that Dick’s “are fun stores to shop,” and as a company, the CEO, board of directors, and senior management understand “what’s important during the times and their ability to react is what is

One person: Terry J. Lundgren One company: Macy's, inc. two colleges: fashion institute of technology and the Terry J. Lundgren center for retailing at the university of arizona

John J. Tighe Senior Vice President & Director of

carrying the company through the current economy.” After visiting The University of Arizona, Kate agreed with Jack Barnes’ recommendation for recruiting at The University of Arizona. Kate felt that she would be able to find students who have a passion and interest in retail and be a great addition to Dick’s. The first recruiting effort has been very successful. Five students from The University of Arizona will be joining Dick’s Sporting Goods as part of their in-store Sales Management Trainee Program starting in February 2010. Additionally, two students will be moving to Pittsburgh for the summer to be part of the Merchandising Internship Program. Dick’s Sporting Goods is very pleased with the students they recruited for the first semester. Kate Brown says, “I enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to continuing to work with the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.”

The Fashion Institute of Technology and the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries' annual awards dinner honoring

make a difference save the date monday, march 15, 2020 Call 520.621.1715 for more information


Terry J. Lundgren Chairman, President and CEO Macy's, Inc. to benefit the Fashion Institute of Technology's Educational Development Fund and the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing at The University of Arizona.

Announcing the Consumers, Environment & Sustainability Initiative (CESI) Although there is a considerable amount of ongoing academic research and corporate interest in sustainability nationally and internationally, most of the work being done is related to developing business strategies and supply-side products, methods and/or technologies. Missing from these worthwhile and important activities is the voice of the consumer – the human factor, demand-side perspective. To address this void, the Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) faculty has launched the Consumers, Environment & Sustainability Initiative (CESI). Anita D. Bhappu, Ph.D.

By leveraging the interdisciplinary research interests of Associate Professor By Anita D. Bhappu, Ph.D. the RCSC faculty in collaboration with UA faculty from the & Division Chair Associate Professor & Division Chair Institute of the Environment, the Eller School of Management, and others, the CESI will facilitate collaborative, innovative, and integrative effort that supports research, teaching, and outreach activities focused on 1) consumer rituals, attitudes and behavior associated with the consumption of food, water, and energy and 2) consumers’ sense of social responsibility as it relates to the sustainability of these and other resources. In this way, the CESI will provide a consumer and individual-level social perspective on the environment and its sustainability. To bring global corporate attention to the CESI, we want to leverage our partnerships with retailers, service providers, and consulting firms by: 1. Inviting firms to campus to interact with RCSC researchers and other UA scientists about specific consumer questions or concerns that are of interest, possibly leading to sponsored research projects, co-authored case studies and/or white papers with faculty and students. These engagements could be structured as half-day visits or even executive-in residence appointments. 2. Creating a CESI industry roundtable to poll member companies and facilitate discussions on current issues/topics while also disseminating relevant consumer research findings. 3. Asking member companies to sponsor CESI-related courses by providing input/case materials for class projects, guest speakers for class discussions, and stipends for the course instructors. Key Contacts Please direct all inquiries to Dr. Anita Bhappu at or (520) 621-5948 and Dr. Sabrina Helm at or (520) 621-7130.

2010 FSF Geoffrey Beene Fashion Scholarship Awards By Melissa Beth Seifert,YMA Scholar

The 2010 FSF Geoffrey Beene Fashion Scholarship Awards dinner was held in January at Cipriani’s in New York City. Five students from the Retailing and Consumer Sciences program were recognized as YMA Scholars for 2009 and 2010. Congratulations to our newest scholars Melissa Seifert and Dana Spaniol who joined our 2009 winners Mandy Berry, Julie Gundrum and Stefanie Mackler at the event. Melissa Seifert wrote her impressions of the unforgettable evening. “The YMA 2010 Scholarship dinner in New York was AMAZING. Walking into Cipriani’s that evening I knew right away I was amongst some of the most talented, creative, fashion-forward executives and students in the country. I was able to meet Peter Sachse, CMO of Macy’s and CEO of, who has been the mentor and ambassador to UA for the FSF program. He was incredibly personable and answered any

and all questions I had about working in the industry—so cool! I also was able to network with educators from the other schools as well as members of the FSF Board of Directors. The speakers of the evening - Margarita Arriagada, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Sephora, Thomas Kingsbury, CEO for Burlington Coat Factory, and Robert Mettler, former CEO of Macy’s West; were wonderful. They all seemed to have one thing in common: enthusiasm for the retailing industry. It confirmed for me that passion, vision and commitment will carry you far in the world of fashion and retailing---it’s definitely what got me to that dinner in the first place, and I know it’s what will determine my future in the industry. I felt honored to be part of such an incredible event and truly enjoyed meeting students from different schools.


It never ceases to amaze me how much excitement people have in this field—everyone is sparkling with creativity! I look forward to utilizing the connections I have made from receiving this scholarship as I continue my education and pursuit of an internship, and later, a career!“












Meredith Kessler Oscar de la Renta This summer I was fortunate to have an amazing internship opportunity with Oscar de la Renta. Although I only interned there for ten weeks, I learned more about retail than I could have ever imagined. The employees at Oscar de la Renta treated the interns with great respect and made us feel as if we were part of the team. I was able to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in all of my assignments. Every day I felt that I was doing tasks that were actually beneficial to the company and were not just tasks to keep me busy.

sell through spreadsheets. Each store had its own sell through spreadsheet, which calculated the percentage of units sold over a certain period of time. This helped the sales team to analyze how well each store was doing and allowed me to use my retail math skills. Reflecting back on my internship I realize that I gained a lot of knowledge and learned a great deal about myself. My organizational skills improved from working in such a fast paced environment. I learned that it is important to always be ready for whatever task has to be done next. I also became more aware of how beneficial teamwork can be. Working on a team with the other interns I received beneficial feedback, learned how to complete tasks in different ways, and realized how important cooperation is when working with others. My Excel and Power Point skills improved as well. I feel that the Retailing and Consumer Sciences Major prepared me well for this internship. I was able to use retail terminology, retail math, and computer skills that I had learned in my core classes during my internship. One of the biggest lessons I took away from this internship is that it is important to love your career because passion drives success and motivation.

There were many assignments the interns worked on over the summer. One assigned task was making buy collages on Excel. Buy collages had to be made for each store that Oscar de la Renta sold to. The spreadsheets contained information about what the store bought including a picture of the items, sizes ordered, quantity, style number and a brief description of the item. Another task that had to be completed frequently was updating

Mandy M. Berry Duty Free Stores This summer I was fortunate enough to intern for Duty Free Stores (DFS) at their U.S. headquarters in San Francisco. DFS is located in the heart of the financial district on the 31st floor of a highrise building. The view is amazing, as the main conference room of the home office overlooks the San Francisco Bay!

write a newsletter that was translated into three languages, and design planograms for 14 different DFS Galleria locations in 8 different countries. As an intern at DFS, I was exposed to top management on a regular basis. The VP of Global Creative was our advisor and coach for most of our projects. We also presented the campaign details of our HPP to the VP of Merchandising and the President of Merchandising to obtain their approval. I also received direct experience in handling business with colleagues/ vendors overseas. I sourced promotional ribbons for our campaign with a vendor in Hong Kong and communicated via telephone with the Visual Merchandiser Manager in Hawaii about the specifics of our planograms.

Duty Free Stores is owned by the French conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey (LVMH) that owns over 65 luxury brands. DFS is famous for their duty-free stores in airports worldwide. DFS also has many high end boutiques called DFS Gallerias which house their luxury brands in extravagant surroundings. These DFS Gallerias are strategically placed for their luxury loving customers in countries/cities such as Abu Dhabi, Bali and Singapore.

Another highlight of my internship was a vendor meeting with the American, European and Arab representatives for Elizabeth Arden. During this meeting I learned about the different nuances in scent preferences for the different geographical regions of the world. I also had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at marketing campaigns and smells of perfumes that had not yet been released to market.

The DFS internship is exclusively in the fashion merchandising department of DFS. The fashion merchandising department is comprised of the merchants for brands including: Gucci, Chloé, Celine, Burberry, Coach, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Pucci, MCM, Marc by Marc, etc! My internship was project based and I was assigned to a group with two other interns to collaborate together on relevant projects for the department.

In my internship with DFS I experienced firsthand a global industry that is very fast-paced and always changing. It also affirmed for me that I love this balance of chaos, creativity and analytics, and that I’m in the right industry! Along with a newfound appreciation for luxury goods, I left my internship knowing I had left my mark at DFS through my project contributions. This total experience has left me with a stronger sense of confidence and courage to set my standards very high.

Our main project was a High Profile Promotion (HPP, one of the many acronyms at DFS!) called “Small Indulgences.” This project required me to make connections with the merchants in the office, sort and pick product,













Kyle Johnson Kohl's Inc. During the summer of 2009 I had the great pleasure of working at one of the fastest growing retailers in America, Kohl’s Inc. My internship was located in Tucson, Arizona at the Oro Valley store and lasted 10 weeks. In those 10 weeks I got a chance to explore all the facets of the business. I got to work on many teams, as well as having the responsibility of running my own.

As I was exposed to these different areas of the store I was always working in a team; doing price markdowns, throwing the truck, recovery and replenishment. After a few weeks the management decided I was ready to run a few of my own teams. I was given the responsibility of leading three separate teams; truck team, men’s size initiative, and the fixture setting team. My main goals for the internship were to learn about Kohl’s as a company and myself as a leader. I have accomplished both goals and will be starting at Kohl’s as an Assistant Store Manager, after graduation in December. My overall experience could not have gone any better and I suggest the Kohl’s internship to anyone with a passion for retail.

Working in all areas of the store make you realize that the store is not run by just management, you need all the team members to make things really work. Being an intern meant that I would work on a team with the team members and would have to build their respect as a leader. While working in the store I was exposed to; human resources, logistics, guest service, soft lines and hard lines.

Retailing Alums in the

NEWS Whitney Wilkening brings her “bling” to benefit student scholarship Whitney Wilkening, a May 2008 graduate from The University of Arizona, as a Retailing and Consumer Sciences Major. Whitney founded the company "Bling by Wilkening" in October 2007. Bling by Wilkening consists of exquisitely unique statement costume jewelry pieces from New York City, where the company is headquartered. Bling by Wilkening was started Wilkening’s senior year of college, upon the completion of an internship with Macy’s Merchandising Group in New York City. Her friends desired the jewelry, and thus, Bling by Wilkening was born. She credits her outstanding professors in the program who helped her start from the very initial phases of obtaining business licenses, etc. She says that “What she learned in the program, she uses in her business everyday,” it was an “invaluable education.” Wilkening collaborates with specialized showrooms to offer the finest and most unique costume pieces in the world. Because of the specialized showrooms that Wilkening works with, she is able to offer the pieces approximately three months before the magazines report on the

trends. Bling by Wikening is founded on the three pillars of outstanding quality, great price, and charity. The median price range is between $29-$65. Wilkening visited Tucson this past October and held an ‘Exclusive Jewelry Showcase’ fundraiser for the Future Retail Leader Scholarship fund. This was a very successful fundraiser and was organized by the Student Advisory Board. Wilkening hopes to make this an annual event to raise money for student scholarships. Paramount to Wilkening are high-quality and affordable prices. The pieces are wear-tested before they go on the market for metallic color-stay and durability. Bling by Wilkening will be debuting a collection for through their website in August 2010. The line is also carried at specialty boutiques in Albuquerque as well as the Ann Crabtree boutique on Madison Avenue in New York for Holiday. Wilkening operates an e-commerce website,



Felicia's Update

Calendar of Events


Undergraduate students Katie Baumgardner, Jamie Freeman, Christy Holcomb, Allie Mroczka, Chris Nalls and Nicole Ross recently partnered with Tucson Botanical Gardens, a non-profit organization for ‘Leadership, Ethics and Practice’ community based team project. Mike Hulsey, retail manager and buyer for Tucson Botanical Gardens Gift Shop helped the students design a project that enabled them to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a buyer. These students were able to help the gift shop expand their product base by identifying new and innovative products from local vendors.

February 14 -19

February 9, February 25 Altria - Lisa Locker, District Manager

Each team member was responsible for finding new products for the retail store from the following categories: bath and beauty, home and hearth, and food and gardening accessories. In order to locate these products, students conducted research and visited local farmers markets. To present the new products for the shop, the team hosted “A Taste of Tucson,” on November 8, 2009 at Tucson Botanical Gardens. The four products available for sale were: Gloveables, a fashion gardening glove, Salud Spa Bar custom essential oil scents, Arizona Trail Mix and La Pequinta honey from Nogales. To measure customer response to the products the team used a customer survey which asked a series of three questions: would the customer buy the product, how much they would pay for the product, and how they would rate the product on a scale from one to five.


Overall this project has allowed our students to learn more about the skills required to function as buyers in the retail industry when working with vendors and store executives. They also learned how to work effectively and efficiently as a team.


to our



March 2-3

Macy's - Amalia Hernandez Regional Manager - College Relations

March 3

Dick's Sporting Goods - Kate Brown Manager University Relations

March 9 -19

Macy's - Amalia Hernandez Regional Manager - College Relations

March 30-31

Macy's - Amalia Hernandez Regional Manager- College Relations

April 7

JCPenney - John Tighe, Senior VP,

April 7- 9

Macy's, Inc. - Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President & CEO Macy's - Amalia Hernandez Regional Manager - College Relations

February 10 - March 24

Go Pro Etiquette Series

February 17

SIFE Career Expo

March 19

SIFE Regional Competition

April 7

TJL Spring Corporate Advisory Board Meeting and Dinner Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

April 8-9

Global Retailing Conference, Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

May 11-13

SIFE National Competition

May 5

Last day of classes

May 15


OTHER EVENTS 2009~2010

After tallying the survey results the students were happy to learn that most of the guests who filled out the survey would buy the products. After completing this project and presenting the new and innovative products to the gift shop manager, Mike Hulsey decided to carry several of the new product lines in the Tucson Botanical Gardens gift shop.

Congratulations We wish them the

AT&T Mobilibty - Jay Brown, National Recruiting Manager

Consumer Sciences Graduates,

they are

best as they begin their careers.

are some of the


Going Places!

graduates and their new careers:

Brad T. Allen Assistant Manager: 24Hour Fitness Scottsdale, AZ

Kyle W. Johnson HR Operations: Kohl's Tucson, AZ

Allison Schmitz Kohl's Tucson, AZ

Kyle Araiza Manager-in-training: Kohl’s San Francisco, CA

Michelle Jones Gap San Francisco, CA

Regina Shapiro Store manager: aldo Tucson, AZ

Amy Barton Field Sales Representative: Purina Washington, DC

Andy Mirkin Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh, PA

Virginia Sims Management Trainee: Target Tucson, AZ

Kaela Beischel Management Trainee: Nordstrom Chicago, IL

Wayne Prall Sales: Edward Jones Tucson, AZ

Mallory Foster Marketing Denver, CO

Tara Schaefer Store Manager: Fossil Tucson, AZ

Cathrine Natalia Zbonack Retail Management Program Trainee: Gap Inc. San Francisco, CA


Kim’s View As always, we have a stellar lineup of top industry executives for this year’s Global Retailing Conference. Our theme is ‘Innovation Generation,’ and we’ve assembled a program filled with top industry leaders whose expertise and strategic initiatives guide the success of their powerhouse companies. We promise you compelling content, must-try strategies and common-sense ideas that can help you accelerate your business in this competitive global economy. If you want insight on strategy, sustainability, style, technology or transformation, we’ve got it, including a special presentation by Diana Liverman, Co-director of the Institute of the Environment at The University of Arizona.

from the Center

Liverman believes we all have the ability to affect climate change and will discuss how retailers can build and implement sustainability models within their organizations. “The potential for the retail sector to transform supply chains and consumer behavior to more sustainable paths worldwide is considerable and offers important and exciting avenues for research and cooperation within universities and with the private sector,” Liverman says. We will also have the pleasure of hearing from John Heinsen who is a graduate of The University of Arizona. He is the President of Bunnygraph Entertainment and has been in the entertainment industry for 18 years. During that time, Heinsen has been involved with America’s Most Wanted, That 70’s Show, Family Guy and other programs. He says he looks for innovative

ways to bring mobile technology and branding together through integrated marketing solutions. We are so very pleased to be able to have this year’s event at the brand new Ritz-Carlton, Dove  Mountain Resort and Spa. Do take advantage of this golden opportunity for "affordable innovation" in a striking luxury setting. 

Register now at

2010 Global Retailing Conference Schedule THURSDAY, APRIL 8 7:45-8:15 Welcome Opening Keynote Speaker Terry J. Lundgren Macy's, Inc.

12:45-1:30 Stephen Quinn Walmart

FRIDAY, APRIL 9 7:00-7:45 Breakfast

1:30-2:15 Surya Kant TCS North America

7:45-8:30 John Heinsen Bunnygraph Entertainment, Inc.

8:15-9:00 Andrea Jung Avon Products, Inc.

2:15-2:30 Break

8:30-9:15 Wesley McDonald Kohl's

9:00-9:45 Carol Tomé The Home Depot

2:30-3:15 Kerstin Block Buffalo Exchange

9:45-10:00 Break

3:15-4:00 Diana Liverman The University of Arizona

10:00-10:15 Break

4:00-5:00 Tom Julian Tom Julian Group

10:15-11:00 Michael Thielmann JCPenney Corporation

5:00-8:00 Sonoran Sunset Reception and Dinner

11:00-11:45 Wesley Card Jones Apparel Group, Inc.

10:00-10:45 Darrell Rigby Bain & Company, Inc 10:45-11:30 Matthew Rubel Collective Brands, Inc. 11:30-12:45 Lunch

9:15-10:00 Thomas McElroy/John Rooney Deloitte Consulting LLP

11:45-12:45 Rachel Roy Designer 12:45 Conference Conclusion



PO Box 210078 • Tucson, AZ 85721-0078

Corporate Partners & Sponsors

C orporate A dvisor y B oard Altria, Lisa Locker, District Manager AT & T Mobility, Jay Brown, National Recruiting Manager Bridgestone/Firestone, Jim Fogelquist, District Manager CVS/Pharmacy, Steve Parrillo, Director of Recruiting, Executive Placement & Relocation Deloitte Consulting LLP, Jean-Emmanuel Biondi, Principal Dick's Sporting Goods, Kate Brown, Manager, University Relations Dillard's, Jim Benson, Director of Sales Promotion DFS, Daniel Binder, Senior Vice President Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Stacey Kretzmann, Group Recruiting Manager Farm Bureau Financial, David Sebastian, VP of Strategy & Business Development Gallo Wine Company, Greg Gratteau, Manager of Human Resources Gap Inc, Charlene Hugel, Director of College Recruiting Gordon Brothers, Ann Merrill, Principal & Managing Director Harry & David, Rudd Johnson, Executive VP Human Resources ICSC, Sarah Ritchie, Manager, ICSC Education Foundation JCPenney Corporation, John Tighe, Senior VP, Kohl's, Larry Viands, Territory VP/Human Resource Director Kurt Salmon Associates, Andrew Zgutowicz, Partner Macy's Amalia Hernandez, Regional Manager – College Relations Anne Voller, VP, Executive Recruitment & College Relations Nestlé Purina PetCare, Tommy Baroody, Director of Business Development Nordstrom, Stephanie Martin, Regional Recruiter NRF Foundation, Kathy Mance, Vice President Office Depot, Lisa Summers, Vertical Market Manager Payless ShoeSource, Brian White, College Relations Manager PetSmart, Neil Stacey, Divisional VP of Operations SAP, Tom Redd, Vice President, SAP Labs, Retail Sears Holding Corp., Anne Hand, Regional Vice President Strategic Mindshare, Cynthia R. Cohen, President Target Stores, Katie Tiano, Campus Recruiter University of Arizona BookStores, Frank Farias, Director VAMOS A Tucson, Felipe Garcia, Community Affairs and Mexico Marketing Verizon Wireless, Jonathan LeCompte, Director of Retail Walgreens, Lee Nevarez, District Manager Walmart Stores, Inc., Andy Barron, SVP General Manager Hardlines Wells Fargo, Marsha Grist, Senior Recruiter

H onorar y B oard M embers Ellen Goldsberry, Director Emeritus, Center for Retailing Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO, Macy's Inc.

S tudent A dvisor y B oard S pring 2010 J ulie G undrum D ana S paniol C helsea F ischer S hakayla B yrd G arrett J oviak K imberly J ewell

M ichelle J ones A ngela S tizza S tefanie M ackler K ristin S wanson A lexandra M roczka S cott R ising

Terr y J. L undgren C enter

A dena S tein C hristy H olcomb L auren S chmidt S tefani O linski J aclyn L ichterman


R etailing

Editor: Melinda Burke Managing Editor: Kimberley A. Brooke Administrative Assistant: Annette M. Garcia The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing is housed in the Division of Retailing and Consumer Sciences in The John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at The University of Arizona. The Center works to illuminate the issues facing retailers today and to prepare college students for careers in retailing. To obtain more information contact: The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing The University of Arizona PO Box 210078 ~ Tucson, AZ 85721-0078 Phone: 520.621.1715 Fax: 520.621.9445 Email: Web site:

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