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Samsung Unveils WiFi Enabled H D Camcorder: The H MX-S16, H MX-S15, and H MX-S10 by Kaitlyn Chant ry January 6, 2010 – Today at CES, Samsung announced its 2010 line, including three new Wi-Fi enabled flagship camcorders: the HMX-S10, HMX-S15, and HMX-S16. This makes Samsung the first of the major manufacturer to release a camcorder that allows you to upload videos remotely. All three camcorders also have DLNA capability so you can wirelessly transmit video files to your home computer. The 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor is befitting Samsung's flagship line, with a 10.1megapixel resolution that should make for sharp videos and photos alike. The sensor also introduces Samsung's new BSI technology: Back Side Illumination, designed to improve low light performance. The 4.8mm Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD lens has a 15x optical zoom and 18x intelli-zoom. The S10 is also equipped with dual optical image stabilization: a hybrid system that uses digital and optical image stabilization simultaneously. As with last year's high definition camcorders from Samsung, the S-series will record full HD video using the H.264 AVC video codec. These MPEG-4 files are often easier to edit in post-production than the unwieldy AVCHD files used by many other manufacturers. 1920 x 1080 video can be recorded at either 60i or 30p, with an optional 60p output via HDMI. Two slow motion options allow you to capture low resolution footage at either 250fps or 500fps. The HMX-S10 does not offer an electronic viewfinder, but there is an impressive 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 1,150,000 pixels. This is significantly larger than most camcorder LCDs. The touch screen is used for menu navigation and all manual image adjustments, including Samsung's touch focus tool. In addition to its new Wi-Fi capabilities, the S10 has an external microphone jack, HDMI output, accessory shoe, and USB port. The removable battery can charge via USB or DC power. As with Samsung's entire 2010 lineup, the S10 comes with the Intelli Studio software package built right into the camcorder. The S16 and S15 also feature AllShare, which allows users to use DLNA connectivity to access, manage, and share videos. The three S-series models are differentiated solely by recording media: the HMX-S16 records primarily to a 64GB internal SSD (solid state drive), the HMX-S15 features a 32GB SSD, and the HMX-S10 records entirely to removable SD/SDHC memory cards. All three S-series models will be available in April.

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