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Pursuing a degree in logistics or supply chain management can help servicemembers advance in both the military and civilian worlds.

By J.B. Bissell MAE Correspondent

and options for improvement are presented,” Raney said. “Two recent You have surely seen at least some of the television commercials consulting projects were with Big Brother Big Sister [BBBS], an orgafor a certain parcel delivery service that detail how their brown-clad nization that partners adult mentors with children to help the kids trucks and employees make a positive impact on business-world logisrealize their potential and build their futures. The consulting projects tics. They include catchy songs, whiteboard diagrams and enlightendone by our students were instrumental in establishing the BBBS ing office-worker conversations all about how the company can help program for the military community at Fort Lee, Va.” create smarter supply chains, reach new markets and generate higher margins. Surprisingly, even with those lofty claims, they’re probably still underselling themselves. The Standard Syllabus “Whether military or civilian, nothing happens without logistics,” declared Terry W. Raney, site director for the Generally speaking, the supply chain manageFlorida Institute of Technology’s Extended Studies Division ment curriculum is fairly similar from institution at Fort Lee. “It’s the science of determining what is needed to institution. Gary Gittings, the director of online and then getting it to the right place at the right time.” graduate programs and the Department of Supply It’s an easy enough fundamental concept to underChain and Information Systems for Penn State’s stand, but the importance cannot be overstated. LogisSmeal College of Business, explained that his tics—or supply chain management—truly is the lifeblood institution’s curriculum is based around the SCOR of both the military and the civilian business sector. And model. “That’s the supply chain operations referany time you’re dealing with something so essential to an ence model,” he said, “which looks at the major Terry W. Raney organization’s ultimate success, opportunities for career processes in the supply chain.” advancement can’t be far behind. Of course, the best way Penn State offers a Master of Professional to gain access to those opportunities is by furthering one’s Studies in supply chain management, as well as an education. online graduate certificate in supply chain manageThe Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) at Fort Lee ment for learners who may not be quite ready to offers Master of Science degrees in acquisitions and confully commit to an advanced degree. Fortunately, tract management, logistics management, and logistics “the certificate program really is part of the gradumanagement-humanitarian and disaster relief logistics. ate program. It’s embedded,” Gittings added. And There’s also a cooperative program conducted by FIT Fort the three for-credit classes—supply chain manageLee and the Army Logistics University designed specifically ment, transportation and distribution, and strafor military officers. tegic procurement—that make up the certificate “The attending officers are competitively selected by requirements introduce and establish the importhe Army to take the theater logistics course,” Raney tance of the complete SCOR model. explained. “That class counts for 12 credit hours toward Similarly, at Webster University, the path to a the FIT master’s degree. The officers are on duty full time Master of Arts degree in procurement and acquisiGary Gittings as students with the Army, and then complete three more tions management requires that “students examine semesters with Florida Tech to earn their diploma.” the entire acquisition lifecycle, beginning with the During that time, they will explore case studies that legal framework for private and public purchasincorporate problem identification and developing various ing,” said John Johnson, procurement program possible means for improvement, and take classes that include proleader. “They learn the legal framework through which the contractgram management, managerial accounting and managerial statistics. ing process is conducted and the importance of methodologies needed “The degree then culminates with a consulting project for a civilto translate needs assessments into statements of requirements and ian client during which an analysis of logistics operations is conducted specifications.

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MAE 8-2 (March)  

Military Advanced Education, Volume 8 Issue 2, March 2013

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