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SAS Synergy

Vol 2. ISSUE 02 Thursday, 07 FEB 2013

Next week we will be hosting the 2013 MEA Sales Kick off. Our colleagues from the Middle East and Turkey will joining us, please show them a warm South African welcome!

Our love affair with VA has officially begun! Training is underway and we are creating a buzz in the market! We will be hosting two launch events one in JHB and one in CTN, make sure your clients and prospects are invited! For more information on the events please contact marketing.

with Clinton Myburgh One on one


ell us about yourself

I’m originally a Natalalian, living in Joburg for … WAYYYYY tooo longgggg. I enjoy the outdoors, adrenaline is a wonderful chemical (technically it’s a hormone) I’m a Program/Portfolio Manager by trade and love working with people. Together, my wife and I have three daughters.

I didn’t join SAS for the Sales aspect specifically.

I enjoy working with people and people BUY great products from SAS. Products are only as good as the PEOPLE that make them work the way they do.

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not at work?

Things I like

• I enjoy being in the Muay Thai ring

Do I have to choose only ONE thing? Muay Thai. Either fighting, coaching or being a corner man for a fighter who has heart and ears

• I LOVE experiencing good music on a decent system

What words do you live by?

• Enjoying good company around the pool and braai (there’s not enough sunlight in most restaurants) • Visiting new places on the adventure bike • Scuba Diving

Things I don’t like

• Taxis (and any other inconsiderate drivers) • Corruption and intimidation • Unhelpful individuals • People who complain without presenting solutions

I don’t have a fixed set collection of words… these change as I grow. I DO, however, enjoy sitting around a ROUND table with people… King Arthur was the pioneer of this practice where he demonstrated that all people at the table are equal. Even himself as the King would consider what his “subordinates” had to say

What three things are on your bucket list?

1. Spend 3 weeks travelling Thailand and 2. neighboring countries (specifically the areas where the general public don’t know about or care to visit). This shouldn’t be a bucket list item as I want to do this more than once 3. Travel through Africa on an adventure bike 4. Be able to dive the Great barrier reef 5. (especially without having trouble with equalization)

ORION Weekly

TIPS & TRICKS Creating a new opportunity from a Lead! Visit the SAS intranet home page and follow the link!

Lets work together to Generate Leads!

SAS Graduates Class Lillian



How’s your year been? I had an amazing experience at SAS. I came across incredible and lovely people whom I’ve learnt a lot from and for that I am grateful. SAS groomed me with skills and knowledge. Working at SAS wasn’t only an opportunity, it was also a place where my qualifications made a difference. I always wanted to be part of the company where I am encouraged to learn new skills and broaden my knowledge. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great company. What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to experience more and enhance my skills as well as building my career. I feel so motivated and inspired to work hard. Where I come from is what grounds me, but what propels me is where I’m headed, my hopes, and my vision.

How’s your year been? What I learned in my graduate programme in 2012 was great, I was given a chance to work with a data that is complete, balanced, correctly collected with analysis that I have never tested in the classroom when I was still at school. It was a great experience that I know will help me when I start my career.

How’s your year bee 2012 has been a big at SAS and a very bu year. It was a year of life in general, both career-wise. The ski include both techni skills and these mak ate program a ”No.1 I like the fact that I certified BASE SAS which is the part of achievements. All in a great, different and year for me.

Ditshego How’s your year been? Working for SAS has been an enlightening experience for me. As a graduate I have been trained intensively, I have been exposed into  new challenges. We worked hard but it was all for a good cause hence  and I have been developed. I have grown while learning.

What are you looki I am now looking fo tinue gain work exp devote myself to all My ambition is to b ductive SAS BI anal to satisfy all custom solving their proble will have a great car


s of 2012




en? g year for me usy and short f changing my social and ills acquired ical and soft ke SAS gradu1” program. am now a programmer my last year n all 2012 was d enjoyable

How’s your year been? 2012 has been a wonderful year and greatest achievement for me. I learnt a lot from a graduate program; I gained theoretical and practical work experience that contributed so much to the knowledge I had before I joined the program. Another thing that was great about 2012 is that I was part of SAS’s great family. What are you looking forward to? I look forward to getting more exposure in SAS Software programming and SAS Solutions while I enhance my career in analytics of which I believe will make me a great asset to the company. I’m eager and prepared to learn more about SAS Products.

How’s your year been? It has been a very challenging yet interesting programme that taught me lot of things, acquired lot of knowledge that will sustain me forever in my career and also my behavioral skills have been sharpened for the best.   What are you looking forward to? Well I look forward to applying all the knowledge and being part of SAS team on a permanent bases. I believe there’s a lot on the plate but I’m  up and ready to run with the team. It’s another learning phase on a different level.  

ing forward to? orward to conperience and SAS products. become a prolyst and be able mers’ needs by ems. I believe I reer at SAS…

How’s your year been? 2012 was a great year indeed, I have termed it “ a year of good success”, though it was challenging but I was enjoying everyday. Every day was a learning day, I really enjoyed myself being part of an amazing IT team. The team was very instrumental in my growth through mentoring and

motivating me thru challenges . What are you looking forward to Am looking forward to further my studies, grow more in IT and be a valuable asset to the organization

Announcements Upcoming events

News within the BEE space THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the implementation of the revised BBBEE Codes of Good Conduct is on track. The DTI received more than 550 submissions from public comments by the December 5 deadline last year. The department has now begun a process of technical analysis of the data received. This entails going through the submissions to consider what the key issues are. Thereafter, the DTI will set up work streams that are going to look at submissions for each element to enable officials to consolidate feedback from the market. The department’s chief director responsible for BBBEE, Nomonde Mesatshwa, says: “In terms of our time frames we are hoping that we will finish this process by the end of March this year.”

• Visual Analytics • Sales kick off

Vacancies • • • •

Tech Trainer X2 Pre Sales (BI, DI, Perf Mngmt etc) Inside Sales Regional  Account Executive X3 (Banking/Finance; Public Sector Please forward CVs to Millicent.


Contact: 0800 611 104

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BEE within SAS “SAS SA is currently undergoing its annual BEE re-rating. We expect the official certificate to be completed by the end of February but in the meantime please forward all request from suppliers and customer requesting our BEE certificate to Karen Stein”.

Are you doing interesting things in the community? Or perhaps you have an arts/culture/sporting passion that you pursue... Or perhaps you are part of community outreach projects. Please drop us a note and a pic or two as we would love to share some of the interesting activities that our colleagues engage in!

@SAS_SouthAfrica “Transformation beings with ME”

Wins this week: Bernie is on Fire! Well done Bernie! • • • • •

Real People x2 Financial Intelligence Centre x2 Mr Price Group Xtranda



Remimder: As of Wednesday, 13 February 2013 the price increases will be as follows: New prices:

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~ Quoted in P.S. I Love You

Meal of the day - R20.00 Chef ’s special - R28.60 Vegetarian - R17.10

Welcome to our new intake of Grads




SAS Synergy 02  

The SAS Synergy Volume 02 Issue 02

SAS Synergy 02  

The SAS Synergy Volume 02 Issue 02