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GET YOUR DELIVERY SET UP HERE: Remember to choose your correct region first! Mainland US / Alaska / Canada / Hawaii / Puerto Rico / Japan

Get Free Shipping when you spend $100 or more (halfpriced shipping in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). But make sure you order through your delivery account! After choosing your items on the "Picker" page, make sure you choose the blue "Delivery Service" option. Don't pick "proceed to check out" (unless you enjoy paying more for the exact same thing!)

With your Delivery Account, you can skip a delivery or cancel at any time. You can edit what you want and when you want to get it. Easy! You'll know you are in the deliveries because you will get to choose the date it processes. If the sale hasn't started yet, pick the first day of the sale (April 24 for all customers, or April 23 if you have purchased a Starter Kit). The sale prices won't go live until the start of the sale, so you'll have to add in extra to still be over $100 and get the free shipping! If the sale has already started, choose to Ship Now. The deepest discounted items may sell out quickly.

Worried about being able to manage your account? Well that's the beauty of buying through a consultant - I can help! Under Delivery Settings, choose to allow Consultant Access. I won't see your personal billing info, but I will be able to help you edit future deliveries.

Don't keep these fabulous deals to yourself!! Do you know that you can receive Referral Credit from Thrive Life? Option 1: Log into your account and find your personal referral link you can share (Share > Refer a Friend). Option 2 (Better): Host a one-evening online Facebook event. I'll walk you and your friends through the amazing benefits of this food, plus give recipes, tips and bonus gifts!

Your Best Option: If you love this food and want to get the best value, buy a Starter Kit! Whether your goal is to be a savvy shopper and get the best prices and perks, or you want to host an online event with me but get the commission for referring your friends yourself, or you want to go all the way and earn a trip to the Bahamas... I'm here for you! Our Starter Kits are always an awesome deal:

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Thrive Life Spring Sale Guide (April 24-29) - USA  

Start shopping at Want to learn more about the food? Visit or find me on Fac...

Thrive Life Spring Sale Guide (April 24-29) - USA  

Start shopping at Want to learn more about the food? Visit or find me on Fac...