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Intercom iPod®/Aux Connectors XM Radio


Vulcan 1700 Voyager (all)

K10400-027/028/032/035/036 K10400-040/041 K10400-038

These instructions supplement the above accessory installation instructions and Vulcan 1700 Voyager Owner’s Manual Audio System section. Important Notice Some states prohibit the wearing of “headphones” or “headsets” while operating a motor vehicle. Mounting audio speakers in motorcycle helmets does not convert them to “headphones” or “headsets”, some states may prohibit the use of this helmet sound system under other statutes. Kawasaki advises you to determine the legality of this helmet sound system prior to using it in any state. OPERATING PRECAUTIONS There are a number of important precautions that must be heeded when operating the audio system. Learn and observe all of the following rules below.

Keep both hands on the handlebar at all times while riding. Don’t remove your hands from the handlebar to adjust audio system controls. Make these adjustments before riding. Do not operate the audio system at volumes so loud that they interfere with your ability to hear sirens, horns, or other warning signals. Do not operate the audio system at volumes so loud that they disturb other people. With the exception of genuine Kawasaki Parts and Accessories, Kawasaki has no control over the design or application of accessories. Kawasaki Parts and Accessories have been specially designed for use on Kawasaki motorcycles. We strongly recommend that all parts and accessories you add to your motorcycle be genuine Kawasaki components.

Intercom Operating Instructions COMM Switch: By pushing this switch, the audio system can enter the intercom (ON/OFF) and VOX (adjustment) mode. Intercom (Accessory Parts): The Vulcan 1700 Voyager intercom allows the rider and passenger to communicate while riding if rider and passenger helmets are equipped with Kawasaki accessory communication headsets to utilize this feature. Intercom Volume Intercom headset volume is a separate setting from the entertainment audio volume. While speaking or listening to your passenger, press the VOLUME +/- buttons to adjust the intercom volume Push the “COMM” switch to enter the “Icom” (Intercom) mode. •

A. Push the “◄TUNE►” switch or turn the “TUNE +/-” switch to select ON or OFF of the intercom. B. Icom (ON/OFF) Mode

Push the “COMM” switch to enter the “VOX” (Voice Activation) mode. Push the “◄TUNE►” switch or turn the “TUNE +/ ” switch to change the VOX sensitivity setting from 0 (Vox Open) to 30 (Vox Closed). Voice Activation (VOX) The intercom uses voice activation (VOX) to interrupt music and allow the rider and passenger to communicate. VOX effectiveness is dependent on correct microphone placement and sensitivity setting. The microphone should be placed as close to the mouth as possible. The rider and passenger are able to conduct a normal conversation with both talking at the same time. This is referred to as “full duplex” operation. When speech is detected, the entertainment audio will be muted and will return after the conversation is completed. Note: • There is a slight delay built-in between the time conversation ceases and entertainment audio volume returns. This is to allow for normal pauses in conversation. VOX Sensitivity Adjustment Press the COM button to enter the COM adjustment screens. After the intercom on/off screen, you will see the VOX sensitivity adjustment screen. Use the TUNE +/- buttons to adjust the setting from 1 (always ON) to 15 (closed). The higher the VOX setting, the louder your voice will need to be to trigger the intercom. At very low VOX settings, noise such as wind or passing vehicles may cause “false triggers” or unwanted interruptions. The VOX sensitivity should be set up while parked with the motorcycle engine running. VOX triggering should be set up for a speaking volume slightly louder than normal conversation. VOX detection also is automatically adjusted based on vehicle speed. Note: • There is one VOX setting which is shared by both the rider and the passenger. VOX Override If there is no CB connected or the CB is turned off, you can press and hold the PTT (Push to Talk) button to override the VOX setting and activate the intercom. Note ○When the system is in the “Icom Off” mode, it does not enter the “VOX” mode.

]iPod® Adaptor (Accessory K104400-040) The optional iPod harness allows an iPod to be controlled through the Vulcan 1700 Voyager audio system. The display will show song and artist information from your iPod and allow you to select songs and play lists. The iPod battery is charged whenever the audio system has power. Note ○Only one media player can be connected to the sound system. This means that you will be able to use either an iPod or a portable media device, but not both at the same time. ○Kawasaki is not responsible for any damage to iPod or other media player due to storage in the saddlebag, trunk or other location on the vehicle. Only Apple iPods with the 30-pin dock connector will allow radio interface using the K10400-040 iPod Adaptor Cable All other media players including the iPod Shuffle will require the K10400-041 Auxiliary Adaptor Cable. This functionality is described in the auxiliary input section. Press the MODE button to cycle through audio sources. The display will show AUX until communication is established with the iPod. To confirm the communication link, the dashboard display will show the iPod name. iPod Tuning Press the TUNE +/- buttons to change songs on the iPod. Press and hold the TUNE +/- buttons to access the song selection screen. Use the TUNE +/- buttons to select a song and then press the P button to start playing that song. iPod Browsing Press and hold the P button to browse through song selections on your iPod. After you press P, use the TUNE +/- buttons to select browsing by Album, Artist, or Playlist. To select one of these categories, press P again. After you have selected a category, use the TUNE +/- buttons to scroll through the category. To select a title, press P again. XM RADIO TUNER (Accessory K10400-038) The Audio System fully integrates an XM satellite radio accessory. The system treats XM like another audio source. The XM radio tuner will automatically be turned on when the audio system is powered up. Push the “MODE” button or “M” switch to cycle through audio sources. Display You can select whether the XM channel name or the category is displayed for each channel. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the adjustment screens. After BASS, TREBLE, AVC and RDS, you will find the XM Display adjustment screen. Use the TUNE +/- buttons to select either Channel Name or Category display. Tuning Manual: Press the TUNE +/- buttons to select channels. Press and hold the TUNE +/- buttons to quickly move through all XM channels.

XM RADIO TUNER (cont.) Category Category tuning allows you to limit the channels available to a specific category or genre such as Country, Rock, News, Sports, etc. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the adjustment screens. After BASS, TREBLE, AVC, RDS and XM Display, you will find the XM Category adjustment screen. Use the TUNE +/- buttons to select the desired category. If a specific category is selected, then “CAT” will be shown in the lower right corner of the display. To access all XM channels, return to the XM Category adjustment screen and use the TUNE +/- buttons to select All Channels. Presets Select and use XM presets the same way described for AM/FM radio stations. Note: • XM satellite radio reception depends on the ability of the antenna to receive a signal. The signal may not be available if obstructed by objects such as bridges, tall buildings, mountains, or trees. XM Radio Activation Getting Started Tune your XM radio to Channel 1 and confirm that you can hear the preview channel. Note: • Your bike must be outside for XM activation. Tune your radio to Channel 0 (zero). Copy the eight digit XM Radio ID. You can go to or call 1-800-852-9696 to activate your radio using your XM Radio ID number. It will take about 15 minutes for the XM system to process your activation request and begin to send the activation signal. Your XM radio should be activated within 30 minutes. You can confirm it is working correctly by tuning to other channels. About XM Satellite Radio for U.S.A. and Canadian Products XM Radio offers an extraordinary variety of commercial-free music, plus premier sports, news, talk radio, stand-up comedy, children’s and entertainment programming over 160 digital radio channels. XM is broadcast via satellite in 100% superior digital audio from coast to coast. More About XM Satellite Radio For more information, program schedules, and to subscribe or extend subscription after complimentary trial period; more information is available online: USA customers – Canadian customers – information about XM Canada is at

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Operating inst K10400038  
Operating inst K10400038  

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