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Symbolic Effects and Definitions Used in This Website Special Terms and Index Initial capitalization (e.g., Student Project) is used to recognize specific terms having a unique meaning in this website. ⇒A STEM System⇐ = One possible system of coordinated components and personnel to provide a comprehensive STEM experience for all high school students. Association of STEM Catalysts and STEM Dynamos = A membership organization of the named individuals that ensures the preparation of their members to work effectively with specific Student Projects or with motivation. It STEM its System⇐ maintains a database to facilitate connections⇒A between members and schools. It may serve as a source of high quality Student Projects. Lead Teacher = Member of a Teacher Team overseeing a specific Student Project. Modeler = Author of this website. Kenneth Chapman, Principal Partner, Cardinal Workforce Developers, LLC. Science-poor = Precollege institutions Science-rich = Organizations having STEM Specialists, including industry, business, higher education, and government agencies.

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STEM = A multidisciplinary science/engineering course accepting students from grades 9 through 12. The term may have other meanings as clarified by the context. STEM Catalyst = A STEM Specialist from a science-rich organization prepared to work on one or more specific Student Projects with a Lead Teacher to guide/mentor students in a Student Team. The STEM Catalyst need not leave the worksite and should not need to invest more than 5 hours of work time for a specific Student Team project. A subset of STEM Catalysts should be prepared and approved for spending more time with severely disadvantaged schools. STEM Dynamo = A person providing a motivating message for high school STEM students. STEM Specialist = An expert or advanced student in a STEM field. Student Project = A project intended to be undertaken by Student Teams, with oversight by a Lead Teacher and a STEM Catalyst. Student Team = A group of up to 10 students, with members being assigned by the Teacher Team. Members represent all grade levels from 9 to 12. Teacher Team = A group of teachers (preferably four) having at least B.S. level capability in biology, chemistry, physics and an engineering field.

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