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Teaching Team The Teaching Team ideally consists of four teachers with at least one teacher each from a specialty field of biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering plus an administrative assistant/aide. The teaching team manages a very large class including students in STEM I through STEM IV courses. At least one teacher must always be in the position of supervising the entire class if the other three are engaged in activities with smaller groups. Since extensive formative testing is a vital element, the administrative assistant/aide usually is busy administering or grading tests or assembling lists of students needing specific instruction and can assist in student oversight.

Qualifications: The teachers should be qualified at the B.S./M.S. level in their subject fields and have special preparation to address the other content of ⇒A STEM System⇐ (e.g., teamwork, planning, etc.) and management of the STEM Program. Each teacher has unique responsibility for their content area. Many Student Projects are interdisciplinary and the appropriate teachers are expected to cooperate efficiently through prior Teaching Team planning.

Each Student Project has a Lead Teacher, who ensures safety, provides appropriate guidance, manages appearances of the STEM Catalyst, and arranges for specific teaching to be done by student peers, teachers, or media-based instruction.

Express teaching team  
Express teaching team