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Advisory Committee An optional STEM advisory committee may be useful to the school. Advisory Committee Defined: An assembly of leaders knowledgeable about the local requirements of STEM personnel and interested in maximizing a high school’s ability to provide high quality STEM education. STEM teachers should not be members, but should attend all meetings. The committee should report only to the designated head of the school’s STEM operation. A clear, written job description must be provided for the benefit of both committee members and school personnel. Attributes of the Advisory Committee: 1. Periodically review and comment on the curriculum contents and operational procedures and choices/decisions suggested by the STEM department. 2. Assist in developing field trips to be learning experiences rather than “gee whiz” tours of black boxes. 3. Encourage and assist use of more challenging Student Projects. 4. Provide access to surplus supplies and equipment that would be useful to the school’s program.

Page 4-30 ⇒A STEM System⇐

Cautions: 1. The chair should be an Advisory Committee member and term limits should be set and enforced for members, who serve at the pleasure of the head of the school/district. 2. The Advisory Committee is NOT a supervisory body. School personnel have the privilege of accepting, modifying or rejecting committee recommendations. 3. Meetings should be held not less frequently than biannually. 4. The committee is a professional body independent of any parent/teacher group. 5. The committee should not become a “rubber stamp” approval body for school personnel decisions/desires. 6. The committee should have no engagement in school personnel matters.

Advisory committee express  
Advisory committee express