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Why I Am Here The main reason I wanted to become a teacher is because I enjoy working with children. The reason I chose teaching is because I want to help children reach their goals. A second reason I chose teaching is because I am very interested in the subject of Social Studies. I am very excited to being teaching this subject to my students.

Ms. McKean

Sports My favourite sports to play are Hockey and badminton. I played hockey for a total of 10 years starting when I was in grade 3. I played in the towns of Bentley, Lacombe and Sylvan Lake. I played badminton with the Bentley Panthers from grade 7 to grade 12. I played both singles and doubles. I believe teamwork is a very important skill for everybody to have.

This is a picture of my hockey team!

Travelling The places that I have traveled to so far include the United States and Mexico. I have been to both Disneyworld and Disneyland in the States. In Mexico I have been to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. I really enjoyed seeing the Mexican culture. Some of the places that I would love to travel to would be Eastern Canada, Greece, and South America (mostly Brazil). Ms. McKean(000261056)

This is a picture of the Pacific Ocean when I was in Mexico in 2011.

September Newsletter


Movies One of my favourite activity to do in my spare time is watching movies. The movie genres I enjoy most are action, comedy, and romantic comedies. My top five movies would include the Avengers, A-team, the Hunger games, She’s the Man and Transformers.

Books Another activity I do in my spare time is reading books. I really enjoy series because I do not like it when a story ends. Some of my favourite series include the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. I also love individual authors like James Patterson, Iris Johansen and Catherine Coulter.

Family & Friends My family and friends are both very important to me. I have fairly large families on both my Mom’s and Dad’s side and I am close with both. I even consider two of my cousins to be like sisters. I am also very close with my friends. I like to spend every free possible minute with them. Some of them are even invited to my family dinners. Ms. McKean(000261056)

September Newsletter


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