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New study shows energy drinks cause many health problems, offer no benefits


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STUDENT 17 LIFE A profile on the Scholars’ Bowl team reveals what it is like to be a team member


Reviews of multiple workout styles offer new ways to lose weight



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UTILIZING THE NEW WEIGHT ROOM, athletes work on upper body exercises after

school Feb. 10. The weight room was moved from the school basement when the Coach Herm and Jackie Bachrodt Athletic Complex was built. The room was completed with new weights donated by Genesis Health Club.

NEWS briefs Students participate in Blood Drive The American Red Cross Blood Drive was held Feb. 18 in the old gym facility. Student Council members hosted and coordinated the event. 92 students donated blood, and the original goal of collecting 70 units of blood was surpassed by six units.

Planned Parenthood loses federal funding The House of Representatives passed a measure to stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider, Feb. 18. The amendment was passed with a vote of 240-185. The plan entails eliminating $330 million for “preventative-health” services throughout September. These services include contraception and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics. The measure removes money used for family planning, medical and preventive services and birth control.

Journalists place in regional competition Student journalists competed against other regional high

schools in a competition at Wichita State University Feb. 24. Senior Bailey Buer placed first in Newspaper Sports Writing. Senior Tom Wittler won first place in Yearbook Sports Writing. Junior Mattie Lonergan placed first in Academic Photography. Senior Katie Gilbaugh won third place in Copy Editing. Along with students who were awarded honorable mentions, these journalists will move on to compete at the state competition May 7 at the University of Kansas. For a complete list of honorable mention awards, see

National Merit Finalists named Seniors Seamus Bann, Andrew Betzen and Jacob Ewers were named National Merit Finalists. Half of one percent of United States students are named as finalists. Finalists can be awarded scholarships based on academic records, information about school curriculum and grading scale, two test scores, a school official’s written recommendation, information about the student’s activities and leadership and the finalist’s essay. news briefs by alyssa scott




$ $Are $ $gas $ $ prices $ $ $ $driving $ $ $ $you $ $ crazy? $$$$$$ $ $The$average $ $ $ $ $ Four $ $ways $ $to$save $ $ $Most $$ $$$$ drivers use 1.4 money on gas: $American $ $ $spends $ $ $ 1.1.$Consult $ $ $$$$$ $ gallons $$$ $ per $$ to of gas Consult to than $8,758 find the cheapest gas prices. day. This adds up to$ find the cheapest gas. $more $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ per year on gas roughly 500 gallons $and $ motor $ $ oil$for$ $ 2.2.$Drive $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $per$year. $$$ Drive the the speed speed limit. limit. Cars Cars burn burn he or$ $ more gas at speeds. $ every $she $car $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$ more gas $ at higher higher speeds. owns. In the early 1990s, $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 3.3.$When $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $many $ students $$$ when When driving driving around around town, town, keep keep air conditioner off. Instead, open were born, the aver$On$average, $ $ work$ $ $ the $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ the windows to cool off. ing drivers spend the windows to cool off. age price of gas was $about $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 70 $ cents. $ $ Since $$ 17.6 percent only Close the sunroof when driving at $of$each $ paycheck $ $ $ $ 4.4.high $Close $ the$sunroof $ $when $ driving $ $at $ then, $ $the$average $$$ speeds. Cars use less gas when on gas. high speeds. Cars use less gas when has risen to $3.14. they are more aerodynamic. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ they $ are $ more $$ $$$$$$$$$$$ aerodynamic.


information obtained by alyssa scott from,; infographic by hillary sevart, bea tretbar

High gas prices cause students to change Spring Break plans

As gas prices increase, students are continually affected. According to http://, the average gas price in America has risen 29 cents in the last month and will it not decrease any time soon. From everyday plans to Spring Break, students and families have had to take a second look at the expenses involved due to the influx of gas prices. Sophomore Jenae Hesse will be driving to Keystone, Colorado for a ski trip. The cost of gas has influenced some of the minor plans her family has made. “The rise in gas prices has made our trip more expensive,” Hesse said. “To save money, we are sharing a condo with two other families.”

Sharing a condominium with her cous- family for Spring Break: a road trip. His first ins and family friends will be a first for Hesse; stop will be a campus visit at the University of however, she said she is looking forward to Missouri Science and Technology, followed the experience. by a trip to St. Louis or Bennett Springs. Wer“I think it is going to be a blast spending nert says he prefers driving to flying. time with people “With driving we that I love,” Hesse can stop or go anysaid. “I come from where we want on The rise in gas prices has a close-knit family, the way or completely so I’m not worried change plans just made our trip more expenabout it being so to experience new sive. compact.” things,” Wernert said. Hesse said her Gas prices have sophomore JENAE family has impleaffected his trip too; HESSE mented other small however, Wernert ways to save monsays there is an advaney. tage to the gas prices. “I know on some days we are going to “We won’t be able to go sight-seeing as pack our lunches instead of buying lunch on much as we want, but we like driving with the slopes,” Hesse said. the higher prices because the drop in traffic Junior John Wernert has plans with his can be completely worth it,” Wernert said.

by GABBY FERRARO staff writer




Numbers hidden inside the cans


year France banned Red Bull due to sportsrelated deaths



grams of sugar in a 16oz can of Monster Energy Drink

Energy Ov New study finds energy drink consumption dangerous for teens; leads to health problems, caffeine addiction

cutout of something...

information obtained by hillary sevart; from,; photos by tiana chin; infographic by maddie sleconich


W i t h bright, eyecatching cans and powerful names such as Monster, Rockstar and Full Throttle, energy drink companies have little problem getting the attention of teen consumers, according to recent market studies. These companies lead buyers to believe that after consuming a can, they will feel powerful, alert and energized but they fail to warn customers about the harmful side effects that can result from drinking these products. “I definitely do not recommend the use of energy drinks,” family practice doctor Andrew Barclay said. “Combinations of caffeine, taurine and sugar can give people a buzz of energy, but it is only short term.” According to marketing analysis company Mintel International Group (MIG), the energy drink market is booming. A recent MIG study showed that 34 percent of 18-24year-olds regularly consume energy drinks. Since Red Bull was introduced in 1997, more than 500 new brands have been launched and the energy drink market has grown into a $6 billion a year industry. “I think teens drink energy drinks for a lot of reasons,” sophomore Lexi Penka said. “I think a large part of it is because people don’t get enough sleep so they look for that extra energy.” Energy drinks are designed to give the consumer a fresh wave of energy provided by a mix of “natural supplements” and various chemicals, according to “A Survey of Snergy Drink Consumption Patterns Among College Students” from the Nutrition Journal. Herbal extracts, multiple vitamins and amino acids supposedly combine to create a natural source of energy. Instead, the Nu-

by HILLARY SEVART news editor



milligrams of caffeine in a 12oz can of Rockstar 2x Energy Drink



percent of the energy drink market controlled by Full Throttle

verload trition Journal said, the feelings of heightardous when mixed with alcohol, accordened awareness come from the high levels ing to the Food and Drug Administration of sugar derivatives and caffeine found in (FDA). On Nov. 11, 2010, the FDA said it is every can. Energy drinks typically contain illegal for companies to manufacture alco80 to 141 milligrams of caffeine in each 8 holic beverages with caffeine. According to ounce serving, the equivalent of three 12 the FDA, this decision was made after Four ounce cans of the average soft drink. Some Loko, a caffeinated alcoholic beverage, was cans, such as the 32 ounce can of Rockstar, a prominent factor in multiple cases of alcocontain more than three servings and have hol poisonings and deaths. more than 320 milligrams of caffeine. “There are several consequences of “I know that energy drinks aren’t mixing alcohol and caffeine,” Barclay said. healthy, but they wake me up when I need “Energy drinks can cause alcohol to be it,” senior Austin Scobee said. “Even though absorbed quicker. Aside from the general I know the health risks, I continue to drink health risks of this, faster alcohol absorption them because they makes it more likely taste good and they for some to pursue help me function.” risky behavior that There is not enough inforThere are they would not normany harmful side mation about some of the mally partake in.” effects from conCaffeine adingredients in the drinks suming high levels diction can be a and their side effects are of caffeine. Acmajor side effect of unknown. cording to “Health habitually consumEffects of Energy ing energy drinks. family practitioner Drinks on ChilAccording to the ANDREW BARCLAY dren, Adolescents American Psychiatand Young Adults” ric Association, regin the Journal of the American Academy of ular caffeine use triggers a physical depenPediatrics, energy drinks offer no medical dence or addiction. According to the Journal benefit. There were 5,446 cases of caffeine of the American Academy of Pediatrics, withoverdose in the United States in 2007. Fortydrawal symptoms include headache, fatigue, six percent of those involved were younger difficulty concentrating and multiple flu-like than 19 and admitted to consuming multiple symptoms. Penka and Scobee both said they energy drinks. Other side effects include have noticed a growing dependency on cafliver damage, kidney failure, respiratory disfeine after years of energy drink consumporders, agitation, seizures, psychotic condition. tions, multiple heart problems, heart failure “I started drinking energy drinks more and death. the summer before my freshman year when “There is not enough information about I had to get up early for cheer practice,” Pensome of the ingredients in the drinks and ka said. “Literally every day after practice their side effects are unknown,” Barclay I would go to Quik Trip and get a Rooster said. “A significant percentage of those who Booster. It became a need instead of a want. use these products get sick.” Now I definitely think drinking them in modEnergy drinks become even more hazeration is best.”



amount in millions that 5-Hour Energy profits per year Functions of the

untested ingredients Guarana:

Derived from a Brazilian plant, this herbal extract supposedly speeds up brain activity and promotes weight loss.


One of the lesser known amino acids, taurine is thought to help the body react to oxygen and give a respiratory burst. There is also speculation that it inhibits neurotransmitters in the brain.


This amino acid, created by the liver and kidneys, is thought to raise metabolism and energy levels.


This antioxidant could increase metabolism, enhance circulation and help improve the body’s immune system.



news news

november march

arthead, infographic by victoria gilliam

College basketball tournament can affect students’ school work, lead to gambling issues by HILLARY SEVART & MOLLY KUSH news editor & staff writer

information obtained from http://cbssports. com,

The “madness” begins March 15. According to, an estimated 45 million people across the United States will watch the top college basketball teams compete in the “March Madness” tournament. As March progresses, some mourn when their favorite team loses while others worry if the risky bet they made will pay off. “I always pay attention to the tournament,’” junior Nathan Degenhardt said. “I print off the bracket every year and make small bets with friends.” This year, instead of the usual 64 teams competing to be number one, the bracket was extended to add four more, but the format of the tournament remains unchanged. Teams are separated into North, South, East and West divisions. After two rounds of play, only the “Sweet Sixteen” remain. As the tournament continues, the “Sweet Sixteen” become the “Elite Eight” before moving on to the “Final Four.” Then, the final two teams will battle in the championship game. “I’m a big Notre Dame fan, and I always watch them play in the tournament,” Degenhardt said. “I get kind of sad when they lose

because their season is over, but I try not to make a big deal about it.” Most basketball fans fill out a bracket and predict who will win the “Big Dance.” Whether someone is betting only a few dollars in a friendly rivalry or competing in a riskier betting group, gambling can play a part in the “madness.” Junior Bobby Moore said he won $200 in the past by betting on the tournament, but some cannot avoid losing money. Psychiatrist Gail Bussart said people willing to take gambling risks need to know the financial consequences of their actions. “I do see people that follow the tournament,” Bussart said. “If they are addicted it could lead to financial depression. It is okay to follow the tournament as long as people keep it fun and are willing to accept a loss.” According to http://healthguidance. com, there are ways to avoid a gambling addiction. The most effective method is to find another activity that will act as a distraction from gambling. If this does not work, therapy may be necessary. “Those who are addicted could beat themselves up mentally when their favorite team loses,” Bussart said. “Those who just follow the tournament to have fun are better off in the long run.”

Knights of St. Cecelia plans service projects for spring semester by SARAH FRANGENBERG staff writer The Knights of St. Cecilia, a club for musicians and those who love music, has developed over the past two years, broadening members’ musical interest and opportunity. “We are trying to exercise practicing musicians and introduce new musicians, and just keep music going,” junior Aaron Schoenhofer said. Last year, the Knights put on one event: BotB during second semester. “Last year was the first year we had tried this,” sponsor Kurt Sherry said. “We didn’t have a good sense of purpose. I didn’t take enough control of organization and last year’s Battle of the Bands was so last minute.” This year, The Knights of St. Cecilia put paladin

on BotB in the fall. Sherry said that the attendance, around 200 people, was bigger than expected. They are also planning a benefit concert in May for local charities, and will volunteer with Guitars for Kids, an organization for underprivileged children, this spring. “We are a lot more organized,” Sherry said. “We have a better sense of what our goals are, better leadership and we are better able to carry out events.” Sherry said that he was pleased with the turnout of BotB. Because of the success, the club expects similar numbers in their future events. “The people playing enjoy it and the parents like watching,” Sherry said. “We’ve gotten really good crowds.” As treasurer of the club, Schoenhofer

said that he loves both singing and playing music. “I’m happy to be a part of this group, definitely,” Schoenhofer said. “It is such a great experience. You might as seize the opportunity.” Sherry also said he enjoys being a part of the group. “As a musician, I live music, playing and performing,” Sherry said. “[The Knights of St. Cecilia] gives these kids something to do. We create a fusion.” Sherry believes that the club is good for the students because music allows them to express themselves. “Music is something that just happens,” Sherry said. “Whether planned or just two people sitting down with instruments, it is an event.”




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Students should seek alternatives to caffeine Who can write a paper, create a might be able to make it through the playlist on iTunes, watch a TV show and first couple classes, by the end of the day text all at the same time? Teenagers in the sugar high will have ended. Then today’s society are continually active. students are expected to finish countless Whether involved in sports, school hours of homework and participate in activities or academics, teenagers have out of school events. Students in turn a lot of demands to keep their schedules seek more unhealthy energy drinks. full. With all the pressure to get their To prevent bad habits such as work done in the few hours of daylight drinking coffee or energy drinks given, teenagers often seek out aids from becoming an addiction, replace such as caffeinated drinks to help them the caffeine with something positive. make it through By practicing the day. some of the Ever yone anti-anxiety Instead of reaching towards has seen parents techniques or adults on an energy drink or coffee described on movies grab their in a time of need, think page 14, stress morning cup of about the reasons a busy can be reduced. coffee before schedule is worth the pain. Throughout heading off to the chaos of work. This habit, high school, however, has become more popular students should take time to relax among teenagers who seek out a and take things one at a time. caffeine buzz in the mornings after a late Students should also keep in mind night of studying or talking to friends that all of their hard work will pay off. on Facebook. This energy-boosting There are several positive outcomes aid might not be so smart though. In that could stem from a busy schedule; a study done by the researchers at scholarships, admission into the Duke University Medical Center and ideal college or a successful job are published in the July/August issue of all possibilities. By looking towards Psychosomatic Medicine, it was reported the future, one can gain motivation. that drinking coffee in the morning Instead of reaching towards an has more negative side effects than energy drink or coffee in a time of need, positive. It can even amplify the stress think about the reasons a busy schedule levels of daily coffee drinkers. is worth the pain. Who can balance There is also the possibility of a school, holding a job, a social life and crash after the consumption of a highly athletics? The always busy, yet still caffeinated beverage. Although one hopeful, generation of teenagers today.

As second semester is well under way, students have one more break to look forward to until the end of the school year. Spring Break is a time to relax and have fun without the stress of waking up early for long school days. Throughout the days of crazy Kansas weather, one can almost feel the consistent warmth of the spring season. Students should keep in mind that although they are in a break from school, they are not in a break from representing KMC. We should proudly tell others that we are students of KMC, and it us up to us to uphold our Catholic values. As always, we invite your ideas, input and letters. All letters should be under 150 words and signed. We reserve the right to edit or omit any letters. Baseless accusations, libelous statements, insults or unsigned letters will not be considered for publication. Take letters to Room 215 or mail to the address below.


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I take my dog on a walk in the woods and I hold it in my arms; I release all my problems to my dog.

NATHAN degenhardt


Whenever I’m stressed, I kind of abuse my pillow. I yell at it and sometimes I even bite it.

halls at KMC...



Man, I really cannot stand the smell of myself. I’m going to write on my test “This isn’t a physics class and I don’t want to learn physics anyways. It’s an algebra class...but I don’t want to learn that either.” illustration by jordan bohm

I throw darts at pictures of teachers’ heads.

The devil stole my pencil.


Gorging myself on tacos from Taco Bell is the first action. Then after I eat like 10 tacos, I’ll go to the YMCA and burn off all the calories I just ate.

Overheard in the

How do you calm yourself when you are stressed?

Michelle Obama, I have nothing other infringements upon our choice against you. Your style is great, the have caused a “frog in pan” effect. The media portrays you as a smiling, nice problem is not in the problem, but in woman and I believe your general inten- the proposed solution — I see what tions to be good. No, I do not agree with needs to be fixed and worked on. Ask your husband’s political ideals entirely, this: Whose responsibility is it to make but I do not necessarily close my mind healthy eating choices? I thought the to yours. This latest new government’s job had more idea, though, has pushed to do with securing its citiinto my mind pictures of zens’ rights than watching a government getting too aspects of their life as minute big for its britches. as their preferences when Michelle Obama has eating out. made healthy eating her Obamas, is there any way cause for the past year. She that simply being a healthy has been speaking with the eating advocate could better National Restaurant Assospread your wise message? EMILY LUTZ ciation in hopes of forcing Mention how your children restaurants in America to opinions editor love trying new fruits or have offer what our governa photo taken of your famments deems “healthy side ily around a dinner table set options” in children’s meals. In addition, with plenty of greens. I would reason she wants to make portion sizes smaller that even your most vehement political overall. We know the obesity statistics, opponents might understand and share we know the health risks, and we know your point of view if, lo and behold, it that the first lady was behind food mak- were not forced upon them. Would beers having to produce “easy to read” nu- ing a good example prove a point? trition labels. The basic problem is that If this alternative is too difficult, it America has a lot of obese people and might be a good idea to remove from the youth need to understand how to eat your agenda the health eating cause. healthily. Most of the US can agree that It is a great idea but seeing as the genthis cause is noble and important. eral population does not like to be conPerhaps the glaring problem with trolled, the only real solution you could this is not so obvious because many bring about would be one by example.

-- - -


Examples better than laws for some causes









NATHAN channell


information obtained by grace hesse





arthead by maddie sleconich; photos by brian norris

Snack food places for all budgets, schedules, cravings reviewed

Flying Donuts Near the corner of Douglas and Oliver, next to Bella Luna, rests a fairly new doughnut shop in town — Flying Donuts. The shop’s mascot is a donut with wings, in order to capture Wichita’s “air capital of the world” status. Even though their cinnamon miniature doughnuts are a very good addition to a Sunday morning, there are not many others to choose from. I came wanting a chocolate-covered chocolate doughnut, maybe with some sprinkles, and there were none to be found. The prices, though, were fairly cheap. Despite the lack of doughnut selection, they serve other pastries such as croissants, sandwich croissants, kolaches and even a jalepeno corn dog my brother could not help but try. I would recommend Flying Donuts for a quick and cheap doughnut pickup after Sunday Mass, but it is not the place to go if you want a wider selection of doughnuts and pastries. erika reals

Lamar’s Dim lighting and soft orange walls, friendly service and a short line - the perfect atmosphere for someone who needs breakfast and has not quite woken up yet. I was pleasantly surprised by this when I enteredLaMar’s Donuts. As I looked through the options, they waited patiently for me to make my decision before I settled on the Bavarian cream donut. Full of cream, coated with sugar and flavored so as not to leave that weird donut aftertaste, i t was amazing. Although a little pricier than your normal Krispy Kreme doughnut, it was much bigger, more filling and worth the extra 40 cents. LaMar’s also delivers, so as to spread the love to an entire group of people at one time. A small indulgence, my breakfast at LaMar’s was delicious. emma kaiser

Squeek’s Daylight Donuts Squeek’s Daylight Donuts definitely lived up to its name; the small donut and sandwich shop was filled with light. Unfortunately, my donut did not live up to t h e expectations I had for the little shop. W h e n I went up to the register, I went out on a limb, ordering the sticky bun. Normally sticky buns are, indeed, sticky; sadly, mine was not. All the flavor was there, but it was not quite as gooey as I was hoping it would be. I decided to follow it with one of their cute, brightly colored donuts. They had a multitude to choose from and I picked the bright yellow. Everything the sticky bun lacked was made up for in this donut and the quaint service I received. Squeek’s is definitely a place to try out, just avoid the sticky bun. emma kaiser

1948 - Many believe Pong started the video game phenomenon, but 25 years earlier a humble single player missile simulator game based off of World War II was patented. Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr., a professor at Furman University, created a ‘cathode-ray tube amusement device’.

arthead by maddie sleconich; photos by brian norris


1972 - Ralph Baer became the “father of video games” with his creation of the first home game console, the Odyssey. The console is produced under Magnavox and can play 12 different games.

1980 - A Japanese arcade game was brought to America by a company called Namco. It featured an animated character that goes through a maze avoiding four enemies. The game was later called Pac-Man and took America by storm. 1977 - The first multigame home console was released by Atari. Game cartridges could be purchased and played on it. Atari was the most successful video game of its time.



Vic’s Popcorn

While I was not too fond of the yellow and green walls, Vic’s Corn Popper definitely screamed popcorn. The room was lined with racks of bagged popcorn and tin cans of all sizes. You could find these cans decorated for your favorite team or school logo. Red, yellow and brown — the popcorn was more diverse than I had ever seen. They also had fudge of all flavors and rice crispy treats I could not help but try. I helped myself to cheddar popcorn, a chocolate and peanut butter covered rice crispy treat and an assorted popcorn bag, all of which were extremely tasty. Even though it is all the way in Andover, if you are craving a snack, the drive is worth it. emma kaiser

Nifty Nuthouse

Based solely on looks, the Nifty Nuthouse, located 537 N. St. Francis, is nothing but ordinary. Walking in, though, ordinary turns into extraordinary. The entire place is housed with kinds of nuts, candy and popcorn. Any of the food displayed can be sampled, and candy is bagged in front of you. You can even put your purchases in different gift bags if you are choosing to give it as a present. The candy sold is relatively affordable; I bought over a pound of sour gummy worms for about $3. Before purchasing your treats, remember to stop by the shirts and sweatshirts. There is different Nifty Nuthouse gear to choose from, with sayings such as “I belong in the nuthouse.” I would recommend this place to any person with erika reals a sweet tooth! Square, near the Farris Wheel cornerIn ofPiccadilly Douglas and Rock Road, sits The Farris Wheel, a small candy shop. Not only do they give samples of the displayed candy and snacks, but also of any candy that is wrapped. The two workers there were very friendly and interested in making me and my friends happy customers. With 600 different kinds of candy, nuts and snacks to choose from, one will not leave dissatisfied. Not only are there sweet snacks and candy, but also salty snacks and trail mixes. After many samples, I enlightened myself to some cherry cordials. Their products are not too overpriced, but were more expensive than Nifty Nuthouse. The workers truly turn a good experience into a great one; they seem like they want to get to know who you are through chocolate and nuts. erika reals

1994 - Sony, a company known for producing televisions, came out with its first console to compete with rival companies. It was called the Playstation and received much success. In 2000 it released a sequel, the Playstation 2 or PS2. It remains the best selling console to date.

1989 - Nintendo released a handheld video game that became an instant hit. It is called the Game Boy and sold $118 million worldwide.


Pom, cheerleading different in big ways Sideline and halftime entertainment at Kapaun Mt. Carmel never fails to impress spectators. Our pom squad keeps crowds cheering with exciting routines, and cheerleaders impress with complex stunts and catchy chants. People may view these teams as the same thing, but they are incorrect. While both squads seek to entertain viewers, they do so in entirely different ways. Pommies are trained in advanced dance technique. They are rachel walker dedicated to clean, edgy routines staff writer which they perform at football, soccer and basketball games as well as pep rallies. Cheerleading skills include jumps, tumbling and stunts, which are performed at football, soccer and basketball games as well as wrestling matches and pep rallies. As a cheerleader, I am offended when I hear cheer and pom referred to as the “same thing,” or grouped together as activities that are second-rate to sports. Cheerleaders perform gravity-defying stunts on a regular basis and are skilled in tumbling. These tricks require as much strength and effort as most other sports, and pommies perform nothing of the sort. Instead, pom squad members are trained in leaps, kicks, turns and other techniques of which many of us have never even heard. Each pom routine includes three main sections: jazz, pom and turns, as well as a kick line. It often takes a lifelong dancer to make the pom squad. This is not to say that cheer and pom do not have anything in common; I realize that these sports share characteristics. Flexibility and strength are critical to success in both and many colleges offer scholarships for students who make the dance team or cheerleading squad. With these similarities come many differences in technique, performance and talent. I may be biased, but I think that cheerleaders and pommies have been grouped together for too long, and need to be fully appreciated as two separate entities. Both are talented; both are entertaining; but they are different as can be. 2011 - The future of video games is open to new ideas and what seems to be the latest technology soon becomes obsolete. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are fighting for gamers’ attention with a rumored Playstation 4, production of a Xbox 720 and Wii 2 on the horizon.

2006 - Game devices that could read and react to players’ movements were the next step in video games. Nintendo took the first step with the release of the Wii. Later, Microsoft improved the technology by removing the controller completely with the release of the Kinect for Xbox 360.

information obtained by christian williams from, http://www.pbs. org,kctsvideogamerevolon/history/timeline_flash.html,





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Students experience anxiety; professionals explain causes, cures some emotions we need to address.” be themselves.” According to the article “Anxiolytics” by Mollie*, though not diagnosed with anxiety, has medicine to calm her down when Kelly Karpa, Ph.D., from http://healthline. com Anxiolytics are medicines which can she becomes too overwhelmed. Speaking in front of a crowd, competing “I saw my regular doctor because I was help make anxiety have a shorter duration, for a big win, meeting someone new — all are panicking a lot,” Mollie said. ”I was over- be less severe and less frequent; however, occasions that form normal feelings of anxistressed and overwhelmed. She first recom- the medicines have several dangers. Exciteety; however, those who suffer from anxiety mended I get extra sleep, and delegate some ment or anger, the opposite of the desired disorders feel that way much more often and of my tasks to other people. After I came back tranquil affect, is sometimes experienced in a much more debilitating manner. Students a second time she gave me the medicine. I with the medicine. It can be very addictive from Kapaun Mt.. Carmel have experienced need it when I am very busy and stressed. and those who quit the medicine suddenly both normal and severe anxiety. I start crying and cannot stop. I just kind of often have withdrawal symptoms. “Anxiety involves fear of what might Thompson claims talking with a theraspace out, and I have to go somewhere. It happen or what has happened in the past, feels like walls are closing in on me and I can- pist is the best method to combat anxiety. whether it is flunking a test or being at“If you are taking medicine, it might not breathe.” tacked,” Joyce Thompson, MS, who is a liJunior Grace Ruane is not diagnosed make you less anxious, but it doesn’t get to censed clinical marriage and family therapist with anxiety; however, she experiences over- the root problem and they can be addictive,” at Emotional Jourwhelming anxious Thompson said. “I tell my clients, you can ney, said. “It is fear run and run from the problem, but eventufeelings she is busy. or apprehension “Where I work, ally you will get tired of running. You might that something when all the tables as well just deal with it now.” Socially, some people are will not go right. LaFever recommends praying the roare full and people are very nervous to reach Sometimes you waiting to be seated, sary. out. They have high anxiwill realize you’re “There is a verse in the bible – ‘Cast all if it takes a long time having anxious and people are start- anxiety on Him because He cares for you,’” ety about what people feelings, but someing to get mad, I will LaFever said. “Go through the worst thing think about them. times you just do get anxiety and go that could happen, so you flunk the test. Who not know what is to the back,” Ruane cares? People get concerned with things that social science teacher wrong.” said. “I usually just don’t matter -- that is where a lot of anxiety RENEE LAFEVER According wait until it passes comes from. You have to get to the point to Exploring Psybut sometimes I’m where you don’t care what others think. Say chology by David G. Myers, there are four mean to people or just yell at them because “I failed. It’s okay. I failed, but at least I tried. types of anxiety disorder. The first, generalI cannot handle it. I just kind of freak out and The best thing is to manage it so you can be ized anxiety disorder, is when the person is my insides shake and I get really annoyed. successful later.” constantly worried that something bad is goEverything tenses up.” ing to happen. The person is often tense and Thompson said anxiety can often be trigfidgety. Another type is panic disorder. When gered by a bad situation that happened in the anxiety is at its worse a person may have a past. panic attack. During this period, the person “They might have had a really important is full of fear about something bad coming. test and blew it, so they get nervous whenevThey may choke, become dizzy, tremble or er they take a test,” Thompson said. “Or they have trouble breathing. Phobias are also might have been abused by their father who Depression is often another form of anxiety. A phobia is an irwas short and balding, so when they see caused by untreated rational fear that affects one’s life. The fear someone like that, they get nervous. For anxiety. of things such as thunderstorms, animals or general anxiety, they are just anxious social situations is so intense that one may all the time and cannot really pin18 percent of adults in the avoid facing the fear at all costs. Obsessivepoint it. They just keep expecting Compulsive Disorder is also a part of anxiety. the worst to happen.” United States have some One may become so obsessed with a certain Anxiety can also be form of anxiety. thought or fear that it interferes with his or caused by unresolved Thompher life. son said. A man named Bill Burniece once Social science teacher Renee LaFever “Sometimes people will come in had such bad anxiety, that he said she has seen students experience anxisaying ‘I don’t know what is wrong. ety in many situations including grades, famI’m not sleeping well. I’m irritable never left his house. He was ily life, sports and social situations. all the time. I cannot eat or I’m afraid to do things such as drive, “Socially, some people are very nervous eating too much.’ They feel out shop or eat at restaurants. to reach out,” LaFever said. “They have high of control,” Thompson said. anxiety about what people think about them. “If people try to escape their information obtained by emma kaiser information obtained from dr. mercedes perales,, I think some people are anxious because they feelings, it will come out as cannot be real. They have to appear a certain anxiety. Anxiety is the body *Name has been changed way, which breeds anxiety. They should just trying to tell us there are

by BAILEY BUER feature editor



K N O W ?



Day Two

Day Three

Starting the day off with Honors Algebra II, I knew it was going to be a horrible day. I put my hands in the positions and proceeded to do my breathing exercise. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything that can make that class better.

If being in English teacher Pat Raglin’s class isn’t stressful enough, we were given a difficult test over a book that, apparently, we had been reading for a couple weeks now. Assessing the situation, I got in position and breathed. Nothing.

I had a math test today. I was nervous; I did not understand anything we were talking about. The breathing worked this time! I failed the test, but the important thing is that I was relieved and stress-free while taking it.

sarah frangenberg

I had a little too much sugar in my cereal this morning. Becoming loopier by the second, I whipped out my Tiger Balm, and breathed deeply while I calmed down. Unfortunately, the sugar rush came back in about 10 minutes.

Today I was angered when I heard a rude piece of gossip. I reached in my purse for my Tiger Balm. While taking a few slow inhales of the scent, I put my myself in a calm disposition, and did not raise my voice when I approached her.

Today I was working with my sister. Though we usually get along, if I would not have had my Tiger Balm, I might have breathed fire. When I stormed over to my bag, I received a “What the heck?” look from her. I have gotten that a lot when I seek my aromatherapy.

Starting the week with a sleepless night I believed that this would be a good opportunity to begin my anxiety-relief technique. I sat criss-cross on bed and closed my eyes. After a few minutes of silence, I hurried off to school without feeling different.

With no real need for anxiety relief, I tried the meditation technique for a just a short moment with my friends. I admit I didn’t really take it seriously — meditating had no real effect on my mental state, but it was still a fun, interesting way to pass the time

My best friend and I got in a argument, which brought a load of stress and anger. After school, I lay down and thought about my frustration. I reminded myself the many things I have to be thankful for, but my thought process was clearer.

On my way out of the parking lot, I realize my cell phone has been run over. I decide this would be the perfect time for green tea. After hoping my troubles would be solved, I am a bit disappointed that rainbows have not appeared.

Today hasn’t been much better. After burning my tongue on the water, I realize a soothing cup of tea is difficult to come by; however, once I let it cool down, I am surprised to see that the warm of the tea brought me a bit of Zen.

Today, I enjoy my green tea before going to Raglin’s extra credit movie. The tea, along with the peace of mind of no school tomorrow, has calmed my troubles. Sadly, nothing can help me recover from having to sit through Gnomeo and Juliet.

Meditation Green Tea

grace hesse gabby ferraro

Breathing Techniques

Day One



rachel walker


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student life




emily wittler

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scott southern

1. FRESH OUT of a pint of blood, junior John Wernert donates at the Blood Drive Feb. 18. In total, 76


pints of blood were donated, exceeding the school’s goal of 70. “Now that I’m able to, I should be able to help save a life,” Wernert said. 2. MUD CLUB MEMBER freshman Nhan Le dances to a mix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” at the pep rally

Feb. 4. “I joined MUD Club to bring style into the group,” Le said. “I like making people smile.”

3. BEFORE FILMING scenes for their movie, Film Club members prepare for the shot. The club is

currently producing a movie based on Beauty and the Beast, starring senior Melody Falo as the Beast and freshman Armando Castro as Belle. 4. AT SWEETHEART, senior DeVante Washington and junior Yassin Yousif dance Feb. 12. Attendance

at the dance, which is organized by freshman Student has gradually increased over the years, peaking last year at 320 guests. This year had similar attendance numbers.

5. SENIOR DIANA HO stunts at the pep rally Feb. 4. “I’m going to miss hanging out with the

[cheerleading] team because we’re a family,” Ho said. “Cheerleading has done so much for me; it has made me a lot more confident in myself.

6 5

6. GREETING THE CUSTOMERS, senior Bethany Hesse works the concession stand at the varsity boys emily wittler

basketball game against Bishop Carroll Jan. 14. The girls swimming team was in charge of staffing the stand. paladin

student life



Fashionable fundraising fads Popular footwear, other trends aid charities by MELISSA HERNANDEZ From awareness bracelets to shoes to bags, charity has become a trend at Kapaun Mt. Carmel. “One for One.” This is the TOMS promise to give a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. The TOMS movement originally sent shoes to Argentina only, but as the company grew so did the number of countries it sent to. It now provides shoes for children in 24 different countries. Shoe salesman Tanner Ledford at Tradehome said TOMS have been a best seller. “Since we got [TOMS] at Christmas time, they have sold out; they’re one of our most popular shoes,” Ledford said. “It’s a good business; [TOMS] are really cheap to make while promoting a noble cause.” TOMS range anywhere from $44-$79 depending on the style, color and design. “I bought my TOMS for the comfort and

my need for everyday shoes,” sophomore Michelle Riter said. “[TOMS] being a charity pushed me more to pay the expensive store price.” Rubber awareness bracelets labeled “Livestrong” and “I Love Boobies” have also become popular among students. After battling with cancer, Lance Armstrong introduced his bracelet with the trademark “Livestrong.” Soon after, schools were filled with students wearing the yellow bracelets. For junior Mark Stadler, his interest was not in the cause but in Armstrong himself. “I liked Lance Armstrong more than I cared about the charity,” Stadler said. For junior Wesley Pennington it was a way to support cancer victims. “My mom’s friend had cancer,” Pennington said. “I bought it to support cancer victims and it was trendy too.” Pennington said some students buy items only because it is a fashion statement.

“Students buy it because it’s a trend and they do it because everyone else is doing it,” Pennington said. For sophomore Jessica Reynolds, this is the case. Reynolds owns an “I Love Boobies” bracelet, which promotes finding a cure for breast cancer. “I bought it because everyone at school had them, [but] also to support breast cancer [awareness],” Reynolds said. Reynolds said she believes it is important for students to know the causes behind these trends. “Everyone should have breast cancer awareness because a lot of people go through it,” Reynolds said. Whether students buy products as a fashion statement or to promote awareness, they continue to support these charities. “I think when charities have a product that sells and becomes trendy, then it will be more effective because it’s hitting teens more,” Riter said.

Matt in the City is a monthly column where student life editor Matt Riedl explores and experiences Wichita culture firsthand, giving insight along the way. Soda pop. You either love it or you hate it. I, for one, am a great fan of the carbonated beverage, and luckily, there are many places around town where one can get their soda

fix. One such places is local chain Spangles. For this month of Matt in the City, senior Anthony Nickel and I, otherwise known as the band 6OH!6, had what we called, “The Great Soda Drink-Off.” We told our friend, senior Daniel Skinner, that we wanted to come watch him work (which really meant we wanted to come over and drink all their soda). The plan was to drink every combination possible and to “slam them until we drop.” Since there were ten fountains, that meant a solid 100 refills were to be drunk. It was going to be a long night. For the full review of all our mixes, go to A word of caution: mix at your own risk.

After drinking all these mixes, we “dropped.” Our stomachs bloated, 30 minutes past closing time at Spangles, we left. I would say “The Great Soda Drink-Off” was a success, except for the fact that we were not even close to drinking all 100 combinations, downing only 14 of these strange brews. “Without soda, my life wouldn’t have any pop to it,” Nickel said. “But after drinking this much soda, I’m more or less fizzed out.” A warning to small children everywhere: do not drink soda; apple juice is the real way to go. Until next time, this is Matt Riedl, keepin’ it fresh, fly and clean on a daily basis.

asst. feature editor


student life



KMC Scholars’ Bowl team enjoys another successful season by MATT RIEDL student life editor

Down by five points on the final question of the City League finals, the Kapaun Mt. Carmel Scholars’ Bowl team needs an answer. The final question is read and – BUZZ! – senior Joseph Wenberg guesses the correct answer, securing the title for the team. The team has dealt with situations like these regularly during its run to third place at state this year. “It’s come down to the wire a lot this year,” senior Seamus Bann said. “We work well under pressure, something other teams have a tough time doing.” Success is not new to the KMC program, coach Chris Van Sickel said. Currently 23 trophies from the last 10 years are on display in the commons, but those are only a fraction of the total trophies they have won over the decade. Van Sickel said since the team wins so many trophies, most of the smaller ones are “recycled,” that is, when a new tourna-

ment is won, a trophy shop will take off the old plaque on the trophy and paste the new plaque on. “Every year, [KMC has] been the team that people are scared of,” Van Sickel said. “If the [KMC] team is your opponent, you tend to get nervous.” At the state tournament, KMC faced teams such as Bishop Carroll, St. Thomas Aquinas, Andover, McPherson, Stilwell-Blue Valley and Lansing. Van Sickel said he was optimistic about KMC’s chances going in. “I thought that we had a really good chance of winning,” Van Sickel said. “There’s a lot of luck in the questions. You could get blown out one round and then answer every question right the next.” Regardless of the team’s final results, team members agree that bonding together was one of the most rewarding parts of Scholars’ Bowl. “We’re tight as a unit because we’re tight as friends,” junior Jared Ojile said. “The

East Invite Bishop Carroll Invite West Invite


1st (first flight) 2nd (tie)

team has become such good friends over the past three years.” Team chemistry plays an important role, junior Charles Mohr said. “We’re pretty positive about everything,” Mohr said. “We try not to get ourselves down if we lose, and there’s always a really nice atmosphere of joking and good friends.” Next year, the team will lose seniors Wenberg, Bann and Michael Schlapp; however, Van Sickel said the team will survive. “60 percent of the scoring returns in Jared and [junior] Tyler [Dobbs],” Van Sickel said. “At [KMC], we’re always reloading, not rebuilding. We should have a strong recovery.” To close the season, the team will be featured on Cox Kansas 22 tonight, March 11, at 7 p.m. as part of the QUEST tournament. Support the team and watch them take on Blue Valley North High School. Updates will be provided on as the tournament progresses.

City League






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story by katie hand; photo by alex scobee; infographic by maddie sleconich

sophomore swimmer MELISSA DAILY



Varsity Girls and JV Diving Softball - 4 vs. West and 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. @ @ Dodge Northwest City For more Crusader sports scores and stories, go to!


JV Track - 3:30 p.m. @ Northwest

Varsity Baseball vs. North 6:30 p.m. @ South

crusader sports calendar 1 Track Winfield Inv. 4 p.m. @ Winfield

file photos; photo illustrations by crystal klaichang, melissa mckinney, maggie stout

Varsity Boys Tennis - 4 p.m. @ Southeast Varsity Girls Swimming4:15 p.m. @ North

28 Varsity Girls Soccer Titan Classic - noon @ South 5

4 Varsity Boys Golf vs. Carroll 1 p.m. @ Auburn Hills

JV Baseball 4 p.m. @ Heights JV Girls Soccer - 4:15 p.m. @ North

[Our goal] is to get as many people to go to state as possible and do as well as we can at state.


My expectations for tennis this year are to win the City League championship and place at state, hopefully.

senior tennis player ERIC GEORGE





Track & Field

Head Coach: Damian Smithhisler Key Seniors for this year: Clint Hitt, Chris Caire, David Jorgensen; Mackenzie Maki, Katie Hand, Monica Hagan Expectations for this year: “I’m excited to see what new athletes we’ll have and I expect our boys distance team to be good.” -Smithhisler Best memory from last year: “The state meet. It’s always intense and gets your blood going. I love an intense race.” -Maki

Girls Swim

Head Coach: Maureen Hansen Key Seniors for this year: Katie McGreevy, Kayla Rathert, Bethany Boswell, Bethany Hesse, Molly Suellentrop, Bea Tretbar Expectations for this year: “For the team to do as well as last year and meet their expectations and improve their times.” -Hansen Best memory from last year: “Asking [previous coach] Chris Erickson to hold my board shorts and he said I sounded like a dude and called me that from then on.” -Hesse

Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Alan Shepherd Key Seniors for this year: Ashley Howell, Katie Kempf, Kirsten Steckline, Erin Johnston Expectations for this year: “To work hard.” Shepherd Best memory from last year: “Taking second at state.” -Steckline





Boys Tennis

Head Coach: Chip Reed Key Seniors for this year: Eric George, Matt Riedl, Jack Klenda, Juan Salgado, Ryan Lahey, Patrick Lahey, Tom Wittler Expectations for this year: “To win the City League. We’re loaded with seniors. Having 6 seniors that have varsity experience will give us an edge. I expect to take several players to state this year.” Best memory from last year: “At one of our team dinners, Matt Riedl professed his love of apple juice.” -Klenda


Head Coach: Missy Congdon Key Seniors for this year: Liz Stasiewicz, Chloe Haffley, Krista Kubik Expectations for this year: “Go to state, finish at the top of the league in second or third.” -Congdon

Boys Golf

Head Coach: Dan Phillips Key Seniors for this year: Luke Campbell, David Auer, Kory Glasgow, Stephen Christman Best memory from last year: “Listening to Garth Glasgow’s voice and seeing coach’s reaction to [junior Michael] Graf’s white shades.” -Campbell


Head Coach: Steve Lienhard Key Seniors for this year: Michael Reynolds, Taylor Floyd, Eric Peters, Michael Sheets Expectations for this year: “Get to state tournament and win the state championship.” -Lienhard Best memory from last year: “The game against McPherson when we won in the last inning.” -Peters

arthead, photo illustrations by rachel white; information obtained by rachel white, christian williams, rachel walker, gabby ferraro; file photos





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DVD workouts reviewed

This ten-DVD set is full of pylometric drills including strength, power, resistance and ab and core training moves. Lead by Shaun T., Insanity claims to burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour to help you achieve your own “insane” body. “My favorite part of the workout is the cardio abs,” junior Tiffany Tran said. “You sit down and lift your legs to your chest and then straighten them out. I can definitely tell it’s working.” Throughout the 60 days of challenging yourself and recording results, you grow in your maximum ability.

Led by the trainer for The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred takes you through cycles of fast-paced exercises. The workout builds up in intensity, allowing you to start at a level for your particular tolerance. The purpose of the program is to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Junior Natalie Roberts said her favorite part about the workout is it only lasts about 20 minutes. “It’s not too long to make me never want to do it again,” Roberts said. “Or make it hard on me to find time for it.”

In P90X’s 13-DVD set, you receive 12 diverse and extreme workouts. The goal of P90X is to achieve the body you have always wanted in 90 days for just one hour a day. Junior Ryan Trollope uses Ab Ripper X, the twelvth DVD of P90X. “It’s hard to finish because it’s really intense,” Trollope said. “I felt sore afterwards but after doing it once a week, I saw results.” reviews by rachel white; infographic design by maddie sleconich; photos from, http://

w... e n The New dance-fitness program offers fun with fitness benefits by RACHEL WHITE sports editor With hip hop, salsa and tribal dancing, Zumba seems like more of a party rather than a workout. This is the reason the new, Latin-inspired dance fitness program has attracted many students in search of an upbeat and unique method of working out. Since it originated in 2001, it has drawn over 10 million diverse members to its 90,000 locations, according to http://www.zumba. com/us/about/. “I like it because you’re exercising while

you’re having fun,” junior Breana Ward said. “I feel like I can exercise longer now and I don’t get as tired.” Junior Grace Ruane and Ward accompany each other to Zumba classes twice a week at Genesis Health Club. “It is very fun and upbeat,” Ruane said. “You don’t feel like you’re working out. You feel more like you’re dancing for fun.” Zumba features popular international music created by Grammy Award winning producers. “My favorite is hip hop because it’s upbeat and by far the best workout,” senior

Nikki Nuckolls, who takes the class at the East YMCA location, said. “You dance to popular rap music the whole time and it’s fun to do stuff like the ‘stanky leg.’” The vision of Zumba, according to is to spread the philosophy of dispelling sacrifice and of loving everything you do, even your workout. “It is definitely a great workout for high schoolers,” Nuckolls said. “It’s never boring, it goes by quickly and it’s a way to have fun, listen to music and still burn a few calories. I’d definitely recommend it.” paladin




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