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Friday Night At Rally In The Square!

Karmen Knotts McCaslin and Steve Masters

Mark and Beth (Lackey) Shepherd

Kelly Sarno

Julie (Berry) Tuttle and Sue (Jordan) Sweigart

Beth (Leidy) Yeprem and husband Harry

Steve Young

Lisa Keith Godfrey

Willie Orpurt

Annette Miller Martz, Allison Miller Tuller and Julie Berry Tuttle

Laura Lamb Lang, Jean Christoff Metcalf, Susan Rohrer Kenney

Jean, Julie and Missy Bishop Mowery

Annette Miller Martz and Tracy Wood Razinger

Julie Montgomery Jones with her husband and Tracy

Angie Bowsher Lovelace

Shawn Case

Suzanne Fenton Woeber with Mr. Diebert!!

Don Galbraith and Shawn Case

Linda Reichelderfer Mooney and Susan Bassett Snyder

Suzanne Bradshow Topf with her husband and Annette

Chuck Taylor

BJ’s wife, Laura Lamb Lange and BJ Adams

Jeff Gutman and Jean

Our 3 classmates who unfortunately moved before graduation – but joined us for the reunion! Laura Lamb Lange from MN, Jim Campnell from Florida and Angie Bowsher Lovelace from Texas!

Tracy with Deb Barnes Kissner

Willie and Chuck

Rally In The Square  

rally in the square