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PANEL INDIVIDUALISATION Corporate identity – even on your multifunctional device In any business environment the everyday routine of copying, printing, scanning and faxing makes a multifunctional device indispensable. But since your company’s work processes are tailored to your specific needs, the ideal solution would be to configure the device to support these processes in ideal fashion – instead of forcing your workflows to fit the device. After proactively tackling this challenge, Konica Minolta can now offer a broad range of individualisation and customisation options that adapt to your needs – and not the other way round.



CONFIGURE THE CONTROL PANEL TO YOUR CORPORATE NEEDS Every company has its own working environments, workflows and document processes. The intuitive operating panel in Konica Minolta bizhub devices enables all these individual requirements to be supported. But at the same time, the panel has functions that not every company or user needs. Now you can streamline your particular work processes by customising the panel and display to match your individual needs and your company’s corporate identity.

The new Konica Minolta range of multifunctional devices supports this uniqueness and makes it easy for you to adapt the user interface to your specific requirements and personal working routines. This includes the design, the guidance through the individual features on the screen, and the specific functions and workflows that can be started from the display. But you don’t have to worry about all these possibilities if you don’t want to: depending on your requirements, you can also utilise cost-effective, standard-designed user interfaces which simplify usage and maximise your user experience.

You are also able to benefit from adaptable designs and workflows by only adjusting some simple features, such as selectable scan or copy features, or for example adding your company’s logo to the panel design. Even completely customised user interfaces which fit your individual work routines exactly are possible. Konica Minolta provides the perfect user interface customisation to fit your business.


INDIVIDUAL SCREENSAVER PERSONALISE YOUR MFP DISPLAY WITH HELPFUL MESSAGES Multifunctional devices from Konica Minolta enable videos to be played on the display during idle periods. This means that the system will show a screensaver in flash video format when the system is not operating – a good solution for the personalisation of your multifunctional device. This also gives you lots of space to post messages via the display. Applications include: displaying your corporate messages; explaining special functions such as how to authenticate; providing in­formation on support possibilities; or displaying

advertisements highlighting your special offers. This opens up interesting opportunities for supermarkets or retail markets. The options are basically as unlimited as your creativity. The screensavers can be directly uploaded to your system’s hard disk drive to avoid high network traffic. For multifunctional devices in larger fleets in particular, or when frequently changing content, it is extremely useful to stream the screensavers directly from a central server. You will benefit from this feature when maintaining content.


INDIVIDUAL BOOT-UP SCREEN GRAB USERS’ ATTENTION RIGHT FROM THE START to boost your corporate identity and place corporate messages or the company logo right at the users’ fingertips.

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Multifunctional devices from Konica Minolta enable you to upload a picture and display it in an attention-grabbing way when your device boots up. You can also go one step further

Panel individualisation  

Corporate Identity - even on your multifunctional device from Konica Minolta.