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TRAINING ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS 10 – Power for the new year!

22 – Financial Vertical Market Training Halal-P LLC & GPS 23 – Production Printiing Sales Training Arkeos, Morocco

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Hello and Welcome On March 24th, IPEX finally opened its doors at the new location, the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London. Visitors were able to discover the latest global technologies and solutions from hundreds of international companies, representing the entire print production workflow - from beginning to end. Of course Konica Minolta was one of the main exhibitors. In our CAMEA area, on a local level some very interesting events were organized. For example the Digital Printing Solution exhibition in Nigeria by our partner Skysat Technologies, launching the bizhub Pro C1070 and the KIP 7800 during the event. Whilst in Egypt our partner Sidhom, organized an event showing the latest developments in Production Print Technology. In Malta, the Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce organized a forum to show the potential development of ‘the new Libya’ and how to do business in Libya including the possible business expansions directed at the printing industry. On a different note, next time you’ll visit Nairobi in Kenya, why not take a city bus and if you are lucky maybe you will sit in one of the 15 Konica Minolta branded busses! For more information on any of the subjects above, please feel free to read on. I hope you will enjoy reading our 3rd issue of CAMEA Connect and I would like to thank you for your continued support and trust in Konica Minolta. Yours,

Mark Oldfield Senior Area Manager CAMEA & Head of Malta Offices Business Operations Division Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

A more detailed overview of IPEX 2014 will follow in Issue 4 of CAMEA Connect.


Competition Time - Win an iPad Mini In order to participate for this months iPad Mini competition, just answer the following questions about IPEX 2014: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

In which city was IPEX held this year? When did IPEX open it’s doors? How big was Konica Minolta stand at IPEX? Mention at least 2 products showcased by Konica Minolta during IPEX? How many days was IPEX open for visitors? State the hall and booth number where Konica Minolta stand was located. State at least one name of the speakers who participated during our press conference. Which bizhub machine was used in order to demonstrate Roll-to-roll label printing?

Hint: you may wish to take a look at our facebook page or to our Issue 2 of CAMEA Connect if you are in doubt of any of the questions. Email your answers before the 21st of April 2014 to: All correct answers will be entered in a draw and one winner will be randomly pulled from the hat. The winner will be contacted in writing. Only direct employees of recognised Konica Minolta Distributors can participate. Terms and conditions apply. Please note that the winning distributor will be excluded for the following issue.


Regional Business Consultant Middle East Countries In our third issue of CAMEA Connect we have the pleasure of introducing Joseph Ibrahim Milad from Egypt. Joseph is one of our four Regional Business Consultants who are “locally” based. Joseph let us take a little look in his life and what Joseph is all about.

Not much... Just a simple person... Who likes to see beauty in everything? A kind of person who believes that nothing is impossible and if there is a will there definitely is a way. I like all kinds of music except few. A technology geek...who likes to read and learn about all kinds of technologies but my most favourites are electronics and information technology. What is your background? Born in Egypt and graduated with honors from Modern University for Computer Science and Management Technologies in Cairo, Egypt. I had my

Masters of Business Administration from ESLSCA France (Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences) And some other Information Technology Certificates from Microsoft, Cisco & 3M etc.

Technology & Telecommunication. Currently I work for Konica Minolta as a Business Consultant for the Middle East Region.

“I would like to have the power of spreading Peace...”

For me it’s everyone because each one has his own talent and I keep learning all the time. I can give you a list of names... However this would need many more pages in current or the Next issue of CAMEA Connect.

I was lucky and had the pleasure in doing various roles during my career path, which gave me solid experience in different fields of Business. I started as a Graphics and Web Designer then shifted to the IT and Telecom Field as a Networks Engineer then Systems Administrator. And finally as a Business Development and Strategic Planner in the field of Information

Was there a person in your career who really made a difference?

What is your personal mission statement? To have fun in my journey through life, learn from my mistakes and to enjoy the essence of life.

Cairo - Egypt

Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

Cairo Sculptures - Egypt


What are you most proud of? I am very proud of my history of achievements and exceeding expectations. What do you like to do most in your spare time? Reading about business and technology, specially what is new in the world. Some other times listening to music and watching movies however I always enjoy clubbing and nightlife. There’s no right or wrong answer, but if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Well currently I read digital magazines and surf the internet, so let’s say what is on the list of websites I am subscribed to; forbes. com,, engadget. com,,,

hero power, what would it be and why? Well let’s be creative and invent a new super power, I would like to have the power of spreading Peace. Nowadays I don’t think I have to explain why ;)).

What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year? I liked Frozen and the Wolf of Wall Street. However the Matrix is my personal favorite movie. What would you do if you won the lottery? Spend it ;) Who is/are your hero(es)?

Silicon Valley... Silicon Valley is a nickname for the South Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. It is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small startups, and it’s considered to be a the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in the World. What magazine(s) subscribe to?


Well I had the same idea as what Diana (a colleague from Konica Minolta) where she mentioned earlier that hero’s come in all shapes and I totally believe that’s the best answer for that question. I can only add that one of the first heroes in our life would be our parents and very close friends and the rest comes later, in all shapes.

you If you could choose one super

In the next issue of CAMEA Connect we will be talking to Beatrix Dancs - Konica Minolta CAMEA Business Support Manager for North and West Africa.

PRINCE2™ FOUNDATION Build up your project management skills

The PRINCE2™ Foundation WBT target audience: • Project and program managers • Managing directors and general managers • Team managers and support staff • Staff with a defined role within a project (e.g. steering committee members, work package owners, etc.) • Targeted group size is approximately 20 students The PRINCE2™ Foundation training program requires: • € 415,- per participant • Total study time of 20 to 40 hours (depending on individual learning speed) • Attending the virtual classroom sessions and exam is mandatory!

Participants qualify for the training if: • They currently have an active role in one or more projects and/or • They will play a part in a project right after the training Training contents: • PRINCE2 overview and principles, including the structure of a PRINCE2 project • PRINCE2 processes • PRINCE2 themes like organisation, planning, and progress • PRINCE2 case study • PRINCE2 exam technique • PRINCE2 Foundation exam simulator • PLUS: The PRINCE2 template manager

System requirements: • Internet connection • Mplus account • Headset recommended


PRINCE2 Foundation Training

PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) is a universally accepted, process-based approach for project management, providing an easily tailored and scalable project management methodology for the management of all types of projects. The APMG (APM Group is the official accreditor for the OGC) certified PRINCE2 Foundation WBT (web based training) is available on Mplus. This WBT teaches you all required essentials of this project management method to run a project successfully. Study the PRINCE2 Foundation WBT (available in English only) to efficiently develop your project management expertise. Your knowledge of the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes and terminology will make you a qualified team member of any PRINCE2 project. How you can benefit from this Training :

• Easy access via Konica Minolta’s eLearning platform : Mplus • Flexible access from any location (lower travel costs) • High degree of knowledge retention since the student can learn at his/her own speed • PRINCE2 exams are officially accredited by APMG

In our next issue we will go in more detail about the 5 different levels included in PRINCE 2 however you can find already some added information on the previous page, including Target Audience, Price per Participant / Pre-requisites, Training Contents etc..

So a BIG well done for his great performance and we hope that many other students follow his example. Make sure to register on MPlus today ( or send me a mail directly on pauline. for further assistance on PRINCE 2 training.

COMPETITION TIME! And…. We have our second winner for our Mplus competition! Our prize goes to Mr Vladimer Sultanishvili from GPS, Georgia. Mr Sultanishvili has successfully managed to complete ALL 7 skill sets available on COMPASS!

Current Planned Groups 2014 PRINCE2™ Group


Available Seats

VC 1 - Kick Off

VC 2 - Status

VC 3 - Status

Written exam

Group 19

June 5th 14:00 - 16:00 CET

June 30th 14:00 - 16:00 CET

July 18th 14:00 - 16:00 CET

CW 31/32


Group 20

October 9th 10:00 - 12:00 CET

October 30th 10:00 - 12:00 CET

November 21st 10:00 - 12:00 CET

CW 49/50


Environmental News: Power for the new year! In order to start with the right Power into 2014, let us give you a little bit of background information on ‘Watt, kWh and TEC’ value and how these fit together.

At least two of these items (watt and TEC) are part of our daily business. So it may be helpful for you to understand what it is all about and enhance your energy related knowledge! To make these terms just a little transparent, we have based our explanations on a good old bulb. The relation to the MFP business will of course be explained but a bulb has the advantage to have just 2 energy modes : OFF & ON. (All the energy save modes, sleep, hibernate & plug-off modes are not ideal for a short explanation..) So we have this nice 60W bulb, we all know.

Power consumption in ON mode is 60W. When this bulb glows for 60 minutes, the energy consumption is Power * time, which is in this case: 60W * 60min = 60W * 1h = 60 Wh = 0.06 kWh That is the relation between watt and kWh. Let this bulb be installed in your flat and it burns 2 hours in

the morning and 3 in the evening during weekdays. So the usage profile would look like this: Time in Mode [h]


Power [W]

Energy Consumption [W*h]





















At the end of a weekday, the energy consumption is 300 Wh or better 0.3 kWh. This means that the average energy consumption per hour is 0.3 kWh / 24 = 0.0125 kWh. Over the weekend, when you do not have to go to work, you may stay longer in your flat and the weekend profile would be like that: Time in Mode [h]


Power [W]

Energy Consumption [W*h]





















One hour more in the morning and two more in the evening give you an energy consumption of 480 W or 0.48 kWh on a complete weekend day. Per hour, the average consumption has increased to 0.48 kWh / 24 = 0.02 kWh per hour. It is a little bit more than weekdays. Obviously for an MFP, such a profile looks a little different. Main difference is the fact that over the

weekend, the energy consumption will be lower than weekdays (since when you are at home, you cannot print or copy in the company, right?) And an MFP has more modes, like print, ready, energy save and sleep. The profile looks more complex, like in this picture taken from the Blue Angel Mark documents (see fig.1) What the ENERGY STAR (ES) is doing now: it defined a Typical Electricity Consumption (per week), called TEC. They define profiles for the printing devices. E.g. a 22 ppm device should do 22 jobs per day and each job should have 11 images. At the end of a day, this 22 ppm device has printed 242 pages (all in simplex). For a 75 ppm device it is 32 jobs * 87 images = 2784 pages per day. This is an awful lot of more to do and there is another effect. As the small device may go down to sleep mode from time to time, the fast device may not, because the next job must be printed already. This is why not only the power values of a device have an influence on the TEC value. And yes, you are right! If the 22 ppm and the 75 ppm MFP would have exactly the same power values for their energy modes, the 75’er must have a higher TEC anyhow. It is because the number of printed pages is much higher. You can compare it with a weekend day of our bulb. Same power but more to do = higher TEC. Let’s calculate the TEC for our bulb. There are 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days, so we have:



Power Consumption (watts)











Consumption in kWh















TEC (Sum)



a Fig.1


Day of the week


Production Site in Wuxi, China, Achieves “Green Factory Certification Sytem Level 2” Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that its manufacturing subsidiary, Konica Minolta Business Technologies (WUXI) Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Factory) in Wuxi, China, has been certified with Level 2 status of the Green Factory Certification System.


It is a lot, isn’t it? Our small devices just have half of this TEC. As a short exercise, we calculate the energy cost per year for this bulb: 2.46 kWh/week * 52 weeks * 0.25 cent/kWh = 31.98 Euro. And this is why the EU has banned normal bulbs from the market.. But why can you still buy these bulbs in some shops? This will be covered in one of the upcoming Environmental features in our CAMEA newsletter since this subject relates also in a way to the Imaging Equipment business. This article is being provided with the help & guidance from our BEU’s Sustainability Group. It is our intention to include similar articles in the next issues covering not only company and related issues but also regulations and other news. We will also be glad to post information about YOUR environmental activities so feel free to send us your input camea_

Konica Minolta has implemented its unique Green Factory Certification System for comprehensive evaluation of the environmental activities of its production sites. Wuxi Factory is the first to be certified with Level 2 status among Konica Minolta’s worldwide Business Technologies manufacturing plants. Konica Minolta has been running the Green Factory Certification System since January 2010, as one of pillars helping it reach the goals in its MediumTerm Environmental Plan 2015. The system has a set of targets called “Level 2” to be achieved by fiscal 2015 in each of its objectives: preventing global warming; supporting a recyclingoriented society; reducing the risks of chemical substances; restoring and preserving biodiversity; and so on. The Level 2 criteria include significant reduction in CO2 emissions, waste discharged externally and petroleum-based resource waste. Toward the Level 2 certification, Wuxi Factory has

launched a number of initiatives since 2012 to boost productivity, based on the belief that higher productivity is the key to further reduce environmental impact. The factory adopted a new technique to review thoroughly the efficiency and detailed movement in the operation at the production lines, based on “Industrial Engineering (IE) Work Analysis.” It has successfully led to reduction in production time and floor space and, consequently, contributed to cutting down energy consumption including air conditioning and lighting. Having fostered in-house IE work analysis specialists, Konica Minolta has been able to utilizing their accumulated expertise globally at its production sites across the company, as one of its strengths in manufacturing. In addition, Wuxi Factory has held Kaizen (improvement) contest to appraise employees’ hands-on creative ideas and drive all-out efforts. These initiatives have helped employees change in the way of thinking and enhance ability to devise solutions on their own.

HALAL-P LLC - AZERBAIJAN Konica Minolta Applications & OPS On the 13th of March 2014, Konica Minolta together with its local distributor for Azerbaijan ‘Halal-P LLC’, organized the ‘Konica Minolta Applications and OPS’ Conference in Qafqaz Point, Baku Azerbaijan. The main aim of this conference was to propose Konica Minoltas OPS (Optimised Print Services) concept and also to share information on our vast range of applications. For this event, potential customers such as banks representatives, insurance, leasing and audit companies, and various state organizations were invited by Halal.

explaining the applications, including Best Guard, PageScope Enterprise Suite and Document Navigator. He highlighted the benefits of using these applications as well as statistics, benefits and results achieved when using them. Parallel to his speech, technical specialists from Halal demonstrated each application to the guests.

On top of the agenda was a presentation by the President of Halal, Mr Javid Babayev. He expressed his gratitude to all 85 participants who accepted the invitation and attended the event. Mr Babayev explained in detail Konica Minoltas Managed Print Services and at the end of his speech it was the turn of Halal’s CEO, Mr Ugur Zeynalli to follow with his welcoming speech. Mr Zeynalli then introduced Mr Robert Mifsud, Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta Malta office. Mr Mifsud provided general information about Konica Minolta, it’s history, main business areas and offices all over the world.

It was then again the turn of Mr Robert Mifsud who continued with a presentation on Managed Print Services (MPS) and OPS. He explained how MPS gives the opportunity to monitor the document process in an easy way and stressed the importance of OPS which has to be considered as the main instrument for future sales.

From Halal’s side, it was Mr Ugur Zeynalli who then concentrated on

An other highlight of this event was a competition organized by Halal. The prize was a bizhub 164 and the lucky winner from the draw was a representative from Kapital Bank OJSC. An other memorable moment was the award given to Mr Vladimer Sultanishvili, Director of Georgian

Polygraph Services, subsidiary of Halal in Georgia. Mr Sultanishvili managed to finish successfully all Compass exams and was also presented with 7 MPlus certificates for each of the 7 skill sets from Compass. Various Konica Minolta catalogues and gifts were distributed during the event and at the end, the participants were invited for dinner. It is the intention of Halal to continue their follow-up by means of individual meetings with the majority of the participants.

The organising Team of Konica Minolta and Halal-P LLC. A well attended event in Baku.


WORKING ENVIRONMENTS IN STEP WITH TODAY‘S WORLD Our exclusively designed range of highly efficient and perfectly compatible multifunctionals extends from entry-level office devices, including laser printers and small all-in-ones, to cutting edge, high-performance production printing systems. Find out more and enable your business:

Models shown: left bizhub C224e and right C3850, below bizhub Press C1060/1070.

We have Partners in the following countries: Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Madagascar Malta, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan and Zambia.


“Doing Business in Libya - Now” Speaking at a “Doing Business in Libya - Now” forum, Deputy Foreign Minister Abdul-Razzaq Greidi said that Libyan businessmen were not just waiting for government to take the lead, the private sector was developing fast. But it welcomed international involvement as well, and in particular, given the historic relationship, Maltese involvement. Organised by the Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce (LMCC) and supported by Tripoli-based ATEX Group (organisers of Libya Build 2014), Malta Enterprise, Office Group, Konica Minolta, the Hilton Hotel and the Bank of Valletta, the forum attracted far more interest than had been expected. Initially, it was thought that there would be around 80 participants. The venue had to be changed twice, to bigger premises, to accommodate the evergrowing number of business people applying to attend.The organisers stopped taking registrations when the number reached 375. At the event, the Hilton Hotel’s Portomaso Suite was packed. In his opening address, LMCC’s president and Office Group chairman, Anthony Micallef, said that this was the time for Maltese companies to look to opportunities for establishing ties with Libyan business. The idea was also stressed by Malta’s Ambassador to Libya, Emmanuel Galea, who said that if Maltese businessmen did not move now, while players from larger countries were absent from the Libyan scene because of security concerns, they would find themselves being squeezed out later when the latter moved in.

From left to right: Mr Anthony Micallef (President Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce), Mr Husni Bey (Chairman Husni Bey Group), Mr Michel Cousins (Tripoli Herald Owner & Journalist), Mr Anthony Diacono (Medserv Chairman), Mr Huseen Benown (Charge D’Affairs – Libyan Embassy) & Mrs Maria Flores (Malta Chamber of Commerce)

Malta Huseen Benown, Medserve Chairman Anthony Diacono, Medilink CEO Simon Camilieri, Malta-based insurance consultant Nagi Bentaleb and Tripoli-based lawyer John Brooks

of Clyde & Co. – similarly stressed that although security was an issue, business in Libya was growing and, with it, the opportunities, notably for Malta’s business community.

The keynote speaker, businessman Husni Bey, stressed the growing importance of the Libyan private sector. Sounding a strongly positive note, he said that the private sector was booming. Other speakers at the event – Libyan Chargé d’Affaires in

From left to right: Dr Mario Demarco (MP), Mr Mannie Galea (Maltese Ambassador in Tripoli), Mr Abdul Razzak Greidi (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Libya), Dr George Vella (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malta) & Mr Anthony Micallef (Chairman Office Group & President Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce)


Skysat - Nigeria Digital Print Solutions Exhibithion Ahead of the general elections in Nigeria, Skysat Technologies Ltd. organised a two day digital printing event in Abuja. During the event, the launch took place of one of five new Production Printing machines. Speaking during the 3rd edition of the Digital Print Solutions Exhibition, Izzat Debs - Managing Director of Skysat - stated: “Since the introduction of Konica Minolta Digital Print Solutions in Nigeria, about three years ago, we have grown through our market share in the digital print solutions market in Nigeria and we are proud to say that we are now Market Leaders in the digital print production sector.” Izzat Debs also noted that with the help of Konica Minolta, his company tremendously improved the quality of print products from the stable of most commercial printers in the Nigerian printing industry. According to him, this resulted in a reduction of printing jobs taken overseas and the establishment of several digital print shops and contributed to the creation of jobs for young people within the industry. He added that Skysat trained within the last year dozens of Nigerian technicians in Nigeria and abroad, who are now responsible for the maintenance of the machines. During the event Konica Minolta’s Senior Area Manager - Mark Oldfield, explained that the company was launching for the first time in Africa one of five new devices for the production printing industry. The Minister of Federal Capital

Territory , Senator Bala Mohammed, was represented at the event by the Managing Director - Abuja Technology Free Zone - Hauwa Nabin. She said that the introduction of Konica Minolta Digital print solutions in Nigeria, contributed immensely to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria.


VOTRE ENVIRONNEMENT DE TRAVAIL EN PHASE AVEC LE MONDE D‘AUJOURD‘HUI En tant que fournisseur de systèmes d’impressions et services liés, KONICA MINOLTA vous offre un flux de production et des solutions intégrés ainsi que des produits professionnels et sophistiqués pour améliorer les performances de votre entreprise. Pour en savoir plus :

Les modèles présentés : Top bizhub PRESS C1060/1070, bizhub C3850 et C224e.

Nous avons des partenaires dans les pays suivants : Algérie, Angola, Arménie, Azerbaïdjan, Chypre, Gabon, Géorgie, Ghana, Irak, Jordanie, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirghizistan, Liban, Madagascar, Malte, Maroc, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sénégal, Tadjikistan, Tanzanie, Tunisie, Turkménistan, Ouganda, Ouzbékistan et Zambie.

*Donner forme à vos idées


SIDHOM PRINTING SOLUTTIONS “Go Digital” Local Road Show Egypt SIDHOM Egypt together with the support of Konica Minolta Malta office have recently organized ‘Go Digital’, a local road Show event in Egypt designed to introduce the latest technologies, solutions and applications to the Printing Industry. The event took place on the 4th of March 2014, at the Fairmount Heliopolis Hotel and invitations were sent out to various sectors of the Printing industry including ‘pay for print’ owners, commercial printers, centralized reproduction department managers etc. Ted Walker, Senior Regional Business Support Manager for Egypt stated that ‘Digital Printing continues to be a growing market and an important opportunity to increase revenues especially when it comes to print volumes’. Konica Minolta is considered to be one of the top players in Production Printing in Egypt particularly in the area of Digital Color Printing and during this event SIDHOM took the opportunity to demonstrate and explain what Konica Minolta has to offer in this area. Andrea Peresso, Business Development Specialist - PP Solutions at Malta office, was also present for this event. Mr Peresso went through the various solutions Konica Minolta has to offer including Print Shop Mail, Jtsuite and Color Coverage Analyser

as well as Web2Print and Konica Minolta Photobooks. There were pleanty of opportunites to ask questions before the event continued with a presentation by Joseph Milad, Regional Business Consultant for Middle East and Africa. Mr Milad concentrated on our CSRC (Customer Service Remote Care) system, highlighting the impact of Digital Printers downtime on the finance side of a Business operation and the importance of Service support in the Printing Production Business. He also announced the launch of CSRC Service in Egypt though SIDHOM, enabling Konica Minolta clients to enjoy better and more enhanced service levels. Mr Milad then explained how customers can also benefit from CSRC by cutting down their maintenance operation cycle to more than 60% by eliminating regular service calls. Following this presentation there was a live demonstration of Konica Minolta Production Solutions, featuring the bizhub Press C8000 and C70hc. The event was successful, judged by the excellent feedback received from the audience.

Hossam Thabit - Business Manager Sidhom Printing Solutions and Andrea Peresso from Konica Minolta,

The organising Team of Konica Minolta and Sidhom.

NEW(S) in the office


New CAMEA Team Member

With the “Competitive Encounter” for the bizhub C224e to C554e sales We are pleased the representatives will to getannounce a helpful tool addition of outstanding Mr. Michelstrengths Sebag topointing out Strategic Unit Manager - to show the Business competitiveness of this new our Malta Office Operation as of the colour device. st 1 of April 2014. The specifications are weighted against each other and marked with traffic Mr. Sebag will bethe based in the Konica lights to indicate weaknesses and Minolta France offices Paris but will disadvantages of thein competitor’s be part of Fourteen our Business systems. newDevelopment competitor Team. His main concentration models were recently added. will All be to assist French speaking judgements are our based upon the current partners in strong collaboration with state-of-the-art in colour MFP market the respective Business Support (segment 3 / 4 / 5). Manager and Consultant. Mr. Sebag has background Complete URLa strong to Competitive in indirect sales of IT and Printing Encounter bizhub C224e to C554e v2.0 business with previous exposure to / December 2013 Document (Word the North African market. He has been and PDF) on InfoHub Web Server: working with Konica Minolta France for the past 8.5 years and therefore has a very good understanding of 6D65003A2928/0/3CDBEC98EC55E

Chers Partenaires,

the industry and our respective B83C1257C3E003ABB85?OpenDocu positioning within it. He will certainly ment be valuable asset anda Complete URL to to our Sideoperation by Side as we strive to assist to develop database bizhub C224eyou to C554e v2.0 your respective further. / December 2013business MS Excel Document on InfoHub Web Server: Please h t t p s : / /join i n f o hus u b .ink o ncongratulating icaminolta. Michel and welcoming him to this eu/41256D65003A2928/0/B98C5B66 new position. DE64B743C1257B28004997CA?Open

J’ai l’honneur de vous annoncer l’intégration de Michel Sebag, le 1er avril 2014, comme « Strategic Business Unit Manager » au sein de notre agence de Malte. Michel Sebag, basé à Konica Minolta France fera partie de notre équipe « Business Development ». Sa mission sera de vous assister en Français en faisant le lien avec nos Business Developpers et nos Consultants. Michel Sebag a une forte culture de la vente indirecte dans l’IT, des solutions d’impression et a déjà travaillé pour le Maghreb. Avec une expérience de 8.5 années chez Konica Minolta et une compréhension de notre positionnement, il aura une valeur ajoutée certaine dans notre développement. Joignez-vous à moi pour l’accueillir dans sa nouvelle fonction.



Winner iPad Issue 2 On the 26th of March we did it again! We gave another iPad Mini away to the winner of our issue 2, Spot the 10 Differences Competition. The winner of this iPad Mini is Mr. Mohammed Khawaldeh Konica Minolta Application Product Manager from Tesco - Smart Business Solutions in Jordan. He succesfully found all 10 differences. Unfortunatly we could not hand the prize to Mr. Khawaldeh in person but a representative of Tesco - Mr. Talal Al-Hayek, Director of Office and Printing Equipment has kindly offered to take prize and hand it to

From left to right: Shintaro Inoue, Mark Oldfield, Talal Al-Hayek and Robert Mifsud.

Mr. Khawaldeh in Jordan. We received the following email from Mr. Khawaldeh: “It is with true pleasure to get this good news, on behalf of TESCO and my own self I’d like to thank Konica Minolta Europe for this kind gesture, Though CAMEA news letter is still a new publication we are waiting impatiently for the new releases, as it does cover an excellent amount of

KM business updates and partners activities and updates. Hope we’ll maintain a good attention of CAMEA next editions in following them, participation in the different activities & contribution in the content it self very soon as we do hope. Thanks again! Mohammed S. Alkhawaldeh Konica Minolta Applications Product Manager - Tesco”


Skysat - Nigeria 14th Annual Nigeria Oil & Gas Expo


14TH ANNUAL OIL AND GAS EXHIBITION 18th - 20th March, 2014

Skysat Technologies Nig. Ltd., preferred partner for Konica Minolta Business Solution Gmbh (Nigeria & Ghana)

Abuja International Conference centre 10:00am - 6:00pm Daily

Skysat Technologies Nigeria, Konica Minoltas partner in Nigeria and Ghana participated at the Nigeria Oil and Gas Expo 2014 which took place at the International Conference Centre Abuja from the 17th to the 20th of March.


KIP C7800 High Production Color Print System (Up to A0)



Skysat showcased the KIP C7800 and the bizhub C554e. The Oil and Gas Expo is the only major event in the sector that is supported by the Federal government and Ministry of Petroleum resources and it attracts the top of the oil and gas sector. Over the years it has been a major platform for entry into the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. It provides an opportunity for provider of various services to this sector to meet face to face with their prospective customers. This year’s event was held at a time when there is a move by legislature to pass into law, the Petroleum industry bill, a bill which is expected to further stimulate the Nigeria oil and

gas sector for growth and improve the fiscal regime. Added to this is the local content development by the Federal government of Nigeria which will also stimulate and enhance the local participation in the oil and gas value chain. The participation of Skysat technologies at the show to showcase Konica Minolta machines was very timely and most significant because Konica Minolta machines were the only digital printing and office documentation solutions showcased at the event. This year’s event recorded more than 200 exhibitors and about 1300 registered delegates. The event was well attended by more than 7000 trade visitors from

094619100, 08037040831, 08024147777, 08125487779, 08028902590, 08083036631, 08033016066.

the Nigerian oil and gas sectors. The Skysat stand was visited by 300 visitors. A lot of these visitors were very excited with the versatility offered by Konica Minolta products and presence of trained technicians in Nigeria to provide after sales and support. Visitors and exhibitors involved in production of seismic and geological maps were fascinated with the Kip C7800. Some companies who provide software services for the production of geological and seismic maps showed interest in KIP as well. Skysat is currently working on the follow up appointments and leads in to the major companies that they managed to established a relationship with during the expo.

Nairobi - Kenya Konica Minolta Brand Awareness on the Move! During the past months the CAMEA Marketing department has been working on the first ever moving brand awareness campaign for Kenya. The campaign will be officially launched on the 24th of April but we wanted to give you a little sneak peek of Konica Minolta on the move. (More on this in issue 4.)

Konica Minolta announces production printing user community PROKOM Konica Minolta has announced the launch and sponsorship of the foundation for an independent European user group, called PROKOM, as part of its ongoing commitment and support to the print industry. Companies across Europe are being invited to join this production printing community of Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS users. PROKOM will help members share, develop and grow efficient digital communication services, as well as become a platform for members to express their “voice of customer”. PROKOM, which is being sponsored by Konica Minolta, wants to achieve three important objectives: Share: to provide a forum where they can share business ideas and experiences to build and profitably expand our businesses. Influence: to develop communications with Konica Minolta’s senior management about their priorities for future design, functionality, technology and services. Network: to build profitable long-lasting relationships between members and to provide support and education through workshops, conferences, publications and electronic meeting places. PROKOM members can actively engage with Konica Minolta about their priorities for future design, functionality, technology and services and they will be uniquely enabled to build profitable long-lasting relationships. The result is continued leading edge development of industry relevant solutions. Andy Barber, General Manager of imail, UK Mail, who is PROKOM’S first chairman, said: “I want to thank the management of Konica Minolta for giving us the opportunity to form PROKOM, which is a great platform for members to express our “voice of the customer” and will provide many opportunities to learn, to share and represent our interests to further enable us to

From left to right: Etienne van Damme (non-voting representative), Deputy General Manager, Int. Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, Andy Barber, General Manager of imail, UK Mail, Sara Grande, Vice-President Marketing, Orymu Graphic Arts, Spain, Harald Büttner, Managing Director, Schnelldruck Fürth, Germany Ken Osuga, President Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. grow. As somebody who is a regular speaker at industry conferences, I know how important it is to share relevant information with and learn from fellow professionals.” Ken Osuga, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said: “We fully support a platform for engagement with and amongst active reference customers, while maintaining the benefits of a collaborative user network that shares and influences the Konica Minolta road maps.” “Konica Minolta is strongly committed to the production printing industry. After all, our success story in production printing is unique: having entered the industry in 2004 we became market leader in cutsheet printing in small and midproduction in less than ten years. This is something to be proud of, but it is also the source of new challenges, as we constantly strive

to enable our customers’ business.” Etienne Van Damme, Deputy General Manager, International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said: “The user community offers the opportunity to express customer challenges, issues and aspirations. This will allow members to continue to invest in their Konica Minolta production solutions now and in the future.” More details about the new user group by visiting About PROKOM - PROKOM is an independent user group community that has been founded and launched by Konica Minolta in February 2014. Members are being invited to join this production printing community of Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS users. PROKOM members will have the opportunity to actively engage with Konica Minolta about their priorities for future design, functionality, technology and services.


Firmware Releases by Adrian Paul Debono & James Cremona - Technical Specialists CAMEA, Support Competence Center Malta, Service & Support Division

We would like to bring to your attention the firmware releases for both Office and Production Printing Products which we believe should be deployed accordingly. Office Printing Machines 1. Zeus 3rd – Function Level 5 Firmware Upgrade Applicable Models: C224e/ C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e and 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e. Firmware Code: G20-C8 CSES/Knova download code: DLBT1400143EN bizhub C364e/C284e/C224e DLBT1400146EN bizhub C554e/C454e DLBT1400140EN bizhub 554e/454e/364e/284e/224e This firmware release is the next step in a process to simplify the firmware handling wherefore the firmware structure has been improved. The goal is to achieve an easier porting of customization or features from one product to other product series. The so called “Zeus 3rd” firmware update in the firmware “G20-C8” , enables the machines to be set to “Function Level 5” and also adds additional features to the machine as well as fix a number of bugs in the previous firmware. For more details please see the document included in TNEU1400026EN which is available in CSES/Knova. 2. Zeus MLK, Zeus BK – SSD Board Firmware Upgrade. Applicable Models: C224e/ C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e and 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e. Firmware Code: Ver6.03m CSES/Knova download code: DLEU1401755EN – C224e/ C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e and 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e This firmware tool addresses an SSD board failure that we recently encountered, which would cause the machine to constantly reboot. By performing this SSD update, you will be installing a preventative countermeasure firmware into the

SSD. Please note that the firmware of the machine is not affected as just the firmware in the SSD is changed. We strongly suggest that you install this SSD firmware as soon as possible on your MIF in order to prevent this SSD failure from occurring. Production Printing Machines 1. Color Care measure 230 is ready! Color Care 230 suite is expected to be released around mid/end of March. Applicable models: bizhub PRESS C1060 or C1070 Please check www. for download. Remarks: It is mandatory to install special firmware version I0-GM0-10, C-GM3-10 before using ColorCare measures v2.3 or the new ColorCare suite on applicable models.

2. bizhub PRESS C8000. Version affected: GUY-61 Remarks: Firmware included the Print control version GUY-61 was found to have some bugs on I-ROM. Document ID) DLBT1321565EN containing this firmware has been removed from CSES. Please install the corrected I-ROM released in document id DLBT1402216EN instead. Note: It is always recommend to read carefully the additional information contained in the documentation before installing any FW. Should you need more details on the above, please feel free to contact us on scc@konicaminolta. eu or via CSES R&I for further clarification.

Financial Vertical Market Training HALAL-P LLC & Georgian Polygraph Services by David Fava - Business Development Specialist - Office Solutions

Dear readers, it’s already been a month since our last ‘encounter’ and we’re up to our third Connect issue now. In today’s article I will be sharing with you our latest Office Training, which was held at our Office Systems Demo Centre (OSDC), at our Malta Office. For this training we hosted our Azeri and Georgian partners, Halal-P LLC and GPS respectively. The representatives from these companies were, Mr. Ugur Zeynalli, CEO at Halal-P LLC, followed by his Chief Engineer, Mr. Marat Gelivanov. Present for the training was also Mr. Vladimer Sultanshvili, Managing Director at GPS (Georgian Polygraph Services), which is a subsidiary of Halal-P LLC in Georgia. This training was organized for the purpose of providing guidelines and examples of workflows that occur in the financial world and how can these be automated and best addressed using various solutions from Konica Minolta’s application portfolio. Training was based on a three day agenda and the training material involved pioneered the financial vertical market workflows which were discussed and explained in our last Connect issue. Just to refresh your minds, let’s quickly revisit what these solutions consisted of; • Archiving documents as searchable PDFs Software; Document Navigatior Essentials • Digital Document Archiving and Sorting - Software; Document Navigatior Essentials Automated Application Processing - Software; Document Navigatior Essentials • Create Fillable Application Forms Software; Document Navigatior Essentials Converting documents to any desired file format - Software; Unity Document Suite • Managing all company devices from one central point Software; pageScope Net Care Device Manager

From left to right: Mr Ugur Zeynalli, Mr Vladimer Sultanshvili, Mr David Fava and Mr Marat Gelivanov.

• Control Employee and Public Access to your devices - Software; PageScope Authentication Manager • Print your work securely from the device of your choice - Software; PageScope my Print Manager • Securing your work and related process environments Software; bEST Guard The first day of the training was spent introducing and explaining the Konica Minolta Solutions involved in these workflows – discussing strengths and limitations to the systems. Subsequently, after the brief introduction and discussions, the training proceeded by starting the setup of the DEMO environment, which is needed in order to manifest the solutions at work. Here we discussed server requirements, application downloads and installations. The next day, we gathered what

we now know from the applications discussed in part one, and tackled them from another perspective, or in other words – from a Financial Vertical viewpoint. In this manner, we now could use the information about the applications which was explained in day one, and apply it in a manner that addressed the workflows of the financial market. Therefore, once you know what the applications offered by us are, and what they are capable of doing, than it is essentially up to you to decide how and in which market they can be applied – it’s just a matter of addressing the workflows accordingly and with the appropriate solution! The final day was saved for practical training on the workflows themselves, whereby the participants were asked to setup their demo environment from scratch followed up by the proper setting up and demonstration of the workflows.


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Production Printing Sales Training Arkeos Morocco by Andrea Peresso - Business Development Specialist - Production Printing

As mentioned in my previous article in issue 2 of CAMEA Connect, during the month of February Ms. Btissam Faddouli from Arkeos (Moroccan Konica Minolta distributor) attended a two days training for “PP Sales” at the DIS. During these two days, the 27th and the 28th of February, Ms Faddouli enhanced her knowledge on the Konica Minolta Production Printing range of machines and accessories currently available. She also took part in hands-on training sessions using both Konica Minolta and Fiery controllers together with online and offline finishers such as a guillotine and laminator. The last day of the training was spent creating printed products with a vast range of finishing options such as saddle stitched books, perfect bound books, laminated and mounted posters, business cards, post cards and leaflets.

Following this training Ms. Faddouli is now feeling more confident when meeting clients with a background in commercial print and can communicate better when faced with technical issues and prepare configurations based on the to the customers’ requirements. I would once again like to remind our readers that all the information regarding the DIS sales training is available in our catalogue of services. Should you require more details or a copy of the catalogue please feel free to send me an email:

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Expanding our mutual collaboration, for a partnership with a strong future and joint success in transforming business together, adding value to our customers’ business:

NOW I CAN STOP THINKING ABOUT MY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT I want to establish reliable document management systems that keep me focused on my core business. With Konica Minolta, I’ve found a partner who provides leading innovations and office solutions that let me stop thinking about my document management. Find out more and enable your business:


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