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STREAMLINED IT ADMINISTRATION Professionally managed with bizhub solutions Konica Minolta’s proprietary bizhub technology gives you a multitude of features and functions that help you enhance and automate the network integration and administration of your printer fleet. As a result, your IT administrators no longer spend too much time on setting up and maintaining complex printer configurations but gain time and flexibility for their really important tasks. Thus optimised, your IT performance benefits from streamlined processes and overall enhanced efficiency. And you not only save costs but increase the motivation and identification of your staff with their jobs.


STREAMLINING YOUR CORPORATE IT ENVIRONMENT IT administrators are not the only people in your company who appreciate a system environment that runs smoothly: they of course gain time because they are relieved of many mundane, repetitive tasks, thanks to reliable automation throughout the installation, operation, and removal of output devices. But everyone else in your company will also experience the advantages of an efficiently organised IT environment and will benefit in many ways, for example from reduced system downtimes and a streamlined, reliable printer fleet. So don’t hesitate to make your IT environment truly efficient. Whether this is comparatively small or extensive, you will see that Konica Minolta offers suitable solutions for any requirement – and most of them are even free of charge!

Simple installation & integration – Transmission of settings to multiple devices As soon as one networked device has been configured to the required settings, these can be deployed centrally to an unlimited number of other devices in the network. Mundane, repetitive administration tasks are thus redundant, possible configuration mistakes avoided, and considerable time can be saved.

20 % Calls to the IT helpdesk

GOOD TO KNOW! – 20% of the calls to the IT help desk are printer-related. With Konica Minolta systems and solutions, such calls can be reduced to a minimum. This increases the efficiency of the IT environment.

Smooth operation – Central device management The PageScope Net Care Device Manager allows management of the entire printer fleet within a company with a single tool. It enables the administrator to access, monitor and set up all devices remotely, centralising essential tasks such as counter reading and device status monitoring. Automated e-mail notifications ensure that the administrator receives instant information on technical errors, depleted consumables and similar interruptions. This helps, the PageScope Net Care Device Manager to reduce device downtimes, keeps the fleet running and increases overall productivity. At the same time, the use of just a single tool requires less training and, as a free-of-charge solution, saves money.

IT ADMINISTRATION – Efficient driver handling As a convenient tool that is also free of charge, the Universal Print Driver can be used as a single printer driver for all connected devices. Its identical printer interface facilitates the operation of different output systems. Companies working with the UPD benefit in a variety of ways, for example saving time because only a single printer driver needs to be installed and managed. User training is only required for one interface, which also means fewer questions from operators to the IT support staff.

– Consistent platforms The various bizhub platforms, including Konica Minolta’s own-developed Emperon print controller, the device firmware, and the APIs, guarantee unified functionalities and compatibility with the same software utilities on most bizhub devices. This consistency facilitates and streamlines the operation, reduces equipment downtime and ultimately ensures that users get more joy out of working with Konica Minolta’s hardware and software products. – Compliance with security standards With global communication subject to unprecedented growth, the potential for damaging security breaches is soaring as well. Konica Minolta products offer a wide range of standard and optional security features that comply with, support and extend existing security levels in any company. Almost without exception, Konica Minolta devices are certified in accordance with the Common Criteria/ISO 15408 EAL3 standard, with some devices already complying with the IEEE 1600.1 criteria.


– Central remote device operation The remote panel tool mirrors the bizhub panel on the administrator’s PC, enabling them to operate devices remotely, which for example is a great help if an employee in a different location has questions concerning a particular setting. The remote panel generally reduces the workload for user support and error diagnosis, saving the administrator time, as many problems and enquiries can be dealt with over the telephone. – Consistent panel and driver interface Most Konica Minolta devices feature a consistent panel structure and operation. In combination with the unified driver interface for all devices, users benefit from familiar operation – independent of which output device is chosen. This “know one, operate many” approach avoids the IT support staff having to deal with confused users, requires less training for the user, and in general saves time and effort for everyone involved.

Access control Copy/print accounting; function restrictions; user authentication (ID+password); finger vein scanner Data security Data encryption (hard disk); hard disk password protection; data auto deletion Network security IP filtering; IP sec support; port and protocol access control Miscellaneous Admin mode protection; encrypted PDF; unauthorized access lock; data capturing; copy guard/password copy

– Automation of consumable ordering and service requests With Konica Minolta CS Remote Care, the ordering of consumables can be completely automated, saving administrators and operators time and altogether ruling out the total depletion of consumables stock. In addition, CS Remote Care ensures the automatic transmission of service requests to the Konica Minolta service organisation, should an error or technical problem occur on an output device. The functionality also facilitates the convenient planning of routine maintenance requirements, avoiding unnecessary administrative work and considerably reducing equipment downtime. Ultimately, overall productivity can be enhanced by taking advantage of this solution.


– Web connection Using the printer’s IP address, the administrator can directly access individual devices in the fleet via the Web browser. This greatly facilitates, for example, setting up scan and/or fax destinations and streamlines the monitoring of the device status without requiring the installation of any further applications. The administrator’s task becomes easier and more effective; their workload is reduced and they save valuable time. – Future-oriented technologies Even today, Konica Minolta devices are prepared for the essential issues of the future: bizhub multifunctionals and Konica Minolta software applications offer versatile possibilities to take advantage of mobile and cloud printing, and to process “big data” without requiring major additional investment. Opting for bizhub technologies, enterprises will be “fit for the future”.

Secured disassembly

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– Data deletion/removal management On devices that are dismantled, for example after termination of a contract or if companies or individual departments are moving to another location, Konica Minolta ensures that all data stored on the device memory or hard disk is deleted. Thus, companies can rest assured that their corporate information is reliably protected against unauthorised access.

Special issue leaflet it administration  
Special issue leaflet it administration