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meeting all the Challenges of eVeRY-daY offIce woRK Whatever the needs and wants at the workplace, the general picture is more or less the same everywhere: Whether your office is large or small, whether it’s corporate, departmental or central – document creation, reproduction, distribution and sharing is based on comprehensive solutions. Especially divisions like Logistics, Marketing, Personnel or Finance are looking to meet certain requirements with their office equipment: – Devices must be affordable and offer an excellent cost/performance ratio. You rightfully expect your equipment to be available at all times - which should be ensured with perfect technical service and support, reliable but virtually unnoticeable. – Any new equipment to be considered by you must be perfectly simple and straightforward to integrate into your existing network setup. At the same time, administrators desire an easy setup and maintenance of all devices and intelligent software support.

– You are looking for tomorrow’s technology to enhance today’s usability. Likewise, easy and intuitive operation is indispensable for you. – You make the consideration of green aspects an aspect of importance in your product selection. – You expect the flexibility of easily combining different devices and page speeds, in A4 and A3, in colour and black & white, from the compact desktop printer to the highly productive central device for the whole department.

Konica Minolta’s R&D has been geared to meeting these and other user requirements for many years. Above all we think the benefit of using our devices should be that you enjoy your work. We know that better and more efficient workflows result in higher productivity, saving you time and money.

technoloGY tailored to yoUr needs

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Konica Minolta’s multifunctional devices and office solutions put future technology into today’s office, guaranteeing your safe investment into devices that will still be state-of-the-art tomorrow.

Intuitive panel and complete ease of use The control panel and graphic user interface guarantee consistency and are common features on most bizhub devices. So, once you have learned how to use one bizhub, you benefit from that knowledge and can instantly access other models. Most devices meanwhile feature these large screens with intuitive touch functionality.

simitri® hd – proprietary toner technology Konica Minolta is proud to be the industry leader in the development of polymerised toners. Used exclusively in our bizhub devices, Simitri HD (High Definition) polymerised toner guarantees excellent print quality, high media flexibility and the economic usage of toner and power due to its unique lower temperature fusing.

bizhub oP (open Platform)

Each touch screen can be tilted and turned to ensure excellent visibility from any angle. You will instantly understand it thanks to the clearly structured screen layout with intuitive software including for example animated help, and familiar icons and guidance features. Furthermore, individual functions and buttons can be added to the screen to support simple and straightforward operation.

emperon™ Print controller The current generation of our very own Emperon controllers is the latest development in a versatile proven printing system that continues to provide seamless integration and advanced printing functionalities. Offering powerful print controller architecture and enhanced printing results, the Emperon technology is standard on nearly all bizhub offices devices.

In order to create consistency and provide a functionality standard across its various MFPs (multifunctional peripherals), Konica Minolta developed a common platform: bizhub OP. This unifies three core technologies: bizhub Architecture, a common structure of hardware and firmware to enable the portability of developments to the various systems; the Emperon print controller; and bEST (bizhub Extended Solution Technology). Core elements of bEST are OpenAPI and IWS: OpenAPI is Konica Minolta’s own interface for applications in the MFP. In addition, Konica Minolta’s IWS (internal web server) technology for instance facilitates configuring the control panel exactly to the individual needs and demands of users. With bizhub OP we can easily adapt functionalities to your individual requirements and integrate bizhub devices seamlessly into your existing workflows. In other words, it helps us create customised solutions for your benefit.

Industry-leading security standards Security is an important aspect of corporate usability within a modern business environment. To reliably protect sensitive corporate information on internal hard discs as well as in the internet, Konica Minolta’s bizhub MFPs offer the most comprehensive range of standard security features in the market and with that provide the sound basis for professional and highly individual security solutions.

functIonalItY for yoUr total ease of Use The advanced Konica Minolta office fuctionalities all focus on one key goal: Offering you the highest ease of use and giving users more time for your everyday work. Printing, copying, scanning and faxing are integrated into comprehensive communication workflows allowing your office teams to manage, distribute and archive documents.

efficient: Printing and copying The complete portfolio of bizhub devices offers such ease of use with an impressive range of features and functionalities. Depending on the device of your choice, the media flexibility covers paper sizes from A6 or A5 for mailings to SRA3 for brochures with full bleed images and layouts. Paperweights vary from 52 g/sqm for delivery notes up to 300 g/sqm for cover pages and posters.

With any bizhub office system, you enjoy straightforward and productive printing and copying. The Konica Minolta My Tab printer driver allows users to create a simplified, individual driver containing only their preferred printer functions. With My Tab, users benefit from enhanced user comfort, save time and avoid the frustration of not getting to the desired result easily.

Offering a suitable system for any requirement, the speeds within the bizhub office portfolio range from 24 to 60 pages per minute in colour, while our black & white devices produce between 16 and 75 ppm.

Also available: Universal Printer Driver needs to be installed just once to be available on all connected bizhub devices. Administrators benefit from the universal design of this driver, enhancing efficiency and overall productivity.

On all bizhub devices, an extensive range of useful print and copy features facilitates the creation of both standard and more complex documents. This includes for example forms overlay, for the production of business correspondence, banner printing to create individually sized display material of up to 1.2 metres length, watermark and n-up. Duplex printing and copying not only minimise environmental impact but also help reduce costs by saving paper, filing space and postage. Auto colour selection avoids inadvertent printing or copying in colour of black & white originals.

The intelligent “Easy Set” concept allows to produce complex print jobs by choosing presets that include paper selection and finishing options.

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essential: scanning In today’s offices, the fast and convenient scanning of documents is quickly increasing in importance and meanwhile indispensable for most workflows, such as the straightforward electronic distribution of information via e-Mail, or secure, easily accessible archiving. The Konica Minolta bizhub devices combine hardware and features to maximise scanning usability and efficiency, offering all office-relevant and demanded functions. Scanning automates what used to be complex work processes involving a lot of manual intervention. The digitisation of documents and their electronic distribution streamlines these typical office tasks, much enhancing user convenience and improving efficiency as well as overall office productivity. Available in combination with user authentication, the functions Scan-to-Me and Scan-to-Home reliably ensure that scans are sent to the user’s own e-Mail address or own registered PC folder – providing enhanced convenience, as both automatically appear at the top of all scan destinations. The clever Scan-to-USB feature also gives user flexibility an attractive boost, enabling timesaving direct scanning from the bizhub to the USB stick without the detour via the PC. Another scanning highlight is the processing of scanned data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF documents. These include a full-text search capability, enabling users to find the document they want quickly and conveniently on their PC.

convincing: workflows The combination of one or more bizhub devices with our versatile range of software applications enables offices to establish advanced scanning and document workflows. They include document capturing, distribution and archiving. The automated digitisation of documents and their conversion into editable electronic formats allows the seamless integration into existing workflows, for example into order, delivery, invoice and archiving processes of logistics or finance departments. Thanks to the availability of suitable applications, virtually anything is possible.

convenient: fax communication To any location requiring fax communication, the bizhub range of office MFPs offers comprehensive fax capabilities. Next to the regular faxing from the device the clever PC fax functionality gives you the extra user convenience of sending faxes directly from your PC. Likewise, incoming faxes can be forwarded into the PC, in both cases avoiding printouts altogether. Various security features make confidential fax communication reliably safe.

Professional: finishing versatility Minimizing manual work for professional document output, advanced inline finishing makes everyday office work easier, saves time and guarantees highest productivity as well as most impressive print products.

smart: user boxes

The comprehensive finishing versatility on our bizhub devices includes corner and 2-point stapling of documents like financial reports and manuals that are provided ready-for-use in the output tray without requiring manual collation. Inline booklet making automates the production of centre-folded and saddle-stitched booklets like product brochures, company magazines, etc.; two- or four-hole punching helps create handouts and documents ready for filing. Also available are different folding modes such as letter-fold, which speeds up the enveloping of invoices, mailings and such; offset sorting, mixplex/ mixmedia, and sheet insertion, to structure extensive documents with chapter dividers.

enhanced: i-option

The user boxes in our bizhub devices provide space on the MFP’s hard disc to store documents and scans. With this functionality, you benefit from instant availability of readily processed documents for printing. It facilitates the sharing of scanned, printed, copied and faxed documents and provides instant access to price lists, terms and conditions, forms and the like. Doing away with delays for the transmission of print data from the PC to the MFP, this is ideal for all frequently used documents. You can set up as many as 1,000 user boxes, allocate flexible access rights and define boxes as public, for group use or private (with password).


With clever feature enhancements, i-Option adds specific advanced functionalities to the MFP: The i-Option Web Browser provides direct panel access to information and documents from databases or the intranet. This is your direct link to any web-based information and data, providing you with virtually unlimited options for use. i-Option features include the direct printing of web pages or linked PDF and XPS files. Digital ID encryption and digital signature protect PDF files against tampering and improper use. i-Option enables the processing of scanned data with OCR to create searchable PDF documents. Over and above, i-Option adds PDF/A as a new scan file format, which meets legal standards in the field of digital archiving. Further i-Option tools for embedded barcode and Unicode printing are of interest for special environments such as ERP systems.

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oUr 12 Categories Cover all yoUr aPPlIcatIons In addition to our comprehensive range of in- and output systems, we also offer software applications that not only optimise existing structures and workflows but enable the creation and setup of entirely new work processes – streamlining office work and making you and your team more efficient.

colour Management

web to Print

Variable data Printing

Print automation


document capture & Management



user & cost Management

output Management

device Management

cloud & Mobile Printing

This is just a brief overview of our application portfolio for what might be of interest for you!

typical office applications – Document Capture & Management These applications help establish well structured electronic and paper document workflows and archives; functionalities include document scanning, indexing, processing, delivery, routing, archiving, search & retrieve. – Security Provides protection against unauthorised access and immediate detection of security leaks; typical features are user authentication, follow-me printing, information logging. – Connectivity Capabilities include datastream conversion and functionality enhancements for specific environments, ensuring the seamless integration of devices into existing customer networks. – User & Cost Management These applications for central user rights management enable administrators to allocate access rights, and track as well as budget printing costs by users, workgroups, jobs, etc. This is the basis for secure printing, effective cost accounting, etc. – Output Management Applications and solutions for rule-based and follow-me printing as well as queue management ensure compatibility of output devices with print job requirements and optimise the capacity utilisation of all available devices.

– Device Management Capabilities for the central administration, streamlined configuring and monitoring of devices; for reduced maintenance of the entire device fleet. – Cloud & Mobile Printing Solutions for driverless printing from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops; connection of bizhub devices to public and company-internal cloud solutions.

applications with a focus on high volume print production We also offer a range of software products for these applications, which are more typically required in high-volume production and commercial printing environments: – – – – –

Colour Management Web to Print Variable Data Printing Print Automation Make-ready

YOUR SECURITY IS OUR CONCERN Security is very much on everybody’s mind today. Even though some risks relating to your in- and output devices are easily identified, they are frequently underestimated, especially where sensitive documents and information are concerned. This can be particularly critical for output devices located in public areas, where they can be accessed by staff, contractors and even visitors. Network security is another essential aspect to be taken into account.

Konica Minolta’s industry leading security standards cover all aspects and deal with all risks of today’s multi-faceted office communication. Almost without exception, the multifunctional bizhub devices are certified in accordance with the Common Criteria/ ISO 15408 EAL3 standard.

“Konica Minolta has a comprehensive range of print and document security features, many of which are standard features for their bizhub range of devices. Rather than certifying optional security kits, Konica Minolta claims to have the widest range of ISO 15408 fully certified MFPs in the market.” Source: Quocirca (2011), market study “Closing the print security gap. The market landscape for print security”, p. 11. This independent report was written by Quocirca Ltd., a primary research and analysis company specialising in the business impact of information technology and communications (ITC).

The scope of the comprehensive range of MFP security features deals with all imaginable security aspects – these can be classified into the main areas access control/access security; data and document security; and network security.

Our commitment for a sustainable earth and society


As a leading manufacturer of printing technologies, Konica Minolta considers the protection of the environment an essential part of its corporate management philosophy summed up in its Eco Vision 2050. Konica Minolta commits showing consideration for the environment throughout the entire product lifecycle; undertake initiatives to counter global warming; work towards a recycling-oriented society; the prevention of chemical pollution and the minimisation of potential risks to the environment.

Konica Minolta’s green technologies Constant efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our cutting-edge technologies help improve their efficiency. Two key technologies in Konica Minolta’s many earth friendly innovations and activities are: Our very own polymerised Simitri HD toner reduces CO2 not only during its production process, but also during actual use because it has a lower fusing temperature, which lowers energy consumption during the printing process. In addition, Simitri HD toner contains biomass, which contributes towards achieving CO2 neutrality during recycling and helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of our bizhub office devices. The standardised TEC value (typical electricity consumption) is not manufacturer-specific and indicates a product’s typical electricity consumption over a one-week period, based on average office usage. Konica Minolta MFPs boast very low TEC values, thus deliver the greatest energy savings and play their part in helping to protect the environment.

Green functionalities Our office products implement a range of features including duplex printing and copying, print and copy previews and a function to skip blank pages, which come into play by helping to save paper, increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

ISO 14001 For Konica Minolta and its worldwide business and manufacturing sites, the certification to this internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of companies is obligatory.

CO2 emissions

Committed to helping prevent global warming, Konica Minolta strives to reduce CO2 emissions during product manufacture, product distribution, at the sales stage and during product use, with even stricter targets than demanded by the Kyoto Protocol.

Zero waste Konica Minolta has self-imposed rigorous zero waste and risk management goals that are achieved by using all acquired resources efficiently, trying to reduce the volume of externally discarded waste with effective internal recycling.

Green procurement Konica Minolta’s global Procurement Policy states that at every stage of product development and manufacture, the emphasis is placed on using raw materials, parts and components procured from suppliers with active commitment to the environment.

Avoiding chemical pollution Konica Minolta pursues a comprehensive chemicals management throughout the lifecycle of all of its products to prevent chemical-related accidents and adverse health impacts.

seRVIce is oUr philosophy Konica Minolta strives to offer you the best. Our advanced service concepts cover all aspects of your everyday business, providing you with exactly the products and services you need to optimise your office processes and workflows and hence increase your productivity. Our skilled service staff ensures that you benefit from the highest level of maintenance, consultancy and care.

optimized Print services (oPs) Office technologies have advanced, users’ needs have changed – but a lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world. Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services (OPS) combine consultancy, hardware, software implementation and workflow management in order to lower document costs. With the goal of making your printing infrastructure work efficiently, Konica Minolta develops improvement strategies on the basis of precise facts and figures, and guarantees cost reductions as well as trouble-free processes. Focusing on the four essential areas Fleet, Process, Finance and Security, and adopting a three-pillared approach of Consult, Implement and Manage, the OPS package combines expert support with detailed individual optimization design and management for a smooth transition, not only to help you install your optimal printing infrastructure, but also to operate it in the most efficient way. That is the road to continuous reduction of TCO, direct and indirect, to minimal risk and interference with daily business operations, and to achieving maximal control and efficiency.


Customisation Konica Minolta offers enhanced customisation services to adapt your printing environment exactly to your existing capabilites, your requirements and demands. Our services include the customisation of firmware and drivers and the creation of individual settings and functionalities.

CS Remote Care Corporate environments depend on maximum machine availability as well as minimising the time and effort spent on arranging maintenance or ordering consumables. Konica Minolta’s remote monitoring system CS Remote Care helps to ensure the corresponding pro-active and highly flexible service support. CS Remote Care transmits all relevant system data directly to the Konica Minolta service center in an automated process. Using CS Remote Care, automated logistics can be provided by regularly and remotely checking consumables and stock. Careful data analysis frequently enables Konica Minolta to offer customers an overview of their system availability; the information thus compiled helps focus on continuous improvements in accordance with customer expectations.

–– All specifications refer to A4-size paper of 80 gsm quality. –– The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications and network protocols as well as network and system configurations. –– The stated life expectancy of each consumable is based on specific operating conditions such as page coverage for a particular page size (5% coverage of A4). The actual life of each consumable will vary depending on use and other printing variables including page coverage, page size, media type, continuous or intermittent printing, ambient temperature and humidity. –– Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories. –– Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. –– Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free. –– All brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.

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