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bizhub PRO C754

The right mix for the print industry

Production system bizhub PRO C754

bizhub PRO C754, production system

Printing with a competitive edge To survive in today’s markets requires a good product mix, clever marketing and competitive prices. In the print industry this means a good mix of print products, reliable technology and cost-effective calculation.

Rather than excelling in any one discipline, bizhub PRO C754 offers a good mix of features, technologies, and investment – and with that the competitive edge to drive a successful printing business and satisfy varied customer demands. As mixed as its feature set are its possible applications:

■■ For the commercial print industry, bizhub PRO C754 provides entry-level access to digital printing. Its affordable price makes it a safe investment and easy on any budget. And its ease of use keeps the digital learning curve low, enabling printers to concentrate on their business.

■■ In the print-for-pay business, time is money. And a system that offers walk-in users self-service for their copying, printing and scanning needs saves key operators and owners valuable time. With its intuitive and customisable user panel, bizhub PRO C754 guides even inexperienced users to the desired results. Its banner-printing feature for striking displays of up to 1.2 metres length adds a unique advantage to any printer’s offering. While the compact and attractive design makes the bizhub PRO C754 an eye catcher in any print room.

■■The CRD environment focuses on efficiency as a key criterion, in order to support incoming requests with competence and creditable results. bizhub PRO C754 fulfils these demands with an unfailingly performing print engine. Widening the scope of duties, the bizhub PRO C754’s scanning features easily turn a CRD into a central scanning facility, offering direct digitisation into workflows so that users are left with more time to concentrate on their real tasks. Last but not least, the bizhub PRO C754 does not specialise in either black and white or colour production, but combines both in one economic device, offering advantages of cost and time especially on mixed short run jobs.

A good mix for productivity Productivity can have many aspects; and if the right printing system is chosen, it will decrease a print provider’s overall running costs, helping to increase income and profitability. A suitable printing system will enhance the output flexibility, thus extending the portfolio of print products and the overall productivity. If the printing system is equipped with automatic finishing features, this will free valuable manpower making operators more productive, while technical reliability will keep the system up and running and the general productivity high.

Versatile media capabilities

ORU-M and CS Remote Care

The bizhub PRO C754’s comprehensive media processing provides enhanced flexibility in output choices. The generous paper supply of up to 6,650 sheets in combination with the possibility to refill paper during production enables operators to complete even higher-volume jobs without interruption. Paper sizes from A6 to SRA3, A3+, and paper qualities of up to 300 gsm as well as special media are all processed without hitch, same as customised sizes. Banner printing on individual sheets of up to 1.2 metres length is a unique addition to the range of possible print products, enabling the production of specialties like panorama pictures, display window ads, outsized product overviews, and many more.

Together, Konica Minolta’s ORU-M approach and the CS Remote Care concept as well as efficient service and maintenance give print providers peace of mind, as they enhance reliability, minimise system standstills and facilitate qualified self-maintenance for key operators.

Attractive finishing choices Inline finishing gives productivity an important boost, as print runs are completed automatically and do not require operator intervention to give finished print products the final professional touch. The bizhub PRO C754 can be equipped with either of two finishers, both of which feature endless booklet production with half-fold and saddle stitching for booklets of up to 80 pages (20 sheets) as well as automatic 2- or 4-hole punching. Depending on the choice of finisher, multi-position stapling is for max. 50 or up to 100 sheets per stapled set; also available is a letter-fold feature, which is perfect for the timesaving automatic folding of invoices, mailings and similar prints. For a professional look-and-feel, covers of up to 209 gsm can be added automatically to stapled handouts or brochures, enhancing the value of the final printed product.

The Operator Replaceable Unit Management (ORU-M) concept enables print providers and CRD operators to carry out preventive system care as well as a certain amount of parts replacement without technical assistance from Konica Minolta. This self-maintenance keeps image quality at a constant high level and reduces system downtime enormously. In combination with CS Remote Care, ORU-M reliably guarantees maximum uptime of the bizhub PRO C754: While ORU-M for example enables adding toner on-the-fly, CS Remote Care ensures that sufficient toner is always in stock! Altogether, Konica Minolta’s remote monitoring application CS Remote Care ensures pro-active and highly flexible service support: All relevant system data are transmitted directly to the Konica Minolta service in an automated process that never needs user intervention. With constant analysis of the system performance CS Remote Care enables automated reporting and preventive maintenance, effectively assuring maximum system uptime. In addition, CS Remote Care reliably monitors the use of consumables and ensures automatic on-time toner deliveries, so that machine standstills due to lack of toner are simply out of the question. CS Remote Care helps keep the bizhub PRO C754 running smoothly, minimising interruptions and maximising system availability.

bizhub PRO C754, production system

A good mix for assured quality Quality is vital for any print product – print providers need to meet customer expectations all the time, in order to maintain a successful business. Quality is best kept up with a print system with built-in control mechanisms. Only this avoids constant surveillance of the system and ensures that owners and key operators can relax with regard to quality. Konica Minolta’s own-developed integrated quality assurance technologies are S.E.A.D., ARDS and Simitri polymerised toner:

S.E.A.D. As proprietary Konica Minolta technology, S.E.A.D. stands for „Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Process“ and combines various technical innovations to guarantee impeccable colour reproduction at top speed. Konica Minolta’s advanced colour processing technology includes these important capabilities: ■■ 600

x 1,800 dpi x 6 bit print resolution With the physical print resolution of 600 x 1,800 dpi and continuous tone printing of 6 bit, bizhub PRO C754 offers high quality output for images and graphics, and smooth colour gradation. For the particular support of fine line reproduction and the very small characters in e.g. maps and similar documents, the bizhub PRO C754 can be switched to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi for precision printing. ■■ Screen technology Depending on the different image objects on one page – photos, graphics and text – bizhub PRO C754 automatically applies the best print screening to ensure smooth, even or sharp reproduction for a perfect match of the print data.

■■ ITbit

technology Outline processing improves the appearance of characters by thinning them so they do not appear fat. Contour processing helps to reproduce white characters on backgrounds with ideal proportions and reduces jagged edges of halftone characters. ■■ Image stability A short interval stability control monitors image consistency on the bizhub PRO C754 during continuous printing without affecting performance. Corrections are fully automatic and improve the stability of the image quality, while the whole process considerably enhances production efficiency. To avoid production interruptions, the stability system analyses incoming print jobs and carries out stabilisation at the start or at the end of the print run. ■■ Retention and stability In addition to internal monitoring, the system also checks for ambient changes to temperature and humidity as these might influence the print quality. The bizhub PRO C754 automatically adapts to any changes that are detected and thus keeps its stability over the complete print run.

Simitri® HD polymerised toner

Conventional toner

Auto Refining Developer System (ARDS) Konica Minolta’s Auto Refining Developer System ensures constant high image quality while maximising consumables yield. The innovative ARDS technology regularly refreshes the toner and the carrier inside the bizhub PRO C754. This helps avoid deterioration of the carrier, increases the developer life and improves the b/w image quality. As a result, this intelligent developing system supports a stable image quality over the long term, while at the same time making b/w printing more economic.

Conventional toner

Simitri® HD polymerised toner

Clear dot

Sharp and fine line

Clear and sharp text

Simitri® HD polymerised toner In production printing, a high colour image quality as well as impeccable black density are essential requirements. The bizhub PRO C754 delivers both, thanks to Konica Minolta’s unique Simitri® HD polymerised toner. Simitri® HD ensures a faultless colour image quality and with its reduced fusing temperature supports a comprehensive range of media. ■■ Highly uniform shape and extremely small particles ■■ Wider colour gamut thanks to smoother dispersion of colour pigments ■■ Outstanding colour fade resistance ■■ Enhanced durability: Resistant to peeling and can be folded without degrading print quality ■■ Less toner coverage required for perfect results ■■ Oil-free fusing process ■■ Extended media range and reduced energy consumption thanks to lower fusing temperature ■■ Eco-friendly manufacturing process with substantially reduced emissions.

bizhub PRO C754, production system

A good mix for enjoyable colour Colour accuracy, image stability and consistent quality are not only buzz words in the print industry, but aspects that make professional printing a complex task. Also in this regard the PRO bizhub C754 keeps its promise and performance, featuring an embedded Fiery controller that offers a range of valuable tools, which simplify the job of a key operator and make the taming of colour an enjoyable task.

Fiery Productivity Package

Calibration and EFI Color Profiler

This combination of productivity-enhancing features helps users achieve maximum performance and the right colour quickly and easily:

Exact calibration of the controller and the output device is essential for accuracy in colour reproduction. ■■ For

■■ Fiery

ImageViewer provides fast local and remote soft-proofing tools for preview and colour editing capabilities ■■ PostFlight Report offers the ultimate job diagnostic tool with colour-coded reports enabling users to identify potential printing hitches ■■ Image Enhance Visual Editor offers an interactive toolset for optimised image appearance and fast custom corrections ■■ Hot Folders and Virtual Printers automate the job submission process, enhancing the operator’s productivity.

Fiery ColorWise and Spot-On® With EFI Fiery ColorWise, colour processing is automatic and takes place only once – in-RIP at the Fiery, not in the workstation. As an intuitive interface for conceptualising and modifying spot colours, Spot-On ensures colour precision and colour consistency. ■■ ColorWise

offers great out-of-the-box colour with features that convert raw files to professional colour prints quickly, easily, and consistently ■■ Color Setup provides essential default workflow settings for colour processing. ■■ The Calibrator ensures reliable calibration and linearisation of the output device ■■ The Editor allows fast and convenient changes to the CYMK colour curves. ■■ The Profile Manager facilitates the download and upload of ICC profiles and can be used for the setup of Device Link profiles ■■ Spot-On manages spot colours with system-independent calibration of each customised colour for Pantone, HKS, DIC and Toyo.

standard calibration with EFi ColorCal, a specially designed calibration chart is printed and then scanned on the bizhub ■■ Optionally, the IC-414 can be equipped with the EFI Color Profiler – a handheld spectrometer for professional calibration to stabilise and enhance the output quality.

Command WorkStation® With the Command WorkStation, the Fiery IC-414 offers a powerful advanced platform that combines remarkable convenience with excellent and highly functional graphics features. ■■ Centralised

job management and connection to all Fiery servers on the network ■■ Intuitive interface for straightforward operation, and adaptation to any environment with flexible software ■■ Easy setup, management and job control in the Job Center area for centralised viewing and managing of all sent jobs to the Fiery server ■■ Integrated previews minimise printing errors and waste ■■ SeeQuence Preview for easy navigation through an entire document, facilitating adding, deleting, and merging of pages.

A good mix for capture & digitisation These days, scanning and the digitisation of documents are major applications in most larger companies. And they often become time-consuming tasks for the individual user blocking valuable resources that are more efficiently used for qualified work. The bizhub PRO C754 and its scanning capabilities can turn a CRD into the company’s central location for document capture and direct distribution into specific user workflows, freeing manpower for more important duties. Combining central document digitisation with the CRD’s usual task of document production upgrades the job of the in-house print room and lets the whole company appreciate its services more.

High-speed scanning

bEST technologies

As essential input technology, scanning simplifies and streamlines the capturing, distribution and sharing of information. Its high-speed duplex scanner makes the bizhub PRO C754 an ideal central input tool, e.g. to capture paper-based information for use in internal workflows, for efficient document archiving, and integration into Document Management Systems.

Konica Minolta’s bizhub Extended Solution Technology (bEST) provides the platform and technologies to facilitate the complete integration of the bizhub PRO C754 into customer environments, which is of particular interest to document-intensive business areas, such as logistics, manufacturing, legal or healthcare. bEST enables operators to start e.g. document capturing and archiving workflows directly at the bizhub panel, inputting all required information like document type and additional index fields during the scan process so that post-treatment of the scans in the PC is no longer required.

The bizhub PRO C754 scans up to 180 images per minute and, combined with Konica Minolta’s versatile capturing applications, is perfect for high-volume document scanning. The functionality includes scan to e.g. email, FTP, SMB and user box; and the scan formats JPEG, multi-page PDF and PDF/A, XPS and TIFF as well as compact PDF and compact XPS. The latter provide considerably reduced file sizes that help to ease network traffic and speed up communication.

Under the roof of bEST, numerous applications such as the Document Navigator provide intelligent image processing and distribution capabilities, ensuring e.g. the fast conversion of scanned documents into desired formats as well as automatic routing to a chosen network location. During the scanning process, e.g. supplier IDs or invoice numbers can automatically be read from the documents and used as archiving path, index field or part of the document name. Connectors facilitate the bizhub PRO C754’s full integration into CRM, EPS and DMS systems.

bizhub PRO C754, production system

A good mix for user convenience Usability is equally important for customers, i.e. walk-in users, as well as for company-internal operators. If working with a device can be simplified, this will increase the comfort and convenience of the job to be done and with that the motivation to get it done. Obtaining expected results faster and without complications ensures above all that external and internal “customers” will come back again and again.

Unlimited usability for individual choice Following the trend of today’s easy usability of communication devices, bizhub PRO C754 sets new standards in user friendliness with an innovative 9-inch capacitive colour touch-screen panel. This large screen features multi-touch functionality with the intuitive “Flick & Drag” operation meanwhile well known from smartphones and tablet PCs. The user interface in this newest generation of Konica Minolta’s office multifunctionals has been completely redesigned with the focus on near-limitless usability – it is intuitive, well structured and customisable:

■■ For

instant access, the most frequently used features (i.e. print, copy, scan, fax, etc.) can be individually selected and freely arranged on the main panel. Additionally, the menu screen provides direct access to any MFP function – copy, scan, fax, box, as well as copy and scan programs, installed applications and preset workflows. ■■ Pop-up windows open for all function settings, always keeping the main panel available. This avoids users getting lost in too many different function screens. ■■ For easier understanding and more intuitive operation, function settings have been enhanced with logical icons, and the number of hard buttons has been reduced to a minimum. ■■ Features can be limited on user level with 3 presets (basic, standard and full), structuring the MFP operation for e.g. regular and infrequent users and avoiding the confusion of too many choices. In addition, the Konica Minolta service can program another 3 presets for individual requirements.

A good mix for a greener world If savings can be made in print costs, this allows companies to invest into areas that are more important for their business. And by adopting green IT technology, they fulfil the expectations of the modern eco-conscious society, which helps to improve a company’s standing in general. With its green technology, the bizhub PRO C754 honours both aspects, lowering the overall cost of printing with reduced power consumption and less wasted paper. Not surprisingly, the bizhub PRO C754’s sound eco-performance has been awarded the Blue Angel Mark as well as the Energy Star certification.

Impeccable eco-performance

Avoids wasting paper

The bizhub PRO C754 impresses with a wealth of eco-highlights, including LED scanner lighting, 3 Watt sleep and 0.5 Watt power save mode, induction heating fuser technology, or the wakeup-forscan-only technology that avoids heating the engine when unnecessary. These and other energy-saving features support the highly economic power consumption, which is far below the limits required for Energy Star and Blue Angel and contributes to the low overall machine running cost.

In addition to the essential power saving aspect, the bizhub PRO C754 offers important features to avoid misprints and wasting paper. The copy preview feature built into the MFP as well as the Print Preview in the Command Work Station enable users to check their desired output including finishing settings before producing a single page. And features like auto duplex or n-up facilitate saving paper.

Not only can the bizhub PRO C754’s innovative dynamic eco timer be programmed on a weekday, date or time basis; it automatically analyses machine usage and improves settings, e.g. switches to sleep mode during a recurring break. And thanks to the extremely short warm-up time of just 22 seconds, users need not worry about a lengthy wait before printing. Besides contributing to a high output quality, Simitri® HD polymerised toner aids the sound ecoperformance. The latest generation of this high quality toner delivers better prints than ever, while its biomass ingredient helps reduce the bizhub PRO C754’s carbon emission further. Another environmental plus of Simitri HD is its easy deinking, which is essential to enable recycling of used paper.

bizhub PRO C754, production system

A good mix for any application Meeting the scope of almost any business, the bizhub PRO C754 protects a company’s initial financial outlay and investment with versatile options that enhance the most diverse business workflows. The bizhub PRO C754 offers high modularity with flexible paper, finishing and feature alternatives that adapt to any working environment.

bizhub PRO C754 ■■ Main configuration In its standard configuration, the bizhub PRO C754 features the essential components for professional printing and scanning. The Fiery print controller IC-414, driven by the latest System 10e, is embedded into the system. The built-in automatic duplex unit enables double-sided printing with 100% productivity, while the standard one-pass dual-scan ADF captures documents at a speed of 180 images per minute. For flexibility in online print media, bizhub PRO C754 is equipped with 4 paper trays and a manual bypass.

one sided printing

two-sided printing/ duplex

multi banner printing

paper/toner refill during operation

combined mixplex/mixmedia

■■ Large capacity tray (LU-204) The LU-204 increases the standard paper capacity by an additional 2,500 sheets. The LU-204 supports paper sizes from A4 to SRA3 and a max. paper weight from 52 to 256 gsm.

■■ Large capacity tray (LU-301) For more A4-focused environments, the LU-301 increases the overall A4 capacity by 3,000 sheets. Its paper weight support ranges from 52 to 256 gsm.

■■ Staple finisher (FS-534) This entry-level finisher offers corner and side stapling for up to 50 sheets and an output capacity of max. 3,200 sheets. 2- and 4-hole punching is available as an option.

corner stapling

2-point stapling

two-hole punching

four-hole punching

auto-shift sorting

■■ Booklet option (SD-511) The booklet option for FS-534 allows the creation of saddle stitched and half folded booklets with a maximum of 80 pages. In addition, it offers letter fold for 1 to 3 sheets per document.


booklet (folding and saddle stiching)

2-point stapling

two-hole punching


booklet (folding and saddle stiching)

multi letter fold in

■■ Staple finisher (FS-535) The FS-535 offers corner and side stapling for up to 100 sheets per set. It has a maximum output capacity of 3,200 sheets and can be equipped with an optional 2- and 4-hole auto-switching punch unit.

corner stapling

four-hole punching

■■ Booklet option (SD-512) SD-512 creates saddle stitched and folded booklets of up to 80 sheets, and has a letter-folding function for 1 to 3 sheets per set. As the booklet output tray is equipped with an automatic transport belt, unlimited production of booklets or letters is possible.

multi letter fold in

■■ Z-Fold unit (ZU-606) The ZU-606 offers z-folding of A3 documents to A4 size. In addition, the ZU-606 is equipped with a 2- and 4-hole punching unit (only in combination with FS-535).


■■ Post inserter (PI-505) With the post inserter it is possible to insert e.g. preprinted cover sheets into documents before the final finishing process. Two input trays for 200 sheets each are available (only in combination with FS-535).

sheet insertion, booklet

cover insertion, booklet

■■ Banner tray (BT-C1) To support higher print volumes of banner sheets, the bypass tray can be enhanced with the BT-C1, allowing banner feeding of up to 25 sheets.

banner printing

auto-shift sorting

Technical specifications Printer specifications Print speed A4 (mono/colour) Up to 75/60 ppm Print speed A3 (mono/colour) Up to 37/30 ppm Print resolution 1,800 x 600 dpi x 6 bit (equivalent) 1,200 x 1,200 dpi x 1 bit* Gradation 256 gradations

System specifications Paper weight 52–256 gsm Up to 300 gsm (from the bypass) Duplex unit Non-stack type 64–256 gsm A5–SRA3; A3+ Paper sizes A6–SRA3 A3+ (311 x 457 mm) Banner 297 x 1,200 mm (127– 210 gsm) Custom 90–311 mm x 140 – 457 mm Maximum image area 307 x 437 mm (SRA3) 302 x 448 mm (A3+) Paper input capacity (std/max) Max.: 6,650 sheets Main unit: up to 3,650 sheets LU-204: up to 2,500 sheets LU-301: up to 3,000 sheets Paper output capacity Main tray: up to 3000 sheets Sub tray: up to 200 sheets JS-602: up to 100 sheets

HDD 160 GB S-ATA hard drive

Magnification 25 – 400% in 0,1% steps

Interface Ethernet 10/100/1,000-Base-T

Multi copies 1– 9,999

File formats Adobe PostScript Level 1;2;3 PCL Adobe PDF 1.4; 1.5; 1.6; 1.7; PDF/X EPS TIFF; TIFF/IT; JPEG Fiery FreeForm Client environments Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7 Windows Server 2003/2008 Macintosh OSX or higher

Scanner specifications Automatic document feeder Max.: 150 sheets A6 – A3 35 – 210 gsm Scan speed (A4) Up to 180 ipm 1pass duplex scanning Scan resolution Max. 600 x 600 dpi Scan modes Network TWAIN scan Scan-to-HDD Scan-to-FTP Scan-to-SMB Scan-to-email Scan-to-WebDAV Scan-to-USB

Warm-up time Approx. 22 seconds (Warm-up time may vary depending on the operating environment and usage)

File formats JPEG; TIFF PDF; Compact PDF; Encrypted PDF; Searchable PDF (optional) PDF/A 1a (optional); PDF/A 1b XPS; Compact XPS PPTX; Searchable PPTX (optional)

Dimension (W x D x H mm) 650 x 799 x 1,155 (main unit only)

Copier specifications

Weight 221 kg (main unit only)

Controller specifications IC-414 internal EFI Fiery controller CPU Intel Pentium @ 2.6 GHz (dualcore) RAM 2 GB

Copy speed A4 (mono/colour) Up to 75/60 ppm Copy speed A3 (mono/colour) Up to 37/30 ppm Copy resolution Max. 600 x 600 dpi Gradation 256 gradations FCOT (mono/colour) 3.7/5.3 seconds

Accessories Large capacity tray LU-204 1 magazine Paper capacity up to 2,500 sheets Paper weight 52 to 256 gsm Standard paper sizes A4 – SRA3; A3+ Large capacity tray LU-301 1 magazine Paper capacity up to 3,000 sheets Paper weight 52 to 256 gsm Standard paper size A4 Booklet finishers FS-534 and SD-511 For booklets of up to 20 sheets (80 images) 2-point and corner stapling Stapling up to 50 sheets Centre fold and saddle stitching Letter-fold 1 to 3 sheets Auto-shift; sorting and grouping Output for up to 3,000 sheets Sub tray for up to 200 sheets Booklet tray for up to 100 sheets Booklet finishers FS-535 and SD-512 For booklets of up to 20 sheets (80 images) 2-point and corner stapling Stapling up to 100 sheets Centre fold and saddle stitching Letter-fold 1 to 3 sheets Auto-shift; sorting and grouping Output for up to 3,000 sheets Sub tray for up to 200 sheets Booklet tray for up to 300 sheets (or unlimited) Z-Fold unit ZU-606 (option for FS-535) Z-folding for A3 media to A4 size Includes 2/4 hole auto switch punch unit Post inserter PI-505 (option for FS-535) Preprinted sheet insertion 2 PI trays for 200 sheets each Job separator JS-602 (option for FS-535) 3rd output tray for 100 sheets Punch unit PK-520 (option for FS-534) 2- and 4-hole punching (auto switching) Punch unit PK-521 (option for FS-535) 2- and 4-hole punching (auto switching) Banner tray BT-C1 Bypass tray extension for multi-page banner printing Up to 25 banner sheets * print speed reduced to 25 ppm

All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-size paper of 80 gsm quality. All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing speeds refer to A4-size paper that is scanned, copied or printed crosswise in multipage, simplex mode. The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications, network protocols as well as network and system configurations. n Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories. n Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. n Konica Minolta does not warrant that all specifications mentioned will be error-free. n Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. n All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. n n n

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