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Laminate Wood Flooring Plus Why They Are Worth Taking Into Consideration When it comes to your home, the floor surface is the foundation for a spectacular interior design. Not only should it match with the surrounding decor, the floor must be clean and comfortable. Very little beats authentic hardwood floor which is the traditional standard. Designers nowadays however have the option of installing laminate wood flooring due to the leaps technology has made. Laminate flooring holds several positive aspects over classic hardwood even though they are both very similar in appearance. Components Developed in Sweden during the 1980s, laminate wood flooring consist of four layers. The foundation of the flooring is usually a moisture resistant layering. On the top of the base is the substrate layer, which is also known as the core layer. Made out of wood fibers that have been compressed with adhesive and resin, the substrate layer is normally water resistant. The pattern layer is next, and it gives the flooring surface its decorative appearance. It features photos that often times can't be distinguished from real wood. Visible patterns are photographs of genuine wood. The wear layer is the thinnest and top layer. This layer prevents moisture from seeping straight into the flooring. Variations High pressure and direct pressure are the two main laminate floor options. High-pressure flooring is normally more durable. The bonding process on the high pressure laminate is the reason why it so resilient as the layers are bonded together using very high heat. A lot lower pressure is required for the direct pressure laminates. In a variety of colors and styles laminate flooring is offered. The options are infinite with the abundance of selections the laminate flooring can be purchased in. Affordable and Durable Harvesting grown trees is required in the production process of hardwood flooring which a great many could be relatively pricey. Nevertheless, laminate wood is normally half the price of real hardwood flooring and doesn't affect cherished resources. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, laminate floors are resilient, scratch resistant and sensible economically. They are manufactured to withstand significant impact from active children and household pets. The flooring is not going to fade in direct sunlight and are easy to maintain. Another advantage over hardwood flooring is the laminate wood is resistant to devastating termites. Installation

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Laminate Wood Flooring Plus Why They Are Worth Taking Into Consideration Laminate floors are easily set up and come in several forms. One option is an interlocking process which requires no adhesives. Installation can be handled without having the help from professional installers and is an excellent choice for do-it-yourselfers. Almost on any sub floor the laminate flooring can be installed including ceramic, concrete, vinyl and also wood. A clean and dry sub floor is required for uniformity however. Cleaning and Protection Laminate woods can be simply cleaned of dust and dirt by a vacuum cleaner or broom. Be sure you clean up any spills as soon as possible. A wash rag moistened with water should be enough to get off even stubborn marks. Once you've cleaned the laminate, make sure to dry the flooring with a towel or cloth. Floor cleaning solutions made for laminate wood is available should the entire floor need to be cleaned every once in awhile. These can be found on the internet or at your local home improvement center. Harsh cleaning materials need to be avoided and do not use soaps or solutions not specifically designed for the laminate. Using floor mats at entrances will help protect your laminate wood flooring from dirt and mud. To also protect the flooring, attach felt pads to the bottom of chairs and furniture that is heavy. A Great Flooring Option For anyone who is renovating, laminate wood floors are a great option. You can't go wrong choosing a laminate wood flooring as there are a large number of options to select from, they are not only economical but durable too. Get excellent deals for the best laminate wood flooring when you stop in at Dalton Carpet Mart. For additional info on Dalton Carpet Mart, stop by their website at

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Laminate Wood Flooring Plus Why They Are Worth Taking Into Consideration