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Research Project Scoring Tool

Your mission is to research your assigned topic and complete the graphic organizer with numerous relevant facts and details. Using this information, create a Prezi that reflects the research you have compiled. Your Prezi should give a clear explanation of your topic. After completing the Prezi, you will record yourself explaining your topic using Screenr.

Research Graphic Organizer - Sheet completed with 3-5 areas of research supported with more than 5-10 facts per area (Write in your own words) 15 Works Cited - Completed works cited sheet with proper citations from at least 4 different sources 10 Photo URL’s - Compiled list of photo URL’s on a Word document 5

Prezi Content – Prezi includes areas of research and covers topic in-depth with details and examples Subject knowledge is thorough Organization – Prezi is logically ordered using headings and bulleted lists to group related material Conventions (CUPS) – Proper spelling and use of grammar 10 Visual Effects –Usesconsistent font, color, effects and graphics to enhance the presentation Path – All text and imagesare easily visible to audience 5 Photos/Images – Includes at least 5 relevant photos or images 10

15 5


Screenr Presentation Voice – Loud, clear voice and words annunciated properly Presentation - Interesting, well-rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention. Presentation corresponds with the path of the Prezi Length – Presentation is at least 3-5 minutes long

5 10 5

/100 TOTAL

Scoring Tool  

Research Project Scoring Tool Research Screenr Presentation Your mission is to research your assigned topic and complete the graphic organiz...

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