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PLU how elf-reflect Creating Product and Self-Reflecting GRADE: 8

SUBJECT: LanguageArts

UNIT: Background knowledge for Children of the River

STANDARD(S): English: 1.8.8 C 21st Century: 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 2.4.2, 3.1.1, 3.4.1, 3.4.2,

MATERIALS: research packet, LibGuides pathfinder, prezi, screenr


Lesson Essential Question: When answered at the end of the lesson, is it what I want students to be able to know, understand or be able to do?

EQ: How do I turn my research graphic organizer into a prezi presentation and why do I reflect on my research process? Answer to EQ: By completing my graphic organizer, I have all the content for my project; I just need to put it into the correct format. The reflection allows me to identify areasof strength and weakness.

What do students need to learn to answer the EQ? AP Concept 1: What is a self-reflection? Activating Strategy: Vocabulary and Strategy: Vocabulary is best learned if taught with direct instruction as a preview and then re-taught in the context of the lesson.

Teaching Strategy with Distributed Summarizing : What instructional strategies will you use in your lesson? What graphic organizer will I use to organize how I want students to think about this content? Consider assessment prompts as regular checks for understanding. The strategy is how you will do it.

WORDS: PLUSS Self-reflect


Graphic Organizer: research graphic organizer - (see attached) Students will use their graphic organizer to create a prezi communicating their information in short statements. Students will use their graphic organizer to write a script that they will record using screenr. The script will include more detailed information from their research to support and explain their prezi. AP1: What is the importance of self-reflection? Strategy: brainstorm Show students the self-reflect form on LibGuides.

Summarizing: How will students summarize what they are learning at the end of the lesson?

Students will use their research to create a prezi, write a script, and record a presentation using screenr. After completing their assignment, they will complete a self-reflection survey.

Lesson Plan - Show and Self-reflect