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122 McGlothlin Campus Center ACU Box 27702 Abilene, TX 79699-7702 (304) 596-3223

Kimberly Mai Anthes

PROFILE Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration, a global perspective, service, leadership, and proven adaptability.

EDUCATION Abilene Christian University

Fall 2010-Present

Cumulative GPA 2.9 Major Cumulative GPA 3.5

EXPERIENCE Student Assistant to Vice President’s Office

February 2011-Present

Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX Office of the LYNAY program, Pulse Program, and school funding networking. Welcome visitors and guests while managing administrative work for the office as well as data for over 200 students that are in the LYNAY program. Office representative when making deliveries around campus or, when VP and supervisor are out of office.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Vice-President of International Student Association

Upcoming School Year 2012-2013

To promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and harmony through interaction and activities open to all students at ACU. To provide an atmosphere in which each student involved in ISA can have an opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. To guide students by leadership through service.

Mentor Group Leader

Upcoming Fall of 2012

Responsible to the designated Cornerstone instructor and Peer Leader for assisting first-year college students in affirming their commitment to higher education and adjusting to University life. Work as part of a three-person team that includes a Peer Leader and one other Mentor Group Leader to help a group of 30 new students transition into the ACU community.

Substitute Leader/Core Member for International Life Group

December 2011- Present

Student led groups of 10-20 people who meet weekly to learn and discuss leadership through service and its applicability to community.

Class President Senior Year of High School Serve the student body and be a source of communication between faculty and students.


Kimberly Mai Anthes

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SERVICE LYNAY (Love Your Neighbor As Yourself) Member

Fall 2011-Present

Service learning program promoting leadership and building community through diversity founded by ACU, Vice-president, and Dr. Gary McCaleb. Prepares its members to live out the university’s mission statement.

Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief Through Global Samaritan Resources

June 2011

One out of the three college students from ACU to be sent to Japan by Global Samaritan Resources. Volunteered for 2 weeks working 12-14 hours a day with other relief teams as a translator.

Collaborated with three different relief organizations that had different system. Spring Break Community Service Mission Trip

March 2011

Organized by Beltway Park Baptist church’s college ministry that sent over 200 students to small, low socio-economic towns surrounding the Abilene area for 5-7 hours a day for differing service projects.

Key Words Adaptability, Achiever, Bilingual, Global Perspective, International, Manage, Service

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EDUCATION PROFILE Class President Senior Year of High School 2009-2010 To promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and harmony through inte...

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