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Captain Cliff Anthes started as “Sonny Boy” when he was born November 20, 1935 to Clifford C Anthes Sr. & Teresa B. Anthes in Cranford, New Jersey. Cliff’s childhood interests were Lionel trains, Scouting, history, travels, and especially Industrial Design. His adult pursuits were a college education, a tour of duty in Korea, Eagle Scout, settling in El Paso, mortgage banking and eventually marrying Audrey Anthes with her 5 children, Meril, Ellis, Linda, Darin, & Daril. Audrey & Cliff added to their family with Sheri & Cliff III. Cliff went into homebuilding and excelled in the first-time homebuyer market leading into land development. He worked in local politics, Lions Club, Boy Scouts of America, and the El Paso Association of Homebuilders. In the mid-eighties, he served on the El Paso International Airport Board and a term as Chairman of the Board. He and Audrey pursued travels of New Mexico with his family, exploring abandoned mines, boating at the Butte, and cabins in the forests of Ruidoso. Staying home and sitting on the couch were never on his agenda. Cliff loved to go on trips to Istanbul, Yugoslavia, and Germany. They retired in 1990 and made their homes between Washington, Texas, and their tugboat, Little Buddy, mooring in Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico- until Audrey passed in 2011 and Cliff in 2012. Friends and family miss them.

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Biography of Clifford "Cliff" Anthes Jr.