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Km2 Shoes & ACCESSORIES 314 409 9413

Audrey Goes Nude Bronze and Chocolate bows *all ornaments on this shoe are vintage And subject to vary in Shape and Slightly in color $240 R

Venus (SILVER) Comes in Nude, Snake and Black Snake and Silver Detail $250 R

Audrey (Floppy) Black, Deep Violet, or Wine Bow *all ornaments on this shoe are vintage And subject to vary in shape only $240 R

Stella Oval / STELLA FLORA Nude Leather or Black Snake • Swarovski Crystals • ornaments are reversible to color $245 R

Lyla (left) Charcoal or Bronze $165 R

Layla (right) Charcoal w/ Gold or Silver Embellishment Bronze w/ Gold or Silver Embellishment $240

Melanie with silver or gold Crystals (gold shown) Real Turquoise$195R

Bianca Black, Turquoise, Wine, Purple *gold embellishments available $295 R

Eva Onyx (black), Platinum, Soft Gold, Bronze (CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE) $250 R

Special order teal

ANA Charcoal with Crystal Decadence $295 R

Ansley (Sister to Ana with beading mixed with crystal) Charcoal with Crystal and Beaded Beauty $195 R

Jill BLACK SNAKE WITH NETTING BOW Bow Colors: Black, White, Turquoise, peach $240 R

BRAVO ALL GLITTER PEEP TOE HEELS Silver, Blue, Black, Red $195 R

Bravo Beau All Glitter Peep Toe Heels with Crystal Flowers Silver, Blue, Black, Red $240 R

Km2 Shoes, Shoes to live in What People are saying “The shoes will be on the must-have list for the LA-girl-about-town: sexy shapes (platform and high high-heels) paired with vintage details (satin roses, vintage lace, and pearls) or edgy studs and brightly colored feathers.”

OMG!!!! I am in Shoe heaven LOVE!!! Km2 shoes are the most amazing shoes!!! If you are looking for shoes that no one else will have you must check out KM2 they are to die for!!!-Natalie klein, creator of A trio of California sole sisters merge industry prowess and vintage pieces to create a collection of unique footwear.-Wellheeled’s recommendation on KM2 Custom Shoe Spring 2010 Collection, These Shoes Were Made For More Than Just Walking! They say that good things come in small packages, and after attending the show for KM2 Spring 2010, I couldn’t agree with that statement more. Think Carrie from Sex In The City and you will have summed up the fierceness that was brought during the KM2 show.if one of the things that you love is fashion or shoe shopping, then you have to get familiar with KM2 shoes. Trust me, you may want to get ahead of this next big name in the world of shoe design.-takeisha Rayson of Let me tell you these shoes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Founded by sisters Megan, Katelyn, and Mattison Gelber KM2’s shoes are by far the most stunning, drop dead gorgeous heels around.Another reason to love KM2 is that 10% of all profits go to stop Human Trafficking. The sisters even created a Mary Jo cuff that you can purchase and wear to show your support for the cause. Seriously, Alexander McQueen needs to hire these girls. I can see their creations on his cat walk. - nikki Neil of biteme fashion blog an experience that rivals any in-store footwear purchase.these sisters are unstoppable.Marylyn of

Our Customer, "She wears old Levis with a cashmere sweater. She is COMFORTABLE in her own skin. She is GUTSY, but not showy. WILD, but HUMBLE. PROFESSIONAL, but ECCENTRIC. She is not self-obsessed, but not negligent. She is EXTREME in action and thought, but doesn't take herself too seriously. She takes things as they come, step by step. She has a plan, but tomorrow has SURPRISES. She gets pretzels and a cola on the streets of New York and boba tea in LA. Paris is her Midnight ADVENTURE. She rides through the mountains in cut-offs at midday. She can find TREASURES at a flea market or on Rodeo Drive . take her on a date to the finest Steak House or just the deli down the street. She LAUGHS when she trips, pounding the pavement in PERFECT POISE and PEACE. Our customer has the world at her fingertips and ENJOYS the journey on the way to where she is going, looking CLASSY and on point WITHOUT STRIVING to. She is a timeless beauty, EFFORTLESS for EVERY STEP OF HER LIFE. xoxo KM2" Copyright 2009 

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KM2 Line Sheets  

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