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ANNA’S APARTMENT-DOWNTOWN NEW YORK It’s midday, we see a lonely woman in black yoga pants and a tank top in her late twenties sitting at her desk in an apartment overlooking downtown New York City. On her screen, her Facebook home page with no new notifications. ANNA I don’t know why I’m surprised...(sighs) We watch as she exits into the kitchen, leaving her Facebook page up. We can hear the sounds of traffic from outside the open window as well as noises from the kitchen while ANNA makes herself a sandwich. Suddenly, a friend request notification appears. ANNA returns with her sandwich in tow. We watch as she turns on the television and sits down on her bed to begin eating. She glances at her computer screen and does a double take. ANNA Finally! (dashes to computer and opens request) Well, hello there Mr. Andrew Clay. Five friends in common? And you’re a hottie? No way you’re gettin’ denied! ANNA continues to peruse his profile, looking at his pictures and information. ANNA Current City: New York, Employment: HR Advertising. Impressive, Mr. Clay. Very impressive... Then, CLAY pokes ANNA via Facebook and an all out poke war begins with ANNA laughing. ANNA’S APARTMENT-DOWNTOWN NEW YORK The next day we watch as ANNA gets dressed for work. She looks at her dainty silver watch and crosses over to her computer to check her Facebook before leaving. A message notification can be seen. ANNA (Reading out loud to herself) Hey Anna, I was out the other night with a mutual friend of ours...blah, blah, blah, heard (MORE) (CONTINUED)



ANNA (cont’d) you’re new in town, blah, blah...and was wondering if you wanted to grab lunch today!? We watch as ANNA types an affirmative apply stating to meet her at the Cafe Bleu at 2:00 pm. Hurriedly, she pulls on some heeled boots and grabs her purse before exiting. CAFE BLEU-DOWNTOWN NEW YORK ANNA approaches the Cafe Bleu. We watch as she enters and looks around for a second before spotting CLAY. ANNA Andrew? Hi, it’s so good to meet you. ANDREW Yeah, you too. John was saying a lot of great things about you the other night. ANNA Well, you know, we go way back. Diapers, practically. ANDREW Trust me, I’ve heard. The waiter appears and asks them for their drink orders. ANNA orders a water with lemon and ANDREW a Coke. ANDREW So what brings you to the Big Apple? ANNA Other than the fact that I like apples? Yeah, good one, I know. Well, it’s your basic get away from small town life and make it in the big city story. John really was the one who convinced me, after he managed to survive here I knew I could. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s not exactly street savvy. ANDREW We’ve almost been mugged on numerous occassions... (CONTINUED)



We see the waiter return with their drinks and take their order before conversation resumes. ANNA Somehow, I’m not surprised. So how’s the world of advertising? As cutthroat as they say? ANDREW Oh, no, of course not. Okay, well, yes. It’s a cruel world, as they say. It’s hard to try to figure out new and improved ways to brainwash people into buying products, yet it’s also strangely satisfying. ANNA (laughing) You’re disturbed, you know that? ANDREW I prefer twisted, but thank you. So what exactly do you do here? ANNA I’m currently working as a secretary for Donald Trump andANDREW What?! I didn’t take you as the lying type. ANNA You got me. I’m actually a secretary at a large accounting firm at the moment and hating my life because of it. ANDREW So quit. ANNA Everyone says that, but this is real life. People don’t just quit their jobs because they’re unhappyANDREW Sure they do. All the time. ANNA No, they don’t. And I don’t know why I’m discussing this with you, my newfound Facebook friend.




ANDREW Sometimes it’s easier to talk to people you don’t really know yet. Their food arrives and they begin to eat. OUTSIDE THE CAFE BLEU-DOWNTOWN NEW YORK ANNA and ANDREW stand facing each other, a slight wind catching her hair. ANDREW So we should do this again sometime? ANNA I’d like that. Message me? ANDREW Of course, so does that mean this was a date? ANNA I guess you could call it that, yeah. ANDREW So I should get a goodnight kiss? ANNA Technically, it’s not nightime. ANDREW But still, dates always end with a goodnight kiss. We watch as ANNA smiles a little before walking backwards a couple steps. ANNA What’s a kiss when you already poked me? ANDREW Oh, I can’t believe you just said that. ANNA laughs and turns around and walking down the busy sidewalk.

Poke: A Byte Size Romantic Comedy  

Facebook brings love into the lives of two people living in NYC.

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