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Kyle Lushell T206 Midterm Project 11/12/2010 Write Up The lyrics I chose are a verse from the song, “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.� by The Fall of Troy. The song is from the point of view of a teenager dying in his girlfriend’s arms after he gets in a car accident while on a date. The song shows lots of tension and is very dreary, as it is full of emotions as the protagonist struggles to stay alive. The main feeling that is shown in this song is helplessness, as he feels that no matter what he does, his time has come. In going along with this dark, tension-filled song, I chose the visual aesthetic of a gritty spy movie, which incorporated having a shadowy, somewhat colorless look. To accomplish this, I decreased the saturation in the pictures and made most of them darker. In the first picture, I used the rule of thirds to keep the attention on the person in the photo. In addition, I had the camera angle down on him, incorporated a lot of shadows, and had the door next to him opening to show a large amount of tension in his situation. In the second picture, I had the camera looking up at the person at a very high angle to make the viewer feel inferior, as well as having the darkness in the door next to him in order to give a feeling of uncertainty. I reduced the saturation in the third picture by quite a bit to have the feel of a spy movie, as well as using the rule of thirds to put attention on the driver. The over-the-shoulder angle helps put the viewer in the situation of the picture, and makes them feel like they are a part of the photograph. I also tried to show a sense of speed and rush that is shown in the song lyrics through the background, but found it hard to demonstrate in a still picture. In the fourth picture, I had the camera looking down on the subject at a steep angle to show the helplessness of her situation, while using darkness and shadows to retain the feeling of both the song and the spy movie aesthetic. The photo also gives the viewer a feeling of uncertainty, which is shown in the song. In the last picture, I used an outdoor environment that seemed common in most spy

movies, and chose lighting and shadows that went along with the dark tone of the song. The expression on the subject’s face helps show the tension in the song. The red lines on his body were from laser pointers, which I tried to use as laser sights from guns, which would also greatly increase the tension, however it did not turn out as well as I hoped in the final picture.

Song Lyrics The Fall of Troy – “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.” Let's go! I just wanna let you know, this situation leaves me outta breath. We'll drive ‘till the love that's in your eyes, drops to the ground, unravels like a thread... I know that you really wanna go, I only think about her, must get to her, cannot lose her. You know that I will not let this die, life support systems and my mind on rewind and rewind and REWIND!!

Visual Aesthetic – Gritty Spy Movie

I chose the visual aesthetic of a gritty spy movie. This aesthetic includes washed out colors, large use of shadows, and an overall dark feeling. I got this feeling by reducing the saturation and, on a smaller level, reducing the lightness in my pictures using Photoshop.

T206 Midterm Project  

Project for my T206 class.

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