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Yoga, Vichy Shower Treatment & Thai Massages

Thai Massage B r i e f

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Thai massage’s basic science & techniques came to Thailand along with Buddhism in the 3rd/ 4th century B.C. from India. Thai massage has over the course of centuries been preserved and developed not only as a tradition but also as a living science, as part of a health-conscious lifestyle.

In Thai massages cautiously performed stretches and pulls relieve the rigidity and tension of muscles and joints and improve the flexibility of the body. After a session of massage, one feels fresh and flexible, the body movements become easier and the rigidity of muscles eased further.

Thai massage simultaneously relaxes and stimulates the body and the soul. Massage directed at specific parts of the body helps to provide stress relief and relaxation. Thai massage improves the blood and lymphatic circulation as it works on the energy lines/ meridians, which help in the detoxification of the body & stimulates the sympathetic nervous system/ internal organs, enhances/ accelerates and supports the functioning of the internal organs and creates a balance in the energy system of the body.

The masseur does not use his muscular strength for exerting power but his body weight and technical methods developed over the course of thousands of years. The tradition of Thai massage forms a natural part of day-to-day life - Spiritual as well as physical care of body, mind & soul.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Foot Massage

The guest changes into comfortable/ loose-fitting clothing and lies down onto a mattress specifically made for the purpose. Thai massage in principal follows the energy lines of the body and uses rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twists and stretches. It relaxes and relieves the joints, while it stretches the muscles. Thai massage is an art of stretching, exerting pressure on different pressure points to attain relaxation of the body.

Thai Foot Massage means the massage of the feet and lower legs which includes manual stretches and the “opening” of the Sen (energy) lines by virtue of massaging. By pressing acupressure points, masseurs proceed from the sole of the foot upwards, via the calf, to the knee.

The masseur applies each movement keeping in consideration to sufficiently relax the muscles. By stimulating the lymphatic functions, traditional thai massage contributes to the detoxification of the body, boosting of the immune system and helping in improving the body’s flexibility. A further beneficial effect of Thai massage is the creation of a harmonious balance between mind, body & soul.


Thai foot massage has a natural, beneficial effect on the internal organs, blood circulation and limbs. It calms and energized the body. Thai foot massage improves circulation in the feet and hands, contributes to detoxification, boosts the immune system and alleviates aches and pains in the lower leg and the sole of the foot. Prices: 45 min / 18 000 HUF / EUR 65

Prices: 60 min / 24 000 HUF / Eur 85 90 min / 29 000 HUF / Eur 110

Yoga is a way of life!

Herbal Compress Thai Massage


(Herbal Massage)

This type of massage is a combination of medicinal herbs wrapped in a cotton cloth and heated over a streamer or hot pot before being used to knead firmly over the aching and painful areas. It relieves any blockages, tension or stiffness in the most direct possible way. The wet-pack balls may be used directly on the painful parts of the body or on the entire body surface for the purpose of boosting and supporting the flow of energy in the body in the correct direction. It also helps to improve the respiratory function and act as natural skin antiseptic, helping to cool and smooth the skin. Prices: 60 min / 24 000 HUF / EUR 85 90 min / 29 000 HUF / EUR 110

With yoga, you can improve your physical health, your mental capacity, your emotional problems, and your everyday life in every possible way! We use all aspects of yoga to give you a way of life which is not only healthy, but also full of happiness and peace.

Learn yoga from a professional who can teach you yoga like it is meant to be... full of energy and health related!

Types of Classes

Individual classes – we teach 1-to-1 yoga where you have a qualified yoga trainer/therapist helping you perform yoga which is specifically suited for you. Partner yoga – come with a friend or a partner to learn yoga and encourage each other and see the results in each other first hand!

Vichy Shower Refreshing Massage

Health yoga – we teach yoga for specific problems like Diabetes, Obesity, Allergies, Rheumatism, Arthritis, etc.

In this treatment, the person is given a deep back massage with the usage of light massage oil i.e. apricot seed oil and sometimes with an added essential oil for more benefit. The muscles are manipulated in order to loosen them and to remove the deep seated stress and tension from them. The massage is moderate in nature and not very slow but not too vigorous either. After the massage is done for around 15/20 minutes or so, the warm water is turned on the back with nozzles for around 10 minutes or so. Another massage is given, which is more vigorous in nature, during the time that the warm water is beating down on the body. The warm water along with the massage movements thoroughly relaxes and loosens the muscles and removes the pain and stress from the body and the mind. Prices: 35 min / 18 000 HUF / EUR 65

Geriatric yoga – yoga specially done for advanced age individuals who find doing other exercises difficult.

Health Counselling about Stress Management

We also offer health counselling sessions along with yoga! When you perform yoga, along with these life-style changes, you increase the benefits of yoga tenfold. With a lifestyle change which expands your strengths, rather than focuses on your weaknesses, we can help you achieve health that is life-long. We also help you with stress management with yoga. • 1 on 1 yoga – 30/35mins: 7 000 Huf / Eur 25 and for 60/55mins: 11 000 Huf / Eur 40 • Partner yoga – 30/35mins: 9 000 Huf / Eur 32 and for 60/55mins: 13 500 Huf / Eur 48 • Class, min. of 6, max. of 8 (the price is based on each individual) – 30/35min: 2 500 HuF / Eur 9 /each and 60/55min: 3 500 Huf / Eur 13 /each

Corinthia Hotel Budapest H-1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49. Tel.: +36 1 479 4650 E-mail:

Royal Spa Thai Massage  

Thai massage’s basic science & techniques came to Thailand along with Buddhism in the 3rd/ 4th century B.C. from India. Thai massage has ove...

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