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Kingston News Bulletin Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2013 Who to Contact? All membership enquiries, life cycle events, diary bookings, general enquiries: Helen in the office on 020 8398 7400 (weekdays, except Wed, 9.15am - 2.15pm) or leave a message on the answerphone or email Bereavement: Phone the Rabbi in the office or on 07738 820660. If there is no reply please call Mary Simmons on 01372 721083 or 07501 157583. If neither are available, please contact Martin Broad and Son (Funeral Directors) on 020 8445 2797. Please note Helen is not in the office on Wednesdays. The Rabbi’s day off is Monday but she can be reached in an emergency on her mobile phone. Main photo: Norman Hyman, joint President of KLS, and his wife Jill present funds raised from the High Holyday Appeal to Emma Waggott of Princess Alice Hospice, Esher


pring is almost upon us at long last and with it comes new growth. New at KLS is the first of a series of discussions of Liberal Jewish attitudes to some important topics and these will follow the third Friday Night service of the month (page 6). The arrival of spring also means Pesach is just around the corner. At this month’s Shabbat Olam service we will be sharing each other’s Pesach traditions (page 6). Don’t forget to book your place at our communal seder—the organisers need to know numbers now so that there will be enough food!

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WORD FROM THE CHAIR The Five Ms Dear KLS member


his is my 27th Word from the Chair. My words are Management (and leadership) Magic, Mood, Matilda and Marketors. “The five Ms.”

Management (and leadership)

face digital competition.) If you spend too much time deciding and never reflecting or consulting, you become a F.A.R.O.—a Fire Aim Ready Organisation. (The banks that plunged into sub prime debt.)

Nigel Jackson originally told me about the show. I am always amazed at just how seemingly effortlessly I can be fooled by magic. Perhaps I am cynical but it’s a reminder not to take things at face value.


Hopefully we are emerging at long last from the coldness, wetness and There’s a lot written on darkness of winter. And also the management and leadership. Here Leadership is about seeing both the darkness of mood. At the beginning are a few thoughts on their of this year so many people detail and the bigger picture. You application to synagogues. need the detail for good execution, complained to me about “being Everyone is a “manager”, even if when contracts, plans and projects down”. The weather, the recession, they don’t have their own staff. At are important. You need to see the financial pressures, work pressures, the very least they need to manage bigger picture for strategy, when transport and life generally all themselves and their own tasks. In values and aims are important. seemed to play a part. an organisation like KLS, that has a Sometimes small things seem Finally, leadership style needs to full range of functions and many bigger. The driver in a rush who adapt to the situation. One of the religious, outreach, social and cuts you up. The buses that are educational events, people carry a reasons so many hero leaders are cancelled. The elderly parents with now zeros was that they couldn’t lot of responsibility. change their style when situations health problems. The children who That’s obviously true of the Rabbi aren’t coping. And so on. I have no required it. as spiritual leader and with simple answer to all this. But KLS involvement in so many other Magic can help members through: things. But it is also true for the co• The pastoral care role of the ordinator at the front of house and I was at the Magic Circle recently with friends. They provide a close Rabbi bookkeeper at the back of house, up magic show, talk on the history our other staff and volunteers. • Keep In Touch run by Jenny of magic, stage show and Osorio Leadership is about blending “hard refreshments at their headquarters and soft power”. Telling and selling. near Euston • Fellowship and social events Paying and persuading. Debating Station. It’s a • Helping others who are worse off and deciding. If you spend too great through Outreach. much time debating and never evening out. trying things out, you become a It’s not N.A.T.O.—a No Action Talk heavily continued on page 3  Organisation. (Kodak did little to promoted.




Wanted: High Quality Baby Toys

Shabbatots on a Friday

Do you have toys in excellent condition which you no longer need for our new Shabbatots group?

KLS is launching a Parents/ Grandparents/Carers and Little Ones Group on Fridays from 10 am to noon.

Please don’t bring anything in until you have spoken to Helen In The Office to discuss your donation.

It starts on Friday 8 March. Come along with your little one and chat over a cuppa.

Kosher for Passover meals in hospital For anyone in hospital over Passover, Kosher for Passover meals are available.

Free to KLS members, £2 per session for non-members. Contact Rabbi Charley Baginsky or Helen In The Office on or 020 8398 7400 if you want any more information.

WORD FROM THE CHAIR continued from page 2

Matilda My family saw Matilda at the theatre to celebrate my twins’ birthday. It was good, but not great, but with incredible performances from children. But the sound quality was poor. I don’t expect to hear everything as I have a big hearing loss; but even my children struggled. On reflection, I am not going to see Great Expectations, because I am bound to be disappointed.

Marketors I am a member of the Marketors Livery Company for eminent marketing people (they let me in by mistake). Each year a new Master (equivalent to the Chair) is appointed at a big dinner. This

The Hospital Kosher Meals Service has provided special meals for Pesach to hospitals since its inception in 1968. All

such meals are clearly labelled “Kosher for Passover” (which patients should check as a precaution as hospitals can make mistakes). More details : or 020 8795 2058

year the Master Elect dramatically (Think about it.) resigned in the course of his  Question: What do you put on speech. It turns out that there are your beef burger? Answer: A fiver big conflicts. each way. It’s a reminder that organisations (and people) are often like icebergs; you only see what’s on the surface.

And finally 

“This Day Is The Day” Joanna Lumley

 “If Africa was full of labradoodles dying of aids we’d “We are the revolting children take care of it in a day.”

I liked 

Living in revolting times We sing revolting songs Using revolting rhymes.”

(I don’t know who said this but I suspect it’s true .) Mike Barnato

From Matilda

 Sarah Silverman, on the Correction miracle of everyone starting life as A glitch crept into last month’s a sperm. Word. “I can’t believe I was ever that The final part should have read thin.” (A bit sad really?)  A well know Jewish pub called  Carpe Diem – seize the carpet “Kosher Horses” Susie Boyt, Financial Times, 5/6 January 2013



WRESTLING WITH ISRAEL Setting up a Grassroots Israel Group (GIG) Judy Thwaites explains what we all can do to participate and contribute to a more balanced debate about Israel and Palestine drawing on the experiences and suggestions of experts who spoke at KLS’s “Wrestling with Israel” course at the end of last year.


any of you may have read of The course the successful six week evening course at KLS that ended in The course’s six sessions brought new perspectives to the debate about the middle of December entitled, Israel and Palestine. These included “Wrestling with Israel—Wrestling • The work of FODIP (Forum for the Discussion of Israel and Palestine) with Ourselves.” to encourage dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims It was very well attended with an • The experiences of a blogger who monitors anti-semitism and average of about thirty people each attempts to deligitimise Israel in the media week. We had the advantage of • Views from two Israelis and their friends, how they have changed, excellent outside speakers for five and their concerns about how Israel is portrayed in the UK out of six of the sessions. They brought a new perspective and focus to the highly complex issues that confront Israel in its dealings with the Palestinians.

• A new film showing the work of the Bereaved Families Forum in

bringing together Israeli and Palestinian families who have been bereaved as a result of the conflict

• A high powered talk on the continuing work of British Israel We planned the series carefully to Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) to defend the try to include speakers and topics position of Israel at governmental levels which reflected the different views about Israel within our community, • Practical advice on starting a local grassroots group seeking to create a more complete understanding of Israel and its situation in the UK to learn to discuss the topics from a more informed position and to A review of some of the talks which were given will appear in the next listen to each other and respect our edition of KNQ (KLS’s quarterly magazine). differences.

“I am going to stand up and let people know the different sides of On the issue of the importance of Israel … I will understand my Israel to Liberal Jews, Steven Jaffe Zionism as, in part, helping Israel be quoted Liberal Judaism’s chairman, the best she can be. That is my Lucian Hudson, who has responsibility and I believe that it is encouraged us all, “…to relate with yours too.” the situation at a human and Understanding different national level by keeping well views informed about Israel….”

A Liberal Jewish obligation

On the same topic, our Rabbi Charley Baginsky, said in her Yom Kippur address in 2011

In the last session, which you can read about in a review of the whole course in the next KNQ, we tried

with the help of our speakers, Steven Jaffe (Board of Deputies) and Luke Akehurst (We Believe in Israel), to penetrate and understand the purposes behind some of the propaganda that inevitably surrounds any discussion of the Jewish State. “Where to next?” was the question we posed to the speakers.

continued on page 5 



GRASSROOTS ISRAEL GROUP continued from page 4

2. An all day workshop organised by FODIP together with Twickenham United Reform Church one Sunday this Spring

Recommended Websites Bicom

Luke told us that historically Fathom 3. Contact the London office of the groups have concentrated on the “OneVoice” movement for help media and top level decision and further advice and information We believe in Israel makers in the country and that the at grassroots have been under 4. Support and attend meetings of Beyond Images resourced. the South London Israel Forum But grassroots pressure works. 5. Support the initiative of the group Honest Reporting of members of Kingston United We only have to look at the Synagogue who are in continuing success of the Palestinian talks with local Methodist leaders Solidarity Campaign with its and Quakers hear their personal experience Boycott Divestments and Sanctions which can be told to others so they 6. Subscribe and keep up to date with (BDS) Campaign against Israel. can hear what is happening on an what is going on (not just when (This group started as a grassroots individual level Israel hits the headlines with group and now has branches renewed reporting of the conflict) 12. Look regularly at websites with everywhere in the UK.) 7. Write to thank MPs when you see a supportive comment or article about Israel

Small numbers of active vocal people can get their opinions heard (for example in the recent cases of large organisations such as Unite and the Co-op).

8. Identify allies and build alliances with potential supporters outside the Jewish community

What can we do to help? Below are some things we can do. 1. Stay informed, write letters to MPs, the press and stakeholders, sign petitions, vote in elections asking candidates where they stand

information about Israel (see panel above)

13. Set up a Grassroots Israel Group at KLS – a KLS GIG? Only a small number of people between 5 and 10 are needed to take a lead and be publicly visible.

9. A small crisis management team of people with the biggest possible Interested in a GIG? email list so we can keep the community informed in real time If you are interested in setting up 10. Attend and support Israeli cultural events 11. Use a friend or family in Israel to

or co-ordinating or leading a group please email

April—a month of Israel events Following the success of the “Wrestling with Israel” series of discussions last year, we are going to make the month of April, every year, Israel month. Events coming up this year are shown here. Further details of each event will be published in the April edition of KNB, but please note these dates in your diaries now!

Fri 5th

6.30 pm

Israel Chavurah Supper with a speaker on an Israeli theme and Israeli songs Shabbat Olam with Israeli food (get your Yotam Ottolenghi cookbooks out!), dancing and books Yom Ha’Atzmaut—an Israeli film and a speaker

Fri 12th

8 pm

Tue 16th

8 pm

Fri 19th

8 pm

Liberal Judaism Attitudes to Israel discussion follows the service

Fri 26th

8 pm

Choral Shabbat—a speaker on an Israeli theme

If you are interested in joining an Israel group at KLS to organise future Israel events, please contact Helen In The Office.



Upcoming Events in March A selection of activities are highlighted in this section. For a full listing see the calendar on the back page. Dates and times are correct at date of publication. Check the weekly eBulletin for updates.

Fri 1

Lifecycle Chavurah Supper

6.30 pm

Come and enjoy a short musical service followed by a Shabbat meal and chat with friends. Please bring a vegetarian/fish plated meal.

Shabbat Olam: Pesach traditions

Fri 8

8 pm

A particular welcome this month to the everyone who has a lifecycle event this year—students in the Bnei Mitzvah class, and their families, or a special birthday—but everyone is welcome to come along.

This month’s Shabbat Olam theme is “Sharing your Pesach traditions”. Bring along your favourite •


Pesach songs and traditions,

and Pesach dish to share

There will be literature available to look at, and Tammy Rich will be playing songs that you might choose for your event.

Fri 15

8 pm

Liberal Jewish Attitudes To ... Same Sex Marriage The first in a new monthly series of services followed by a discussion looking at important topics—on the third Friday of the month. This month the discussion will be on Liberal Jewish attitudes to same sex marriage – an issue much debated in Parliament and the Press. What do you think about it? What is the LJ view? Tea and cake available too!

Tue 12+19

8 pm

Try the KLS Choir The KLS Choir rehearses once or twice a month (and enjoy tea, cake and chat!), and sings at the monthly choral service on the fourth Friday of the month and at other services. You don’t have to read music or Hebrew. Come and try it! Singing is a great way to meet people, blow away life’s cobwebs, contribute to KLS, learn about our prayers and about Jewish music. Interested? Contact Sandra Webber via the KLS office.



More Events in March Sun 17

Neighbours Tea Party

3.30 -5.30

Council have felt for some time that KLS should host a tea party for the local neighbours of the Synagogue. With this in mind the event is to take place at KLS on Sunday 17 March.

Wed 20 Len Shave will give a talk about 2 pm

The Growth of Ham

The tea is primarily for our neighbours but KLS members are also invited to come along and mix and chat to our guests. For more info or if you would like to come but need a lift contact Stan Moss (020 8549 4384) or Brenda Dombey (020 8287 0871)

If members would like to attend please let either Helen in the office know, or phone Norman Hyman on 020 8399 8301 or email

Sat 23

The HeHe-Brew Café

Sat 23

after the service 12.30 pm

Bagels + Cakes

Fun and games with friends old and new 1 - 3 pm

Free Wi-Fi

Youth Club

Judaica Shop

*** Parents *** Why not have lunch with your children at The HeHe-Brew Café or bring your own food, then relax with a coffee and newspapers, or chat to other HeBrewers, or catch up on your email with our free wifi?

Browse the Library Read the newspapers Fairtrade Tea and Coffee All profits go to supporting KLS To join the team or for more information, please contact Helen In The Office. No experience needed, just a willing spirit.

Sat 23

KLS Book Group

1.15 2.15

At the next Book Group meeting, running alongside the He-Brew Café, we will discuss Nicole Krauss’s “The Great House”. For further information on the Book Group contact Sara Alston on 07855 601645 (after 6pm) or at

Tue 26 6.30 pm

Communal Seder New for 2013 – salmon or vegetarian options Synagogue  Wonderful food  Great music Suitable for all ages (above 5) Please book NOW so that we can get on with planning the food Don’t forget to bring your Haggadot, or order one from the office now



Krav Maga: Self defence classes Every Thu

7.30 pm

Weekly 1½ hour classes in Krav Maga (Israeli self defence) at KLS. Great for confidence, exercise, stress, fitness and self defence. You don’t have to be fit. Your fitness will improve.

Geared to mixed ages and beginners. £10 per session direct to the external trainer. No charge for your first trial session.

Events in April National Yom HaShoah Commemoration


LJY Holiday booking open Booking is open for LJY Netzer Machaneh Aviv (Spring Camp) and Machaneh Kadimah (Summer Camp) holidays. Non-stop fun for Liberal Jews in school years 3 to 10 (ages 8 to 15). Machaneh Aviv runs from April 2 to 7 in the beautiful surroundings of Cottesmore School in Sussex. Machaneh Kadimah takes place from August 10 to 23 at Sandroyd School near Salisbury. Many KLS children have been on them and will be back for more this year. Pick up a leaflet at the synagogue or visit Car shares are usually arranged—contact Helen in the Office.

KLS Bluebell Walk

Sunday 7 April, 11 am to 12.30 pm at the National Memorial to the Holocaust situated at The Dell in Hyde Park (nearest tube: Knightsbridge). It would be great to have a good turnout from KLS members at this service which is cross communal. Once in London there is plenty to do after the ceremony which finishes at around 12.30 pm. Packed lunches and a picnic might be a good idea for families attending. The café near the Serpentine is good for food and refreshments but gets rather busy especially if the weather is good. Seating and cover will be provided for over 500 reserved places. A form to reserve your space is available at or 020 7543 5400. Suitable for all. No charge.

Sunday 28 April at 11 am - Bring a Picnic! Spring-time walk in the beautiful bluebell forest of Old Simm's Copse. Located just south of the surrey village of Effingham, this is one of the prime spots for bluebells in the south of England. Meet in the car park on White Down Lane. The walk will be about 5 or 6 miles along footpaths in the Surrey Hills and will definitely be of undulating nature! Strong walking shoes/ boots recommended. Further information on location nearer the time (there are two car parks on White Down Lane). If you have any queries or you require a lift, please contact Hilary Cohen on 020 8398 3687 or 07795 116164. Check out or for a taster of what we will see!

Coming up in May and June ... KLS Evening Institute Wednesdays from 8 May – Evening Institute, looking at the Torah. Details in future KNBs.


External events Mozart, Mickey Mouse & The Hoover: The Making Of Maurice Sendak An illustrated talk by Irene Wise Tuesday 5 March 5.30 to 7.30 pm University of Roehampton Library, 4th floor, Archive Seminar Room (416A)


Kingston University and All Saints Church present Lent Lunchtime Talks on Faith and Secularism March 7

An Islamic perspective

Raficq Abdulla MBE, broadcaster and poet, former University Secretary of Kingston University March 14

A Buddhist perspective

James Peel, Buddhist faith associate, Kingston University March 21

A Humanist perspective

Jeremy Rodell, Chairman, SW London Humanist Association All talks 1.10 - 2 pm in All Saints Church, Market Place, Kingston-upon-Thames 020 8546 5964 020 8417 2940 Maurice Sendak, writer and illustrator of children's books, died last May. Sendak is best known for his 1963 picture book 'Where The Wild Things Are', which was turned into a film and an opera. Sendak's influences are diverse: they include German Romantic Art, as well as childhood incidents, Jewish stories, and American popular culture. Sendak wrote eloquently about music, illustration and the events that shaped his work. Irene will draw on Sendak's own words to trace the sources of the artist's inspiration. Irene Wise is a freelance artist, illustrator and writer. She is Holocaust Educator at the Imperial War Museum, Senior Lecturer in Media and Culture at Roehampton University; and Creative Educator at the British Library. For Penguin Books, Irene has written and curated an interactive iPad app of Anne Frank's Diary. Please join the JRC for this fascinating talk. It would be very helpful if you could let Maria Collins know if you are planning to come at or 07962 207294. Jewish Resource Centre is a Jewish cultural resource for the University of Roehampton and community in south west London

South London Israel Forum Sunday 10 March 7.30 pm Oded Noyfeld (Head of Private Banking, Bank Mizrachi UK) will be speaking on “The Israel Economy & Investments” at Richmond Synagogue, Lichfield Gardens, TW9 1AP. Refreshments. Donation requested. Kingston contact

Kitaj Exhibition An exhibition of R.B. Kitaj’s art entitled “Obsessions – the Art of Identity” is now being shown at the Jewish Museum. It explores his complicated relationship with his Jewish identity, and how it influenced his art, with over 20 pieces including iconic paintings such as ‘If Not, Not’; and ‘The Wedding’. Info:



KLS Notice Board - where anyone can advertise their wares or notify the community about their event Bat Mitzvah: Sofia Whiteside

Admission Service: Montse Medina Fernandez

Sofia’s family warmly invite the KLS community to her Bat Mitzvah on Saturday 2 March. Please

Montse Medina Fernandez invites the KLS community

join them for the service at 11.15 am followed

to her admission service on Saturday 9 March, part of

by celebratory Kiddush.

the Shabbat service starting at 11.15 am.

Art Exhibitions by KLS Members Fragments of Imagination 5-17 March

11.30 to 5.30 daily (closed Monday)

One of our members, Suzy Abrahams, invites you to see her work at the Fountain Gallery located just across the bridge from Hampton Court Palace in a delightful shopping street famous for its antiques, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Suzy will be exhibiting a new series of exciting abstract acrylic paintings complemented by mosaic pieces by Sarah Stanley. There is a Special Viewing on Sunday 10 March between 12 and 5 pm. Further information: and

Introducing Depechism Saturday 16 March

3 pm

Barry Fantoni of Private Eye fame, writer, artist and founder member of the Depechist movement together with co-founder Andrew Aarons, internationally renowned artist and member of KLS, are Introducing Depechism to the world. The workshop and exhibition will be at the Hand in Hand Pub on Wimbledon Common for one day only on Saturday 16 March. Workshop begins at 3 pm. Come along to discover what Depechism is all about and try it yourself. Further information: and



March Yahrtzeits We Remember Them.

KIT News

Mazel Tov! Mazel tov to Eileen Abrams on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Yasmine, a second child for Joel and Hannah Abrams; to Ron and Judy Thwaites, a grand-daughter, Isla Jane, first child for Meghan and David Thwaites; and to Dominique Scholtes on her admission to Judaism


8/9 Tim Jordan, husband of Jacqui Jordan Margaret Moss, first wife of Stan Moss Sally Feldman, mother of Karen Burgess and mother in law of Ken Burgess Melvyn Greene, husband of Helen Greene 15/16

We warmly welcome into the KLS family:

Michael Leifer, husband of Frances Leifer

Carole Goldring from Kingston

Maurice Ser, husband of Irene Ser

Lianne Aviram, Robert Simmons and Oliver Whiteside as student members

Milton Rothschild, father of Ellen French Morris Hornfeld, father of Beverly Scheib

Unfortunately several members have been or are in hospital and together with those struggling at home with illness we wish them all a steady return to better health. If any members are able to help by giving lifts to members who need transport, even if only on an occasional basis, please let me know. Jenny Osorio (020 8977 4640)

22/23 Trudy Harris, mother of Tricia Allen and mother in law of Michael Allen Janice Rich, mother of Sara Alston and grandmother of Sam and Joshua 29/30 George Clare, father of Jackie Jessop, and grandfather to Lydia and Nicola Hettie Shwartz, mother of Frances Leifer

Copy dates for our regular publications Weekly eBulletin (by email) by the Monday before the bulletin is sent

KNB (Kingston News Bulletin) for the April edition by 15 March

KNQ (quarterly) for the July edition by 15 May

In order to deliver your newsletters on time these dates have to be rigid. Please respect your editors’ deadlines - thank you!







THU Please bring a veggie/fish meal

March 2013 3




7 7.30 Krav Maga



12 8pm Council meeting


14 7.30 Krav Maga

8pm Choir rehearsal 8pm Table tennis 17 18 3.30 Neighbours Tea Party

19 8pm Choir rehearsal

20 21 2pm 7.30 Krav Maga Doroteinu

FRI SAT 1 2 6.30 Lifecycle Chavurah 9.45 Beiteinu Supper 11.15 Service– Bat Mitzvah of Sofia Whiteside 8 9 8pm Shabbat Olam — 9.45 Beiteinu Sharing Pesach 11.15 Service – Montse traditions Medina Fernandez’s 15 8pm ‘Liberal Jewish attitudes to…Same Sex Marriage’ Service followed by discussion 22 8pm Choral Shabbat

admission service 16 9.45 Beiteinu 11.15 Service

23 9.45 Beiteinu 11.30 Model Seder 12.30 HeBrew Café 12.45 Beiteinu staff meeting 1pm Youth Club 1.15 Book Club


25 26 Pesach day 1 27 Erev 10.30 Pesach service Pesach 6.30 Communal Seder

SUN Mar 31

MON TUE 1 2 8pm Council meeting Israel month

April 2013

28 7.30 Krav Maga

FRI 5 6.30 Israeli Chavurah Supper


11 7.30 Krav Maga

12 13 8pm Shabbat Olam 11.15 Service – Israel





16 Yom HaAtzmaut 17



8pm Yom HaAtzmaut Service with film and speaker

2pm Doroteinu 7.30 Krav Maga



<<< 28 11am Bumble through the Bluebells

25 7.30 Krav Maga

Prague Trip (all week Sunday to Sunday) 29

30 11.15 Service

WED THU 3 4 2pm Doroteinu 7.30 Krav Maga committee meeting

7 Yom HaShoah 8 6.30 Yom HaShoah Service 15

29 8pm Shabbat Service

SAT 6 11.15 Service


8pm ‘Liberal Jewish 9.45 Beiteinu attitudes to… Israel’ 10am Shabbat Chats– Service followed by SLJPS (new school) discussion 11.15 Service–Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Royle 26 27 8pm Choral 9.45 Beiteinu Shabbat – speaker 11.30 Family Service on an Israeli theme 12.30 HeBrew Café >>>

1pm Youth Club 1.15 Book Club


ALSO: Bridge — every Thursday at 6.45pm

Dates and times are correct at date of publication. Check the weekly eBulletin for updates Shabbatots — for ages 0 to 5 and parents — every Saturday in term time 10 am

KNB March 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue

KNB March 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue