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We are changing the code on the gates


e are changing the code on the pedestrian and vehicle gates in the week beginning 1 April. This is during the Beiteinu and Caterpillars Nursery holidays.

How do I get in if I don’t have the new code?

Why do we need to change the code? The code has been in place for two years and is now widely known among the local community, exmembers of KLS, and former Caterpillars Nursery staff. It is good • Nursery permanent staff security practice to change the code, and makes the buildings and • Lock-up stewards – these are the grounds as secure as possible. people who lock up on a Friday What do the gates provide? night They give us greater security from outside threats to the synagogue building and Jewish community using the building. It also helps to assure the security of children attending Caterpillars Nursery during the week – the nursery staff stand on the gate to let parents in and out. KLS staff are often working here alone so they need the security of the gates to protect against intruders.

Who will have the code? The following people will have the new code:

• Security co-ordinator • Organisers of KLS groups: Choir,

Doroteinu, table tennis, library, bridge club, HMD workshop committee All of these people will also have alarm codes and front door keys.

Maintaining security The gate code will be given out only by the synagogue co-ordinator (Helen). She will keep a log of who has the code and will ring people to let them know the new code in the week beginning 1 April.

Most of the time (eg Shabbat mornings, Friday nights) the person on security will let you in. On Friday nights, the Service Leader will be here before the security steward arrives. On Shabbat mornings, the Council Member on Duty will be here before the security steward arrives. If you are outside and there is no one on security please ring the bell – there is one on each of the vehicle and pedestrian gates. Someone inside will come and open up. If you are coming into the synagogue and don’t think anyone will be here please email or phone the synagogue co-ordinator in advance. We hope these new arrangements will not cause any problems. If they do please contact Helen in the office or Seymour at Seymour Kelly Council officer responsible for building and facilities


If you are given the code, please do The next Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 12 May not tell anyone else, not even a synagogue co-ordinator, the at 3 pm. The short formal session caretaker, the cleaner, the Head spouse or child. will be followed by socialising and of Beiteinu, the Director of Music Please do not ask the above people chat over tea and biscuits in the NFJ and the Finance Officer to pass the code on to you because Hall. A good opportunity to meet • KLS council members including it could put them in an awkward and make friends and talk with the presidents position. Council members. • KLS staff – the Rabbi, the

KNB April 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue

KNB April 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue