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Dear KLS member

People matter. We aim to be a good employer, to define roles whilst leaving room for creativity his is my 28th Word from the and to support our staff. Our Chair. My words are Programme (of events at KLS) and recruitment aims to get the best People. (“The two Ps.”) And if you available people we can afford. And look carefully, you will find seven or to do so in a transparent and fair way. eight Fs.


People When I was asked to become Chair of KLS it was in a different world. At that time we had an administrator who had been with us for seven years. Our caretaker and cleaner had been with us for 19 years and had gone to school in our building. (It was originally a school.) Our formal Programme (of events) music director had been with us for 13 years. They have all left since I I mentioned in the Annual Report became Chair. Was it something I for 2012 that we aimed to develop said? an indicative annual KLS events programme. Rabbi Charley has We now have a synagogue cobeen working on this whilst on ordinator and have separated and maternity leave and she and Helen clarified the cleaning and in the Office are now able to plan caretaking roles. We are also and present an exciting recruiting a part time Director of programme. Music to cover formal and informal music – choral services, family For example: the service on Friday services, religion school and music 19 April includes a discussion on generally. Liberal Judaism’s attitudes to Israel. There’s a Chavurah “bring and share” supper with Simon Kay on the 5 April and a film and discussion on 16 April. And a series of topical talks and discussions.

Our offerings – “ROSE” (Religion, Outreach, Social and Education) – have something for everyone. Do try and sample our different events. It’s all included in your membership. Some you will like; others may not be for you. But it’s a great way to find out for yourself and make new friends. How about making a resolution to try two new things at KLS in the next three months? To stimulate your appetite here are some of the offerings that that I have particularly enjoyed over the past year.

Religion – faith and family • The children’s informal Purim

event with religion, games, food and socialising • The KLS Chanukah Panto. Oh yes

I did! • The Communal Seder with

service, spectacle, food and fun • The Kabbalat Torah service with

four leading KLS yoofs • The Service for Richard Pilliner.

Was it his swan song or his cygnature tune? • High Holy Day services, with

1,000 attendances, led by a very pregnant rabbi continued on page 3 

KNB April 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue

KNB April 2013  

The monthly bulletin of Kingston Liberal Synagogue