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Conclusion Completing my internship at Recapturing the Vision was definitely a worthwhile experience. I was given the opportunity to network, develop my writing skills, write for a magazine and have my work published. Working with this organization taught me a number of things about the “real world.� Besides the importance of punctuality and taking initiative, my internship at RTV has encouraged me to keep writing regardless of what I think about my work. It has also taught me to appreciate feedback from other writers. Another writer’s perspective on your work is beneficial since we sometimes overlook our own mistakes. As an intern, it is also important to be aggressive and outspoken. Interning at RTV has taught me to exercise these characteristics in moderation. Although I received good feedback from my on-site supervisor, there is always room for improvement. I will continue to practice editing for the web since that was perhaps my most difficult task while interning at RTV. I am prepared to be more aggressive and outspoken for future work opportunities. I would also like to begin reading more so that my writing can improve. Overall, I am proud of my publications and performance during my time at RTV. I have made connections that I will ensure last a lifetime and also plan to continue volunteering my time to the organization whenever I can. Unfortunately, the internship has come to an end but my journey to becoming a professional writer has just begun.

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