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Inside Writing Level 2 Unit: 1: Engineering

Content: Amazing Bridges and How They Work

Text type for Writing Model Narrative

Writing Skills: 1. Telling a good story 2. Paragraph structure

Grammar: Past vs. present perfect

Writing Assignment: Write a narrative about a bridge or building.

Editing: Format (paper, paragraphs, spelling, presentation etc.)

2: Business

Unusual Businesses

Company profile

1. Analyzing audience and purpose 2. Organizing ideas in order of importance

Write a company profile of real or invented company, including description

Punctuating clauses and compound sentences

3: Technology

Product reviews from blogs

Product review

1. Distinguishing facts and opinions 2. Writing a good hook

Adverbial clauses of time (including past simple and progressive): while, after, before, as soon as, when, until, etc. Adjectives and adverbs

Write a product review

Editing adjectives and adverbs

4: Literature

A fable and student response (interpretation)

Review of a fable

1. Supporting an argument with personal examples 2. Retelling a story

Adverbial clauses of contrast: Write a response paragraph even though, although, while (including appropriate amount of retelling of story)

Punctuation of quotations/direct speech

5: Meteorology

Newspaper weather story

Weather news story

1. Using correct register 2.

Quantifiers: a few, several, a great deal of, majority of, plenty of, etc.

Write a news story using weather data and incorporating quotes.

Writing numbers, decimals, and temperatures

6: Nutrition

The Japanese diet

Analytical report

1. Organizing information in categories 2.

It is adjective + infinitive

Analysis of students’ own diet

Gerunds and infinitives

7: Geology

Student response to exam question, with diagram

Report with reference to graphic, including explanation, cause, and effect

1. Showing cause and effect 2. Explaining a process


Respond to a test question by explaining a process and using a diagram

Changing verb tenses

8: Sociology

Digital detox


1. Using personal anecdotes for support 2.

Modals of necessity and possibility

Discussion board post, including an anecdote

Subject-verb agreement

9: Journalism

Personal essay written by a journalist about career

Personal essay

1. Choosing relevant details 2.

Adjectives, comparatives, and superlatives

Write a personal essay about a career choice

Choosing action verbs, concrete nouns, and vivid adjectives

10: Medicine

Background information about a medical issue

Patient information leaflet

1. Extended definition 2.

Write patient information leaflet or document

Sentence structure (transitive, intransitive, ditransitive verbs)

IW2 Scope and Sequence  

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