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Keys To Strengthening Heart Cords In Your Relationships - Longterm Relationship Advice _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Clarence - This means the era of long term relationships our parents experienced is over. And if this is true, I believe the questions at top of mind are, why are relationships so short term these days and do we have the power to change this statistic? The second answer is YES! Our awareness has expanded. We no longer tolerate what our mothers or fathers endured and we know now that staying together for the sake of the children was not always the best idea. Learn More About Longterm Relationship Advice Couples today only stay together when there is a willingness to learn from each other. If we are unwilling to openly learn about ourselves, upgrade and updates our attitudes and behaviors and live with an open heart, the relationship unfortunately will experience more hardship than necessary.

The old ways of just co-existing and pretending everything is fine is no longer acceptable. Life is too short as it is and the only commitment we are being asked to make is the one that opens our hearts to the truth of who we are.

If you want help in creating healthy, lasting and mutually rewarding relationships, I recommend you read the following 7 Keys to Keeping Your Heart Cords Connected Now you may be wondering what heart cords are? When two people are in relationship heart cords are what keep attraction and connection alive. Heart cords just like air, are invisible to the physical eye. They are made of light energy and connect each soul at the heart. We have heart cords that connect us to our parents, siblings, our children, our friends and to our spouse/partner.

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Longterm relationship advice  

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