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RESEARCH Blair Witch 2 The style of the Blair Witch posters is what I wanted to create with The Creep. The close up shots to show the details of the design

The Blair Witch Project The iconic extreme close ups used in Blair Witch was used in Perception as well. This particular angle is used a lot in horror films.

THE CREEP The Design Where is 55.949077, -3.184683? i prey you do not find out. Something literally wont take it’s eyes off of you. In the hidden spaces of Edinburgh’s Royal mile, is where The Creep lurks. I recommend that you don’t walk alone. We have all experienced the feeling of being watched or followed. Scientists have discovered it is hard-wired into our brains to keep us alert and ready to attack at potential threats. This phenomenon is named Scopaesthesia. The idea was first explored by psychologist Edward B. Titchener in 1898 during a series of laboratory experiment that only found negative results. The experiment took part in public spaces. People described the feeling of being unpleasant and tingling feeling, which gathered in volume and intensity until a movement which shall relive it becomes inevitable. This is what this installation does. The Creep watches as you walk by and doesn’t take its eyes off of you until someone else comes into sight, which it then follows them. This action is repeated.

DEVELOPMENT Makeup Style I first went for a black swan kind of style of makeup, as the face paint was thick i couldn’t get the effect that I wanted, I then tried it with liquid face paint and it worked out better and created the desired effect.

CREATION Makeup The Creep’s makeup was inspired by haloween makeup found online and the cover from Blair Witch 2. Putting the mskeup on took 40 minutes and 1 hour to remove.

TESTING Practice Tests The practice test was done in my flat in the hall to first see if it worked properly. The design was then taken outside and projected onto the wall as i wanted to see how it looked when projected onto the brick wall and if the light effected the design in any way. Live Testing The projection was taken to live test in North Grey’s close. This particular close has no light other than the slight light coming in. It was filmed at 10pm as this is the time the light festival will be on. Luckily i managed to get some some people to take part.

The Creep  

Installation design for Perception Festival