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Etsy has provided a platform for artists, craftsmen, designers and creators to sell their wares. The premise is brilliant — an easily navigated marketplace that offers lovingly made items born of people’s passions. The drawback? Often the selection can get overwhelming. One way to use Etsy, and to narrow the shopping field, is to turn it into your source for hyper-local items — things that are ready-to-go or made-to-order, but guaranteed to be rarer than your big box find. Here are a few of our favorite producers.

Out of Line

Your own Etsy search

Beki Wilson works out of her Seattle studio making ethical and modern clothing that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear. The designs and colors are appealing to all ages, and for the gal who likes an unexpected flair in their clothing. With over 800 top-notch reviews and close to 2000 sales, Beki has made Etsy work for her.

Searching on Etsy is fairly simple once you have the knowhow. Once you’ve entered a specific search term — things like “furniture,” “picture frame,”

“pottery” — look on the left side of the screen for a tab that says “choose a custom location.” Enter buzzwords like Seattle, Edmonds or Washington. Another great resource is the Seattle Handmade group (formerly the etsyRAIN group), which features Western Washington craftspeople. Their website is

EllaMenoPea Cody Lamens decided that there needed to be an alternative to cheap kids furniture. His answer was a delightful Etsy store that offers solidly built, appealing, eco-friendly, kid-safe, pint-sized pieces. Cody is charming and funny, and his Seattle-garage designed and built furniture has passed the Etsy reviewers test. Make sure to read his store’s about page — you’ll immediately want to support his mission as you chuckle at his cheery outlook on life. EllaMenoPeaDesign


North End Metro November/December 2014