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Outdoors In Warm décor for a chilly winter WRITTEN BY TANNA EDLER

As the leaves fall and the cold air starts to blow, we find ourselves enjoying intimate moments in our homes once again. Now is the time to bring the outdoors in through décor. This project incorporates native items that resulted in a natureinspired interior design plan. The ability to bring nature into your home is an art and design aesthetic that will always be interesting and unique. I enjoy designing with natural elements, appealing to my clients’ desire of calm, peaceful and informal environments. This is the time of the year when clients are calling for my assistance to craft the ultimate slumber escape at their residence. All summer, outdoor entertaining rooms are the focus, but this time of year, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. While I believe there are no rules, and typically push the design principle envelope, I do believe that drawing on natural inspiration creates exceptional interiors. And, you don’t have to always splurge to take the plunge — some of your accents may be found as close as in your backyard. … continued on the next page

North End Metro - Jan/Feb 2015