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I want to share with you the tools and tricks you need to create a fresh, fabulous, and finished look in five minutes flat. For these two looks, I’ve included budget conscious and natural product alternatives.


Meet Andrea, a 25-year-old dental assistant who says her biggest makeup challenge is covering up dark circles. Her skin type is normal to dry. She describes her approach to makeup as “one extreme or the other.” Andrea said, “I either get glammed up completely, or I wear absolutely nothing. I would really like to learn how to do


a makeup look that is natural that just makes me feel like an enhanced version of myself.” After her makeup demonstration, Andrea said, “This is perfect, I love how natural it is, and that the lips are a stain. I feel very girly and fresh. This


is definitely something I could do in five minutes!” 36

Photos Courtesy © Shannon Mercil / Photographer Bree Brown

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North End Metro May | June 2016  

North End Metro May | June 2016  

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