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“A person can’t tell who I am by what I wear, because there are so many different parts of me."

“A person can’t tell who I am by what I wear, because there are so many different parts of me,” Musser said. If you’re looking only at her clothing, the part of Musser you might miss is her heart for children and her passion for teaching. It’s not often you see an intensive learning teacher rocking a Pucci gown, but it’s within the realm of possibility for Musser’s students. A Portland native, Musser has spent that last 30 years teaching in the Edmonds School District after earning an undergraduate degree in psychology from Lewis and Clark University and a master’s in education from Puget Sound University. She specialized in behavioral science and has worked with students with developmental delays, autism, or behavioral issues. Even at the expense of a broken heel or two, Musser loves what she does. Her verve and confidence spark 16

creativity in the classroom as well as throughout Meadowdale Middle School. Her boldness encourages her students to be themselves. Students are interested, Musser said. She even has had students ask her to lead a fashion club. “People know me because of my two reputations. Either the difference I am able to make in students’ lives or because of the way I dress,” Musser said. She is recognizable, but the attention isn’t always positive. Although her students have never taken issue with the way she dresses, Musser has contended with complaints from parents in the past; although, she says it’s never been the parents’ of her students, but others who happen to see what she is wearing. Musser confesses she has been trying to behave a little better, but she has no plans of denying herself who she is and what she wants to wear. 

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North End Metro May | June 2016  

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